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December 13, 2017
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LA County to Sue State Lawmakers
Jul 25, 2009
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to sue state lawmakers if they pursue plans to seize local redevelopment and highway taxes to cover the state budget deficit. Other local governments are expected to take similar actions to prevent major cuts proposed in the budget deal reached last night
State Budget Deal Passed by Senate and Assembly...Pain for all...
Jul 25, 2009
The California Legislature has ended an all-night session and a months-long budget standoff with the approval of an $84 billion spending plan for California - over 18 percent lower than last year's budget. The new budget, which is expected to be signed by Gov
We Shall Not Forget...Captain Phil Arreguin
Jul 07, 2009
  Dear Brothers and Sisters,   I would like to take a minute to tell you about one of our Brothers who unexpectedly passed away on July 1st.    His name was Phil Arreguin, and he was a friend of mine…a friend to many, and most importantly a father and a husband to a loving family
Jul 03, 2009
July 3, 2009   A SOBERING HOLIDAY MESSAGE NEWS IN POMONA AND EL MONTE   Dear 1014 members:   This Saturday American citizens across the county will celebrate the 4th of July, a traditionally a patriotic, family oriented, fun summer holiday
Download: 4th of July 2009.pdf

1014 Update July 2009
Jun 24, 2009
Here is the latest 1014 update
Download: 1014.update.june.2009.pdf

Jun 11, 2009


On Monday, June 15, 2009, the Pomona City Council will vote on whether to shut down one or more engine companies in Pomona.

Local 1014 has been working hard with our elected officials to make sure this won’t happen. Please come out Monday, June 15th wearing our blue 1014 shirts to show the Council we support those who support us and that we won’t sit back and take ANY closures in an already thin battalion!!

We will be meeting at Fire Station 181’s at 5:00 P.M. and food will be provided.

Fire Station 181 590 S. Park Ave. Pomona 91766


MDA - we did it again
May 18, 2009
Thank you Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Local 1014 for your tremendous efforts in the 7th Annual Fill the Boot benefiting MDA. More than $330,000 was raised over three days.  Top Dollars Raised honors go to Battalion 5 with over $37,000. Most Improved honors go to Battalion 11 with a $13,000 increase over 2008. Great job
One of our own needs our help!
Mar 17, 2009

Firefighter Ambrosio Rodriguez was recently injured in auto accident and he needs our help.

See attached.

Download: Ambrosio Rodriguez.pdf , ET-120.pdf

On Line CE is Finally Here
Mar 06, 2009
On-Line CE is Finally Here

In the summer of 2007, many of our members were shocked to find out that they were being detailed to a 40-hour work week because they lacked the appropriate amount of continuing education hours required to sustain their EMT certification.  The timing couldn’t have been more terrible.  The department was in “Augmented Staffing” in preparation for the Fourth of July holiday as well as temperatures in the high 90’s and low 100’s.  This put a tremendous strain on our members in the form of recalls and backfilling as well as the members who were struggling to find places to get the necessary amount of hours to become current again.  It was a fiasco we hope we never have to face again.

Shortly after, members of the EMS Section and Local 1014 looked for ways to mitigate the problems facing our members in getting the necessary CE hours.  As fate would have it, President Dave Gillotte (who himself was detailed to a 40-hour work week) and Director Dave Morse were attending an EMS conference in Houston and came across a company who was pitching an idea for on-line continuing education.  Both sampled the product and both agreed that it was an idea we could use in our department.  Upon their return, President Gillotte tasked Dave Morse and myself to research the idea and hence, On-Line CE was born.

We researched several on-line CE providers and did an exhaustive search.  We asked many questions from the heads of these companies and tried to find the best company that would give us the best product.  While we did our research, the EMS Section was doing their own research.  Members of the EMS Section met with Dave Morse and I and we compared our notes.  We took many things into consideration such as cost, user friendliness, ability to handle our extensive membership, IT maintenance, tracking of hours, etc.  While both sides had their favorite, the goal was to get this out to the membership as soon as possible. 
We are pleased that this program is finally here so our members can enjoy the benefit of obtaining CE on their own at NO COST to the member.  Local 1014 would like to thank all the department members who volunteered for the EMS Sub Committee.  Your work was invaluable and much appreciated.  Be advised, Local 1014 will be very involved in how to improve the program as well as how the program is administered.  Your input, both good and bad, would be welcomed.

Thanks for all the support.

Patrick Dolan
Help Vallejo Firefighters and Protect Collective Bargaining
Feb 16, 2009

Download: Help Support Vallejo Firefighters and Fight to Protect Collective Bargaining.doc , vbb.htm

Information from the CPF
Dec 04, 2008

1014 Election results
Dec 05, 2008
Below are the results of the 1014 election.  These are the official numbers as of November 24, 2008 1430
1014 Update
Nov 15, 2008
Attached is the official 1014 update
Download: 1014.update.10.08.pdf

1014 Election Victories!
Nov 07, 2008

Nov 04, 2008

CPF Memorial honors fallen firefighters including our own
Oct 29, 2008

Local 1014 Members and the Financial Markets.
Oct 11, 2008
We have been getting many calls regarding the current financial market situation and our members retirements.  We would like to discuss the impact of the recent stock market crash and alleviate some fears about our members retirements. LACERA  is a big retirement fund, last year valued at over 40 Billion dollars
2008 Voter Guide - 1014 Recommendations
Oct 20, 2008
Tuesday November 4th is Election Day. First and foremost your Union is encouraging you to exercise your right and vote. This is something many people have, and continue to, fight for. Hopefully you have requested an absentee ballot or you have become a permanent absentee voter. You have elected us to represent you when it comes to wages hours and working conditions
Download: vote.pdf

IRS Retirement Age Article
Sep 26, 2008
Several members have contacted our offices about an article posted in a Nevada newspaper about early retirement.  The article (click here) was only partially correct.  This regulation only applies to IN SERVICE pension payments to people who retire less than the SAFETY retirement age of 50.   The National Conference of Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) (Click Here) and the International Association of Firefighters (Click Here) have both done a good job answering this issue.

While this rule is not applicable to our members who are LACERA members, Local 1014 is very concerned about the current IRS changes that will be increasing scrutiny of public pension systems.  While our systems are fully compliant and transparent to IRS codes, this is a drain of pension dollars and manpower for scrutiny of a system that is consistently scrutinized by its plan sponsors (LA County) and independent auditors.
Pryor Testifies to Joint Economics Committee
Jul 16, 2008
Local 1014 Director and LACERA Safety Representative Will Pryor gave testimony before a joint Senate and House committee on the state of Defined Benefit pension plans. This hearing was called by Senator Bob Casey (D - Pa.) to counter national attacks on pension plans and negative press being generated about pension plans.

The IAFF, CPF and the AFL-CIO along with several non profit advocacy groups will be waging a PR battle to keep states from dropping their pension plans and continue with their most important obligation to their employees. With tough economic times ahead for local government agencies we are expecting another national push to drop or drastically cut pension plans.

Read more from the IAFF

Read the statements here

Press Coverage
Happy 4th of July!
Jul 04, 2008
Happy 4th of July to all!    Be Safe!   Give Thanks! This weekend will be one of celebration and a time to be thankful for all that we have and all that it means to be an American... It is a time to remember what a privilege it is to also be a Los Angeles County Fire Fighter.  We are blessed to be part of one of the best families in fire service
OES Engines Assigned to Butte Lightning Complex
Jul 03, 2008
The OES Type II engines assigned to LA County Fire have been put into service following intense driver training. The strike team was given an assignment and went right to work upon arrival at the incident. They are fully staffed, due to discussions prior to deployment, between our Board and the management of LA County Fire
LACOFD to staff OES engines
Jun 27, 2008
Thank you to all personnel and card file sites for helping fill the staffing needs to put the OES Type III Engines in service a month sooner than we had planned. These 5 Type III Engines were to be delivered to our department after personnel were trained, and agreements on staffing and locations to be put in service were addressed by the Department and Local 1014
LODD - Newport Beach Firefighters - UPDATED 6.22
Jun 22, 2008
LODD Newport Beach Firefighter Kevin Pryor Dies Due to Fatal Brain Aneurysm Newport Beach Firefighters Local #3734 is saddened to announce the loss of one of their brother firefighters, in the line of duty
Remembering Dallas Jones
May 27, 2008

Friends, Family and Fire Service Unite in Honoring Dallas Jones

Dallas Jones was always there for others … even at the most difficult of times. This week, those whose lives he touched paid heartfelt tribute to a man many called “my hero.”

At an emotional memorial held in his fire service hometown of Downey this past Tuesday, CPF Secretary-Treasurer Dallas Jones was remembered as a man who, in his modest but firm way, changed the face of the California fire service and the fire labor movement. Brother Jones, who served sixteen years as president of Los Angeles County Firefighters Local 1014 as well as five years as state OES Director, died May 10th after battling lung cancer. He was 64 years old.

After working with him for over 30 years, I was as close to Dallas as I’ve been to anyone,” said CPF President Emeritus Dan Terry. “He was like a brother to me.

Nearly 1,000 people, including hundreds of uniformed firefighters from throughout California, came to pay their respects at a ceremony held with full fire service honors. IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger and CPF President Lou Paulson offered tributes, as did CPF President Emeritus Terry and current Local 1014 President Dave Gillotte. Choked with emotion, IAFF General President Emeritus Alfred K. Whitehead spoke movingly of his “best friend”.

He was a brilliant political leader and the most loyal friend anyone could ever have,” said Whitehead.

CPF President Paulson recalled his early days as CPF Health and Safety Director, watching Dallas navigate with ease a tricky regulatory hearing in Sacramento.

When it was over, Dallas … in his own quiet way … had won two-in, two-out protection for California firefighters,” recalled Paulson

Dignitaries paying their respects included L.A. County Fire Chief P. Michael Freeman, former Gov. Gray Davis, who appointed Dallas as OES Director in 1999, Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, former Treasurer Phil Angelides, L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe, and Tom Sawyer, Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Homeland Security Director.

While Brother Jones was lauded for his professional contributions, most moving were the family tributes to a man who had found a way to balance his dedication to firefighters with a strong devotion to family. He leaves behind devoted wife Lily, sons Brian and Michael, daughter Anadallas, sister Janet Adelmund, daughters-in-law Kimberly and Angela, and four grandchildren – Kaitlyn, Tiffany, Tyler and Kayla.

My brother and I proudly wear the uniform of Los Angeles County Fire Department as a tribute to our father,” said Brian Jones. “He was my hero.

He told me that he would always be there for me, no matter what,” added daughter Anadallas. “He never let me down.”

Following the memorial service, Dallas’s brothers and sisters honored his memory with a miles-long apparatus and funeral procession to the graveside ceremony in nearby Cypress. There, Brother Jones was laid to rest with the traditional Last Alarm ceremony.


Click the image below to view a photo tribute to Dallas Jones's career as a firefighter and a committed union leader.



Dallas Jones Loses His Battle With Cancer
May 25, 2008
Firefighters Across the State Mourn the Passing of Dallas Jones It is with the greatest sadness that we announce the passing of one of the giants of the firefighter labor movement and one of our best friends -- former Local 1014 President and current CPF Secretary-Treasurer Dallas Jones. Dallas passed away Saturday evening, May 10, after a valiant battle with lung cancer
MDA - A new record
May 25, 2008
LACoFD Firefighters Set Another Record For Fill the Boot! May 7, 2008 Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated in the Department-wide Fill the Boot campaign for the MDA on April 24th, 25th, and 26th
Local 1014 Endorses Mark Ridley-Thomas for Supervisor
May 12, 2008
Local 1014 is preparing for its first competitive supervisors race in almost 20 years. State Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas will be taking on LA City Councilman Bernard Parks for the 2nd District Seat. Local 1014 has had a long relationship with Mark and will be actively supporting his campaign.

Election day will be June 3rd - Local 1014 expects the campaign work to begin in April.

View the Press Release Here.
EMS Issues Committee - Phase III
Jul 29, 2007
President Gillotte appointed Dave Morse and Pat Dolan to co-chair an EMS committee to make recommendations to the department regarding the recent issues which highlighted a need for change in this Section.  The next phase of our work is detailed below. Thanks to all for your work
Ventura Basics
Jan 01, 2007
In case you have not visited the "Member Resources" please sign in (or register for the first time) and read our information. "Ventura Basics" has just been updated and is recommended reading if you are planning to retire in the next few years. Don't wait too long! If you want to take full avantage of your "Ventura" benefits it takes several years of planning to have enough benefit time and get paid for excess benefit time before you retire. Please sign in, visit "Member Resources" and "Retirement" in the members only area Or Click Here
Fringe Benefit Agreement Reached
Jan 01, 2007

Dues decrease January 1, 2007
Dec 16, 2006
Local 1014 Dues Reduction December 15, 2006 To all Local 1014 members: Just over a year and a half ago Local 1014 members voted themselves a temporary dues increase to 1½ % of top step firefighter (up from 1%) to fund critical pension battles against Governor Schwarzenegger as well as to engage many other serious state and local political conflicts
Buyback of Benefit Time
Dec 06, 2006
This is a reminder that all vacation time over 480 hours and holiday time over 264 hours will be paid off at straight time at the end of this year.  Each hour paid off will count as an hour worked on the FD-7.
Uniform Allowance
Dec 01, 2006
The terms of our contract call for each safety member to receive an annual uniform allowance of $1,000 as a separate check sometime between December 1 and 15 of each year.  This year we will receive our allowance checks on December 15 along with our mid-month checks or statements (for those who have direct deposit).  The $1,000 uniform allowance comes as a hard-copy check subject to retirement and tax deductions.
Shift Calendars
Nov 29, 2006

The 2007/2008 shift calendars will be mailed out this week. Members will receive 2 Wall Calendars, 2 Pocket Calendars, 2 Helmet Logo Decals and an order form to purchase additional items. To order those additional items, mail the completed order form to Local 1014 with payment. Day Planners are also available. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery of those additional items. The calendars have also been posted to our web site under "Member Resources" for members to view and dowload.

Election Results.
Nov 20, 2006



David Gillotte – 1,511

1ST Vice President:

Dave Lopez 1,418

2nd Vice President:

John Bishop 1,433


John Smolin 827 (53.4%)

Greg Lombardo - 721 (46.5%)

Directors: (For 6 Positions)

Will Pryor 1,432              Andy Doyle 1,402

Lew Currier 1,403           David Morse 1,414

Paul Rusin 1,395                Pat Dolan 1,395


Shall the 1014 Union dues structure be changed from 1% of top step firefighter to the 1.25% format as described? (Requires 50% + 1 to pass)

YES - 784 (48.0%)

NO - 849 (51.9%)

Shall “X” Campos be granted 1014 Life Member status? (Requires 2/3 + 1 to pass)

YES - 1,239 (77.2%)

NO - 364 (22.7%)

Shall Don Lassig be granted 1014 Life Member status? (Requires 2/3 + 1 to pass)

YES - 1,198 (74.6%)

NO - 408 (25.4%)

Shall the 1014 Executive Board pursue with the Department a trial 48/96 work schedule? (Requires 2/3 + 1 to pass)

YES - 825 (50.9%)

NO - 795 (49.0%)

A very special thanks to our Election Committee. Awsome job -- Thanks!


Overtime Update
Oct 16, 2006

A few months ago we informed the membership that Local 1014 and the Department have been working to resolve a disagreement we have with the current overtime policy.  Both sides have suggested various modifications, and we thought we were close to resolution once, but so far we've not been able to come to agreement.  When we’ve brought this issue to a resolution there may be modifications to the current policy or perhaps there will just be clarifications.  At this point no one can say for sure, because we’re still working on it.


In the meantime, we’ve been receiving calls from some members asking us where we are with the overtime cap and working 5 days in a row.  To clarify for everyone:  At present there is no change in either policy.  You may work up to 5 days in a row, and there is an overtime cap of 68 shifts per fiscal year. 


We’ll let you know when there are further developments, but as we've stated before, a change in policy on this issue will go into effect only if and when the Department officially announces it.


The 1014 Executive Board


Oct 02, 2006

To: All 1014 members:

For the past five months 1014 has been negotiating as a member of the 12 unions Coalition of County Unions over our collective fringe benefit package with County. The fringe contract is scheduled to end September 30, and a settlement has not yet been reached. However, the County is mailing out the annual Choices packages to Coalition members now for October selections.

When you receive your Choices package at your home, County will be asking you to select various benefit coverages that will include your life insurance, dental insurance, and your all-important health insurance. As of Wednesday, September 27, Kaiser will be raising its rates for represented (non-management) personnel by over 15% while County’s current offer to the Coalition is markedly below that. The 1014 insurance plan will be raising its rates by 6.49%.

The coalition has rejected Kaiser’s unjustified rate increase for represented personnel, and has also rejected County’s 10% contribution increase. County has responded by declaring impasse. Where this is headed no one can be certain at this time, but we want our members to be aware of this unresolved situation as they make their selections in Choices.

There is no guarantee that if the situation changes there will be a re-enrollment period later. Everyone will need to make their selections based upon what information they have at the time, including what we are telling you now.

As always, 1014 is committed to securing the best benefit package possible for our membership. We appreciate your support and patience as we work towards that end.

The 1014 Executive Board

Overtime Rules Update
Sep 18, 2006
We have received a number of inquiries from the membership regarding the status of the 68 shift ovettme cap and 5 shifts in a row work rule. Although both of these issues have been discussed with the Department, at present there is no change in either work rule. Unless/until you receive an official communique from the Department announcing a change, the overtime cap is still 68 shifts for the fiscal year and personnel may work no more than 5 shifts in a row.
Using Banked Benefit Time
Aug 16, 2006
The correct payroll codes for taking off using vacation and holiday hours are V and F respectively.  Some members may also have "time banked" vacation and/or holiday hours from when the vacation and holiday accumulation caps were lowered a year and a half ago.  For individuals with "banked" time, if you want to take time off using either of those hours, you must record your time cards accordingly.  The payroll code for using banked vacation time is BV.  The payroll code for using banked holiday time is BF.
Keep Your Fitness for Life Bonus!
Jul 21, 2006

Effective July 1, 2006, the "Fitness For Life" bonus of 3% went into effect. In order to receive the bonus for the first year, you must do two things: 1) Take the Fitness For Life medical exam off duty during your birth month, and 2) complete 12 hours of on-duty continuing education (currently being developed) during the fiscal year.  You will lose the bonus for one year if you do not meet these two requirements.

July and August birthday personnel who have not already done so should schedule their exams immediately and then fax their completed compliance form to Health Programs in order to keep the bonus. 

Additional information on the the Department's Fitness for Life program, including future requirements, is available on the Department's Intranet site, as well as on the "Fit For Life" site under Main Menu on the left side of this website. 

If you have any questions, or difficulty scheduling your medical exam, please contact Heatlh Programs at 323-881-3037. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The original flyer that was sent out had the last two numbers of the telephone number transposed.  If you tried to call the "old" number, you couldn't get through.  The Department has since sent out an EA ammending the telephone number to reflect the correct number above.

EMS Update Issues -- June 28, 2006
Jun 28, 2006


Local 1014 has received numerous calls from the membership questioning the contents of EA-286, “EMS UPDATE 2006 MAKE-UPS AND DE-ACCREDITATION.” 


The Department makes repeated references to their intent to de-accreditate and withhold the paramedic bonus from any post-position personnel who fail to complete the course by June 30, 2006, and to remove those personnel from their paramedic assignments.


Local 1014 realizes that there was insufficient notice and other hiccups in this process that precluded some of our members from obtaining the training as mandated.  First and foremost was the failure of the Department to allow ALL personnel to go to the class on duty.  The Battalion Chiefs had the ability to approve a variety of staffing methods, including recalls, that would and should have allowed all personnel to attend on duty.  However, many Battalions did not allow on-duty attendance, creating a disparate policy. 


Local 1014 strongly encourages all members to complete the training by June 30, 2006, but will adamantly oppose any and all attempts by the Department to penalize our members by withholding their paramedic bonus.  The removal of such a bonus is a subject of a mandatory meet and confer between the Department and the Union, and such action never took place and was a unilaterally proposed action by the Department.  Local 1014 understands the Department’s predicament in adhering to DHS mandates but will not allow our members to be financially harmed due to inconsistencies in the program.


Local 1014 is prepared to file an Unfair Labor Charge against the Department if and when any of our members are told that they are losing their paramedic bonus related to these issues.  Please contact 1st Vice President Don Lassig or Directors Dave Lopez or Dave Morse if you have any questions concerning the EMS update.


Contract Agreement Reached
Jun 11, 2006
Local 1014 and LA County have reached a contract agreement. Log in, then under "Member Resources" on the left click on "Negotiations" and then "Contract Agreement Reached." You must be a member to log on.

If you are a member but have not yet signed up for access to the members only areas, please see the "Member Login" area at the top right of the page.

Members who have access will also be receiving periodic updates on the contract and ratification meetings by e-mail, so verify that we have the corrected email address for you. PLEASE SIGN UP!

Varification may take a few hours. Each new member on the site must be verified as a Local 1014 member by a director.
Success In Pomona
Jun 08, 2006

After a year and a half of political action from Local 1014 and strong leadership from A/C John Nieto, the Pomona City Council has voted to re-instate 6 Firefighter post positions back into the city’s budget.  After about one hour of debate during last Monday’s budget planning session, Mayor Norma Torres, Councilman Elliott Rothman and Councilman Marco Robles were extremely vocal about replacing our positions before they would “vote for any new budget.”


The final vote was 5-1 to restore the positions we lost almost 2 years ago with Paula Lantz voting “NO” and George Hunter actually leaving the meeting so he wouldn’t have to vote on the issue.  Interestingly enough, the budget that was scheduled to be voted on initially DID NOT include our positions even after City Manager Doug Dunlap was given direction by Mayor Norma Torres to include the spots.


The specific time frame to get the firefighters back in the stations is somewhat tentative. The city has allocated funding starting on September 1 of this year.  Now it is up to LACoFD management staff to carry the ball to assure that these Firefighters will indeed be in the station effective September 1 of 2006.


Special thanks goes to two individuals on this one: 1014 City PAC chairman Paul Rusin and A/C John Nieto.  Paul is 1014’s political liaison to every city served by County Fire, and he has been working non-stop with extra commitment to bring the Pomona council back to center on their fire staffing.   We also want to thank Chief Nieto, who was so instrumental in bringing this issue to its successful conclusion.  He went to great lengths to educate the council and got up during the council meeting to fight hard to get “his guys” back into place.  Chief Nieto displayed the kind of leadership and commitment to his city, Pomona, that should be an example for other A/Cs to follow in their respective cities.


This was truly a team effort between management and labor.  Everyone in Battalion 15 should take the opportunity to thank Chief Nieto for championing this issue.  And we here at Local 1014 say thanks to him for his tireless efforts.


The Local 1014 Executive Board

Termination Pay Tax Program Announcement
May 18, 2006

Some employees received a notice with pay stubs describing changes to the County Termination Pay Plan (TPP) offered by the 457 (Great West) plan. It appears that the IRS is posturing to issue a negative ruling on tax deferment of termination pay and the County is going to abandon the plan. Termination pay is benefit time paid to employees (Vacation, Sick hours) that are paid usually at time of retirement as a lump sum. Termination pay is different than payments made annually for excess benefit time and was allowed - via the Termination Pay Plan - to be rolled into your 457 plan, an IRA or used to pay the purchase ARC time through LACERA.

The letter dated April 28 from CAO David Janssen allows for employees to sign up for the plan, with proper education and counseling, regardless of the known outcome of the plan. There are several dates and times given for locations of educational seminars on the Termination Pay Plan.

Local 1014's advice to its members that have NOT enrolled into the Termination Pay Plan is that they do NOT enroll - throw away the letter. Our reasoning is that it is unknown how the IRS will eventually rule on the Termination Pay Play. There are scenarios that could result in the employee being fined, and paying excessive interest and penalties to the IRS.

If you HAVE enrolled in the Termination Pay Plan as a tax deferment vehicle through a 401(a) rollover, please call Great West at 800-382-8924 and schedule an appointment with a Great West representative and discuss your options. If you used termination pay to buy ARC time through LACERA - contact LACERA immediately at 626-564-6000.

If you have any questions about the Termination Pay Plan, Please call Will Pryor at 310-639-1014 or e-mail to (Until negotiations are over e-mail will be quicker).

Register to be a Permanent Absentee Voter
Mar 22, 2006
State law allows any employee that works for 24 hours or more to become a permanent absentee voter. With election in some cities (Long Beach) in April and a statewide ballot in June, be sure to register today. Please see the LA County Registrar Recorder web site (click here) for information
Deputies Sign New Contract
Mar 22, 2006
April 1, 2006: 3% (manpower shortage bonus) October 1, 2006: 4% April 1, 2007: 5.5% (via addition of a 6th salary step) August 1, 2007: 3% August 1, 2008: 3% Citing a need for recruitment and retention of Deputy Sheriffs, the Board of Supervisors has offered Deputy Sheriffs an 18.5% salary increase over the next 30 months
Retirement Open Houses
Apr 21, 2006
It is the season for retirement dinners, open houses and going away parties. Because retirement dinners are part of the official department communications, we usually get the dinner invitation and are able to attend to honor the years of service to Local 1014 by the member.We have a problem with open houses
Ever wonder why health care costs so much?
Mar 09, 2006

Contrat Negotiations For 2006
Mar 02, 2006

Tougher DMV Standards
Feb 16, 2006

Download: 2.10.CPF.CDL.pdf

Improving Communications
Jan 25, 2006

Holiday Buyback Payoff (Part 1)
Jan 17, 2006

Holiday Buyback (Part 2)
Jan 13, 2006

Download: Holiday Payoffs for Highest One Year.doc

California Firefighters say THANK YOU
Jan 04, 2006

Download: CPF Thank You.mp3

Uniform Allowance Information
Jan 12, 2006

Jan 04, 2006

1014 Membership Leads the Way
Nov 08, 2005

Download: Website Pictures.pdf

Rumor Control
Nov 03, 2005

New Pomona Resource to Be Evaluated
Oct 19, 2005

Survivor Program Volunteers Needed
Oct 12, 2005

Rest in Peace, Brother Joe Montoya 1948 - 2005
Oct 05, 2005

Hurricane Assistance
Sep 28, 2005

Ventura Benefits Basics
Sep 24, 2005

Download: Ventura Benefits Basics.doc

Retirement Updates at LACERA Web Site
Sep 24, 2005

EA 429 and Volunteering for Katrina
Sep 05, 2005

Katrina -- How Can We Help?
Sep 04, 2005

Emergency Staffing
Sep 02, 2005

Download: Hurricane Staffing Bulletin.doc

Retiree Adjustments Coming From LACERA.
Sep 02, 2005

Do Not Patronize - Dodge and Cox!
Aug 22, 2005

FSA Program Status
Jul 20, 2005

Download: FSAs.doc

Sellback Additional Information
Jul 22, 2005

Download: Addtional Sell Back Information.doc

Chief Freeman's Status
Jul 27, 2005

Download: Status of Chief Freeman.doc

Benefit Days Sell Back
Jul 27, 2005

Download: Benefit Days Sell Back.doc

Desert Staffing Meeting
Jul 27, 2005

Download: Desert Staffing Meeting.doc

Contract Terms/County
Jul 06, 2005

Download: Bulletin 7-6-2005.doc

Payroll, Part II
Jul 01, 2005

Payroll Deductions
Jun 23, 2005

1014 UPDATE, June 2005
Jun 21, 2005

Holiday and Vacation Time Sell Back
Jun 21, 2005

Signing Bonus Checks On Their Way
May 21, 2005

May 29, 2005

May 12th: Contract & Pay Information
May 12, 2005

Our labor movement has lost one of our leaders
May 14, 2005

1014 Membership Ratifies New Contract
May 07, 2005

Download: Contract Bulletin.doc

Tentative Contract Agreement Reached
Apr 20, 2005

Membership to Vote on Temporary Dues Increase
Apr 20, 2005

Download: Dues Increase.pdf

Local 1014 Lifts "Work to the Rule"
Apr 19, 2005

Who's Giving to Arnold?
Mar 26, 2005

Thank You!
Mar 23, 2005

Download Problems?
Feb 22, 2005

Fallen Firefighters
Feb 22, 2005

Download: Last Alarm.pdf

AOC Website Article
Feb 22, 2005

Download: AOC.pdf

Negotiations Update For February 18
Feb 23, 2005

Download: Negotiations Update Feb 18th 2005.doc

The Message Board is Back
Feb 17, 2005

Negotiations Update For February 17
Feb 17, 2005

Download: February 17 Update.doc

Holiday Time Sellback Form
Feb 10, 2005

Firefighters Rally at Fire Administration Headquarters
Feb 08, 2005

Download: February 8 Rally.pdf

February 3 Negotiations Update
Feb 04, 2005

Download: February 3 Update.pdf

600 Firefighters Picket Hall of Administration
Feb 09, 2005

Download: February 1 Rally.pdf

Jan 25, 2005


Governor joins bid to end LACERA
Jan 20, 2005

Download: hjta pension initiative submitted for title and summary.pdf

Sign Up Now!
Dec 25, 2004

Legislator bids to end LACERA benefits
Dec 24, 2004

Nov 24, 2004

Dec 16, 2004

Public Safety Unions Present Contract Vote to Supervisors
Nov 19, 2004

Negotiations Update November 5, 2004
Nov 06, 2004

Members Vote on Contract Offer
Nov 19, 2004

Supervisors Keep Special Tax at Current Rate
Sep 25, 2004

Sep 17, 2004

Web Site Update
Aug 25, 2004

Benefit News!
Aug 25, 2004

LINE OF DUTY DEATH - Captain Daniel E. Elkins
Aug 06, 2004

Download: 7-15 Line of Duty Death Notice.doc

Welcome to the new web site!
Jun 11, 2004

Open Houses - We need to know!
Feb 03, 2008
Local 1014 has a plaque made for each retiring Local 1014 member and would like the opportunity to present the plaque and say some things at their retirement parties or open houses. The problem is that many times the "low key" open houses or parties do not make it to us, the invitations and postings are only within the Battalion or Division. If you are setting up one of these events, please let us know via
Celebration of Life Honors Contra Costa Firefighters
Aug 28, 2007
1st Vice President Dave Lopez and FFPM and 1014 Brother Steve Blackburn traveled to Contra Costa County to honor our fallen brothers
We need your help in Pomona this weekend and through election day. (11/4/06 - 11/7/06)
Nov 03, 2006

Hello 1014 brothers and sisters,

Your union needs your support in the City of Pomona now through Election Day. (11/4/2006 + 11/7/2006.)

We have the opportunity to get a majority on the Pomona City council through our own political action. This is something we have not had since the city became part of the County in 1994. If you are tired of all the closing of stations talk, three man paramedic engines, closing of the light forces, etc. Then now is the time to do something about it. It seems that every fiscal emergency that the city has is put on the backs of firefighters to balance out.  This is due to the fact that other groups have had the council’s ear. Now it is our turn to get the councils ear through our hard work on this election.  We need to support the candidates that support firefighter issues and will carry them to the council. It is very simple in politics at the end of the day in Pomona. The one who can count to 4 out of 7 is the winner. If we want to be the winner it is not going to happen by accident. WE NEED YOUR HELP!  PLEASE SUPPORT YOURSELF AND YOUR UNION IN POMONA THIS WEEKEND.

1014 Executive Board

(The schedule and locations are in the attachment below.)

General election information - updated 10.29
Oct 29, 2006
November 7th is a critical election for firefighters and working people in the State of California. The important thing we can do is vote. Below we have listed some things that you can do to help get people who support firefighter issues get elected

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