Friday Update 2-26-24
Updated On: Apr 09, 2024


Brothers & Sisters,

All eyes were on LA City Firefighters as an explosion involving the CNG Fuel tank on a large truck.  The large explosion that rocked the neighborhood occurred within minutes of the firefighter's arrival at a truck fire when one of its 100-gallon compressed natural gas fuel tanks ruptured and exploded, sending at least nine firefighters flying up to 50 feet with traumatic injuries and burns. 

The other tank, thankfully, remained intact and was found in the debris.  The nine firefighters were transported to area hospitals, and while seven of the nine have been released from the hospital, two remain in the hospital with severe injuries. 

This call reminds us of the daily danger we all face. The tanks looked like normal diesel fuel tanks until they ruptured.  Local 1014 contacted UFLAC 112, and Chief Marrone contacted Chief Crowley early to assist with anything LAFD needed.  Thank you to our Chaplains for responding to the hospital and assisting with needs there immediately following the incident. 

Our thoughts and prayers will be with the Firefighters who were injured and those who responded to help their brothers and their families as they heal and as we all look at what happened and how we can work to be safer on vehicle fires with CNG fuel tanks.  


ET-78 was released announcing the status of funding for year three's Cost of Living Raise for our members, effective July 1, 2024.  Local 1014 negotiated the first-ever agreement with the CEO, the Fire Chief, and the Union to form a Joint Labor Management Financial Task Force (JLMFC) to address not only year three of our contract but also financial issues with the Department in general with shared data, spending, and revenues to collaborate on how to manage the money best to fund all things needed on our Department.  There was neglect in prioritizing spending, inadequate tracking of property tax revenues year to year, and no plan to end the worker's compensation system failures, resulting in overtime and medical spending that has been out of control.  The Task Force met quarterly with the CEO, Local 1014, the FC, the Auditor-Controller, and the Treasurer Tax Collector. 

Analysis and review of existing revenues and expenditures, future revenues and new revenue sources resulted in a shift in priorities of what we spend on and the Joint Labor Management Work Comp committee addressing the need to get our members treated and back to work.  We had over 500 firefighters off duty due to injury or illness at the peak of our crisis.  While the work needs to continue to mend our system, the results to date have helped with staffing issues and put millions back into the budget. 

Additionally, we worked politically alongside the Fire Chief from an administrative position to renegotiate with our Contract Cities to get their fees for service back to standard value for services provided after their contracts were left for years with no cost of living adjustments or changes due to cost share.  Political Action with elected leaders Local 1014 supported and good faith negotiations for fair contracts netted great results, adding over $30 million back into our budget.  

While our Department will have a structural deficit going forward, we will continue the JLMFC work to guide the budget going forward; we will also be working to secure new revenue through a signature petition ballot measure in November.  Needing 50% plus 1 to pass, the measure would generate close to 150 million dollars of new revenue to address operational needs, including a plan to move to 4-0 staffing overtime on all engine companies.  

We want to thank the Fire Chief for supporting Local 1014's suggestions in the committee, and steering clear of ideas such as “Work Short” plans with over 100 positions not filled between January 1 and July 1. While the work needs to continue, we want to remind the membership that the Union's strength and ability to force bargaining and meet and confer, including budget, on all items through this last contract is what allowed us to fix the problem collaboratively. 

The hard work of your Executive Board and our legal and financial experts, and our relationships with the Auditor-Controller and Treasurer-Tax Collector with support from the Fire Chief through the process of making changes and tracking resulting revenue vs. expenditures netted positive results for not only year three of our contract, but a forward positive path for our budget as a whole. Click here to view ET 78.


EA 82 went out giving the long-awaited notice of our Fire Fighter Trainee Exam Process.  Local 1014, with the help of the Board of Supervisors, successfully negotiated with the Department and the Department of Human Resources to use the Fire Fighter Candidate Testing Center (FCTC) written exam in a pilot along with our existing CPAT and EMT requirements for recruitment.  The long-awaited move to a written exam that has embedded pre-test recruitment and the ability to have an open competitive exam so our list never gets stale was the result of a hard negotiation process.

Chief Marrone has been very supportive, along with Supervisor Janice Hahn, who put forward a BOS motion that Local 1014 helped write to enable this pilot to use the CAL-JAC FCTC written.  We also want to thank all affinity partners in the WFL, Stentorians, Los Bomberos, and our API members with AOC and Training Services help.  Special thanks to Julia Kim from Chief Marrone’s staff, who spent long hours navigating the path with DHR and JAC to make this a reality.

We look forward to continued work on the process as we evolve and restore credibility in the drill tower and probation, netting a good recruitment process with the quality of candidates as the glue that binds the system as a whole. Thank you to Chief Derek Chapman and his staff also for their work to help improve all the systems we are integrating for the quality of the program. 
Final Staffing Survey
By now, you should have received the final staffing survey from Local 1014. 

Captains, encourage your members to take the survey in your morning lineup. Please check your spam and junk folders diligently, and be sure to complete the survey. If anyone in your stations has yet to sign up for the Friday Updates on the website, encourage them to do so and take the survey. 

Feel free to call any Local 1014 Director or the staffing committee members if you have any questions about the survey.  Thank you to all our members during this trial period for your patience and your input to improve our system so it works for everyone. 

If you have checked your spam folder and still have not received the email, please email
LA County Fire Safety Measure   
Visit to learn more. 

Local 1014 continues aggressively moving forward on the signature gathering for our ballot initiative to secure more funding for our Department, including staffing, infrastructure, apparatus, and equipment. We are currently gathering signatures in locations throughout the district.  

REMINDER: If you get questions while in the field working or calls at the station, you can confirm there is a citizen's initiative for additional funding for the LA County Fire District. You can also direct them to the website above or any Local 1014 Executive Board member. 

If someone approached you in the station asking for firefighters to gather signatures or sign petitions, do not accept. Get their name and ask them to leave the station. 

We have a lot of work to do to secure those votes, but together, we can win for the future of our Department and our families. Thank you all in advance for your consideration of our collective efforts.

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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