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Brothers & Sisters,

This week, we begin with an update on our LA County Fire Safety Measure. As you know, Local 1014 has been aggressively moving forward on the signature gathering for our ballot initiative to secure more funding for our Department, including staffing, infrastructure, apparatus, and equipment. We are currently gathering signatures in locations throughout the district.  

If you get questions while in the field working or calls at the station, you can confirm there is a citizen's initiative for additional funding for the LA County Fire District. Today, we launched our website where you can direct members of the public who have questions about the initiative. You can also direct them to any Local 1014 Executive Board member or the Department's Executive Staff for more detailed information.

We have a lot of work to do to secure those votes, but together, we can win for the future of our Department and our families. Thank you all in advance for your consideration of our collective efforts.

Visit to learn more. 
Human Relations Committee - Volunteers Needed

California Professional Firefighters, our state Union, is looking for members to help define the future of human relations discussions in California Fire Departments.  For far too long, the subjects of human relations, including race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, and more within our profession and our department, have been left to the generic work of Big County or the State. Local 1014 is leading this discussion and wants to unite all of our members with the highest standards of firefighters, paramedics, and fire personnel in the state through a commonality of mission and purpose as we navigate our different and oftentimes misunderstood cultures and experiences.

We are looking for our members to be a part of that discussion and part of the team of state firefighters within the Unions, not management, to help us.  The California Professional Firefighters is made up of all of the Unions throughout the state, and together, we are the strength that moves policy and legislation in our state and our locals as a result.  

This is a chance to finally get honest with the discussion and have an impact on our future. Don't hesitate to contact any Executive Board Member with any questions; we will also be reaching out personally to help find Local 1014 members interested in the work.  If you are interested in volunteering email 
Martin Luther King Labor Breakfast and Parade 

Local 1014 joined our labor partners in the County to gather and remember Martin Luther King Jr. and his work in both labor and unity.  In 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed the King Holiday Bill into law, making this day a federal holiday in observance of one of our time's greatest civil rights leaders.

On this holiday, Americans are encouraged to commit a day of service to others to improve our communities.  Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered as a civil rights leader who was also a Labor rights leader helping improve wages and working conditions throughout our nation in alignment with helping African American workers within labor.  When MLK Jr. was killed in Memphis, he was working to support the sanitation workers on their strike.  

Local 1014 joined our labor family as we honored MLK Jr. and heard from Tennessee Representative Justin J. Pearson as the keynote speaker. Rep. Justin J Pearson spoke about the need for “angelic dissenters” in the continued fight for democracy. In honor of the “Twenty-Something Leaders” theme, the ‘Torch of Freedom’ award was presented to Rep. Justin J. Pearson from Rev. Lawson as a “passing of the torch” to the next generation. 

Finally, the MLK Day celebrations concluded with the 39th annual Kingdom Day Parade and Breakfast. US Senator LaPhonza Butler kicked off the morning with remarks before union members marched in honor of Dr. King and his dedication to striking workers. 
IAFF Emotional Regulation Training

So many of our fire stations nationally have issues where members get after it with each other to put it simply.  For far too long we have all looked the other way or wished for these issues to handle themselves or just go away.  Our department has had issues with member-on-member hostility, resulting in the worst incident of member-on-member violence with the Sierra Incident.  While we continue to complete work on policies and practices regarding dispute resolution and safe work environments, we also want to push forward tools that can help our members on a personal level.  

In collaboration with the Warriors Research Institute (WRI), the IAFF is proud to launch the newest on-demand behavioral health training for Emotional Regulation for Emergency Responders.  This class is free to all members and has tools for healthy coping mechanisms and ways to work through emotional responses in critically charged times within our profession.  Our work presses harder than any other profession with all we see and do.  This class is specific for first responders but is also available to the public, so feel free to share it with your friends and families. 

This course is open to any fire service member and the public. Contact with any questions. Visit to explore other behavioral health resources available through the IAFF. 
Click here to learn more about Emotion Regulation for Emergency Responders (ER 4 ER)
Marrone Letter 

Click here to view the Fire Chief’s official response to Local 1014 on the 48/96 Trial Shift Schedule Proposal. We look forward to his direct reply to the membership and will respond after he addresses the membership.  

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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