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Updated On: Nov 08, 2023


Brothers and Sisters, 

This week, Local 1014 held an on-the-road General Membership Meeting in Diamond Bar. 

This meeting was historic since it was the first time the Fire Chief attended a Union Meeting to answer questions from the membership. We want to thank Chief Marrone for joining us and answering critical questions about staffing, promotions, and recruiting. 

Additionally, we had presentations from our Local 1014 Health Trust regarding Open Enrollment and increases and improvements to our benefits for 2024 including dental, orthodontia, fertility, and vision. We also had our political and communications consultant Poloma Public Affairs report on current political action items in the County and State. 

Finally, thank you to all our members who attended the meeting. We know it can be difficult to attend but we appreciate the engagement we received from those who were there and the questions coming in from the field. 

We are looking to continue to have these on-the-road meetings quarterly and are hoping to get a virtual town hall for the members going soon as well. Your Union Executive Board is continuing to look for ways to make engaging easier and more convenient for our members. Thank you again to our guest speakers and our membership. 


Local 1014 has been made aware that the Department is sending out a large number of Requests for Written Statements (RWS) of our members in mainly two areas, vehicle accidents and EMT licensure. We want members to know their rights pertaining to these two areas. We are looking in to why there has been a spike in the requests, but we are requesting that all members immediately contact a Union rep if you receive one.

We have been contacted by members who have received them for vehicle accidents, however minor, even after Department policy has been followed. i.e., command and control have been notified, BC has been notified, a police report has been initiated, pictures taken and an accident report has been filled out. This is our Department policy, if you drive a county vehicle, you need to familiarize yourself with this policy. 

It is the Union’s opinion that this is being done for the simple reason to have you admit guilt and to limit the Department’s liability in the accident. Upon receiving a RWS, by accepting, or signing that you received it DOES NOT mean that you agree with it or that you are admitting guilt, it only means that you have received it. 

Once you have received it, contact a Union Rep prior to filling it out and sending it to anyone in management, so that we can answer any questions that you have and to provide direction. We have the ability to run it through our legal counsel, if necessary, to get his legal opinion on the questions being asked, prior to sending it back to the requestor. Accidents do happen, which is why there is a word for it. We go on over 300,000 runs per year as a Department and as a percentage, our accident numbers are very low.

On the EMS licensure issue, we have notified of members getting requests for written statements for missing a skills testing date or having their license lapse, while off on a job-related injury. While it is true that you cannot work with a lapsed license without putting liability on yourself and the department, once you return from injury, you may be placed on 40-hour week until you have completed the recertification process. If you are off over 90 days, you will be given a form that requires signatures from various sections of the Department and verifies that your licenses are all up to date, (i.e., Driver’s License, EMT and PM licenses). This does benefit our members while also covering the Department's liability. If you work at all with an expired license of any kind, you could be subject to discipline by the Local and State EMS agencies or the department in the case of an expired driver’s license.

HOWEVER, we have had members receive these requests when all requirements have been met and there is no lapse in licensure prior to the request going out. This is absolutely unacceptable and a total failure of our management that needs to be corrected, which our Union is working on and will get corrected. 

Continue doing the outstanding job that you all do and providing the excellent care that you always have. If you happen to receive one of these Requests for written statements, always, always, contact your union rep. Any BC worth his salt should be advising you to contact the Union and should never tell you “This is no big deal.” It is potentially a big deal and your Union is here to work on your behalf. 


Please join Local 1014, LACOFD and California Professional Firefighters as we honor 35 fallen heroes to be added to the California Firefighters Memorial Wall, including Fire Captain Steven McCann for having served with bravery & distinction. 

The California Firefighters Memorial is a unique and stunning tribute to the more than 1500 firefighters who have died in the line of duty since California became a state in 1850. The California Firefighters Memorial was unveiled on April 6, 2002, and is a lasting tribute to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect their fellow Californians. Over the preceding decade, more than $2 million was raised privately for the construction and maintenance of the California Firefighters Memorial with the majority of the funding coming from firefighters themselves, through the specialized Firefighter License Plates and The Firefighters’ Memorial Tax Check-off. 
Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer’s family, friends, and partners would like to invite you to join us at CrossFit SCV on Saturday, October 14th as we honor Clink. If you are unable to attend, we encourage and challenge you to do the workout from your own gym. 

CrossFit SCV has opened their gym to all for 7 am 8 am 9 am classes and 10 am will be reserved for Palmdale Station, Palmdale alumni, and Clink’s family/friends. 

For the CrossFit community Hero WODs are supposed to be challenging and designed to be personal/meaningful. His friends and partners from Palmdale are very proud and honored to have created one for our hero. Below is the story of Clink that inspired the workout. 

Clink ran cross country in high school and later B2V for NCCF and Palmdale Station. The buy in and buy out runs were designed for this purpose. The distance represents his badge number 840. Prior to Clink’s graduation his dad (retired LASD Lieutenant) called the vault and requested his Deputy badge number for his son. Luckily it was available and Clink got to wear the same badge his father did before him. The 26 minute AMRAP is a representation of Palmdale Station, his home away from home. And the rep scheme for the work out 9-16-23 for his EOW date. 

RX WOD 65/95# barbell
All weights can be scaled down or other modifications can be made to movements based on skill level/abilities. 

CrossFit SCV 
21444 Golden Triangle Rd
Santa Clarita, CA  91350

Donations are not required nor requested however if you wish to donate to the Clinkunbroomer family, only cash will be accepted at the event. 

Thank you for your support!!

The Local 1014 Health Plan is among the most comprehensive plans available to Firefighters anywhere in the nation and is tailored to meet our Firefighters’ needs. It is also the #1 choice for our members and their families.

Enroll now at For more information about The Local 1014 Health Plan, please call member services at 800-660-1014 or email

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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