Friday Update 9-22-23
Posted On: Oct 16, 2023


Brothers and Sisters, 

This weekend, Local 1014 together with the Fire Chief, Chaplains, Honor Guard, and Pipes and Drums joined our union IAFF family from across the nation to recognize 572 fallen heroes and add their names to the IAFF Wall of Honor, including five from our LACOFD Fire Family:

• Fire Captain Brian Levasseur
• Fire Captain Steven McCann
• Fire Captain Arn Tretsven
• Fire Fighter Specialist Tory Carlon
• Fire Fighter Jonathan Flagler

We shall not forget. Thank you to every one of our LACOFD Fire Family who showed up in Colorado Springs to support our fallen firefighter families and honor their memory. 


Local 1014 has been actively engaged and working weekly with the Fire Chief and his staff to try and finish our committee work and get to a final decision on our membership-driven proposal for a TRIAL 48/96 SHIFT SCHEDULE.  This issue has plagued us all for many years. Local 1014 stands in strong support of the trial. 

The committee work over the past year was needed to address all logistical and operational issues to consider such a trial.  Chief Marrone took the helm as the 10th permanent Fire Chief and moved resources to properly run all tests needed with auditor-controller and payroll. We have finally arrived at the end point in this discussion, debate and negotiation in our work to request and hopefully garner his final support.  

We have been tackling so many issues together with Chief Marrone and have had some very good and early success on such items like our staffing and workers' compensation system efforts to return our members to work.  The Joint Labor Management Financial Committee's work with CEO, Union and Department has netted amazing results, helping our path to a much better financial future and will continue as we work to prioritize expenditures, maximize existing funding and chase new funding through a signature ballot measure.  We will continue to address these and many other issues as we collaborate to put our department on track to shine like we should.  

We want to thank the Fire Chief for his true commitment to this partnership, and working together is how we can best accomplish the difficult tasks needed to get things done within our department and at the state level. 

The reality of our collective work on the budget and our contract support is that we would need the Fire Chief’s support for the BOS to embrace our collective effort on the scheduled trial. Without his support, there is not a path to implement the trial through the BOS because we are deeply engaged on the funding issue.  There is, however, an opportunity to jointly support the trial and move it forward. We are seeking this support formally now. 

We have packaged this proposal with staffing levels in an everyone-wins way where workers' compensation, recalls, and funding all surround the trial.  We have addressed every operational issue and in this letter, address the final and hinged concern the Fire Chief brought to us.  It is now his decision to evaluate all we have worked on in his deliberation.  

Chief Marrone has given this respectful and legitimate consideration in our often times intense meetings, and, to his credit, brought County resources to assess all systems and operational needs for payroll processing and policy.  We respect the collaboration to get after this once and for all with credible negotiations and we have asked the Chief to join us and take a chance and stand together to make history.  

We will follow up with his response once he has given final consideration to this and he indicated to President Gillotte in their talks that he will address the issue to all as will we when final.   

We know this has been a long, sometimes painful path, that for a series of a few years for reasons you can all pull together never got traction to address formally and credibly as we struggled to hold it together on so many fronts.  A new day, and this Fire Chief has finally given this the platform to be dealt with and we will let you know asap once we have his decision. 
Our hearts are heavy for our brothers and sisters at ALADS this week as they mourn the loss of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, who was killed in an ambush attack in Palmdale. An event like this affects all our public safety family.

Brother Ryan was 30 years old and an eight-year veteran of the LASD. He served the Palmdale and Antelope Valley communities with absolute distinction. He transferred to Palmdale station in July 2018. He had been a field training officer for 1 1/2 years.
We will not forget his sacrifice or his service to our community. We have offered our help and support to ALADS and its members.

You can help support the family by donating at the link above.


Thank you to Brother Derek Urwin for his work along with Local 1014 and other Unions to help protect our members from exposure leading to cancer.  Please check out the article on our joint labor-management committee working on wildfire respiratory protections and President Gillotte and Brother Urwin’s letters to the Governor urging support of AB 700 - to establish the California Firefighter Cancer Prevention and Research Program. 

Click here to view the story.

As we celebrate the Department’s historic 100th anniversary in 2023, the Yearbook Committee has extended the deadline for Department and retired personnel to purchase a Centennial Yearbook.  A preview of the Centennial Yearbook cover can be found in the attachment. Centennial Yearbooks are available to all personnel to purchase at their own expense on the LA County Fire Foundation Store webpage. 

This is a profound benchmark in our history, as we celebrate our legacy in the fire service as we pay tribute to the many generations of team members who have proudly served with honor and bravery and paved the way for the next 100 years in the Department’s history.  behalf of our Department and our members who boldly serve our communities.  
Click here to purchase a yearbook from the LA County Fire Foundation Store.

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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