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Updated On: Sep 05, 2023


Brothers and Sisters, 

This week, Hawaii Fire Fighters IAFF Local 1463 - Maui County Firefighters are dealing with multiple wildfires including the devastating and tragic conflagration that consumed Lahaina.  Our brothers and sisters in Hawaii have been hit hard with dry and windy conditions that spread wildfire throughout the Big Island and Maui with all of the world watching as historic Lahaina burned.

The shocking and heart wrenching footage of a town dear to us all as homes, businesses and lives were impacted.  The toll on life, property and history and heritage is evident and tragic.  

Our thoughts and prayers and support are headed to Maui. We have reached out to the Hawaii FF’s Local 1463, and our dear friend President Bobby Lee and our IAFF leadership in Secretary Lima and 10th DVP Gilman will be on the ground tomorrow morning coordinating our relief efforts.

We know the loss to our own members is high with over 14 homes thus far and one injury and the IAFF Relief Fund and California, Arizona and New Mexico memberships coming together to bring money and resources to aid our members on the Island with their needs.  We will bring you more information as we work together with HI Local 1463 and CPF and IAFF through the 10th District with specific needs and or support plans.  For now you can donate to the Hawaii Red Cross for relief to the Island People and the IAFF Relief Fundwhich will be taking relief to our Hawaii Brothers and Sisters immediately.  Debit and Visa Cards are enroute from the IAFF and relief efforts for longer term needs are in process also.  We know California USAR and OES and FEMA efforts as well as national relief is also being supported as requests and orders for the need are coming together.  

There will be more on how we can help and stories of the efforts in Maui and we ask all members to consider helping through donations like Hawaii Local 1463 did for us when we lived through Paradise and Woolsey Fires.


Behavioral Health Task Force Update
The California Fire Service Behavioral Health Task Force reconvened in person to get after the work that is so critical to protect our members as we deal with the mental impact of the rigors of our profession.  We don’t get to help others in critical times of need and devastation without suffering the lasting and powerful impact of the calls we go on.  The numbers of firefighters suffering depression and anxiety and off job impact from all we see and do none more devastating than firefighters taking their own lives fueled our efforts to break down stigma and resource our members to deal with fire fighter behavioral health and safety issues.  

The Behavioral Health Task Force is made up of representatives from California Professional Firefighters (CPF), the California Fire Chiefs Association (CalChiefs), the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES), and the California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (Cal-JAC). The purpose of the task force is to identify projects and objectives to assist in behavioral health awareness, treatment, and service delivery to the fire service.

Looking ahead, the Task Force will be developing criteria for a culturally competent clinician program to ensure firefighters are able to connect with clinicians who are trained in the fire service culture. Cultural competency is an essential component of bringing mental health issues out of the shadows.

In response to recent workplace incidents, such as the Station 81 shooting in Los Angeles County, the Task Force will also work on an Anger Management/Conflict Resolution leadership training program in partnership with the International Association of Fire Fighters to build greater resiliency in the fire service.

With the passage of AB 1116, the California Firefighter Peer Support and Crisis Referral Services Act (Grayson), which establishes statewide standards for peer support, the Task Force will be connecting with personnel in California. will also be updated in the coming months. The original purpose of the site was to break through the stigma in the fire service surrounding mental health. As the stigma, even among experienced firefighters seems to have eased, the Task Force is working hard to make sure all information is updated and helpful tips, trainings and resources are available.

Of particular importance is the work to address workplace violence and hostile work environments. President Gillotte addressed the labor management committee with a challenge to develop best practice standards and policy guidelines that will simply align everyone with the principal that “no one has a right to be at work either verbally or physically abrasive that others feel threatened or unable to work as a team”.

While this is sensitive and will take work to get it right, combining the elements of “reasonable criteria” established by both labor and management to remove someone from service when circumstances dictate along with non job threat, time off and help for the members, training for rank and file and managers to know how to deal with these situations, and conflict resolution and mediation tools are the only way to work to prevent and or eliminate these situations from going to far or breaking apart stations and personnel. We will establish standards and tools that work and have accountability. This effort is also at the IAFF and IAFC level nationally and we expect that the need in so many fire agencies will help fuel our work product.

We also reviewed the Firefighter I curriculum on Behavioral Health and Wellness and we are proud to report that the 8 hour module is straight forward and fire fighter friendly with real life example and no nonsense approach to impact our newest recruits with the tools for behavioral health wellness as they start their careers. We also have a management module to be incorporated in officer classes so that no officer is uncertain as what to do when presented with situations that involve behavioral health and are all too common. We also are working on retiree support also as an ongoing facet of behavioral health both in a reactive manner when crisis hit as well as a proactive manner from recruit to active firefighter to retiree so we may give ourselves a better frame to have a healthy career and retirement.

Extending PTSI Workers’ Comp Presumption to Public Safety Dispatchers

This week, Local 1014 was integral in the advocacy for the CPF-backed SB623 would extend the PTSI workers’ comp presumption to public safety dispatchers. The testimony from our own Local 1014 Dispatcher Cerena Lewis highlights the importance of adding dispatchers to the presumption. Thank you to Sister Lewis for sharing your story. 
Click here to view full testimony. 
As many of you have heard, on Sunday, August 6th, 2023, Cal Fire Assistant Chief Josh Bischof, Captain Tim Rodriguez and pilot Tony Sousa were in a mid-air collision, leaving three families without their father and husband.

A fund has been established in order to assist the Bischof and Rodriguez families navigate this terrible time with a little less burden. Pilot Sousa has a separate established fund.

All funds will go directly to the Iverson Foundation for Active Awareness and will be split and dispersed equally between both families.

Thank you for all your love and support.
Clcik here to donate

This Wednesday, the season finale of the hot show LA Fire & Rescue aired on NBC.

The support has been amazing for our Department and our members. We have also seen the impact of inspiring young men and women from diverse backgrounds as we set an example of excellence in the fire service.

Thank you to all the members who had the courage and the commitment to put it out there and thank you to Dick Wolf, 44 Blue Productions for highlighting the real impacts, stresses and situations our members deal with each day. We will know soon if we get to see a season 2! Stay tuned! 

We have had over 1,300 members engage in the survey! There is nothing more important than the input of our members. The staffing committee, comprised of labor and management, will review the input and evaluate what is working and what is not to make adjustments. 

If you have checked your spam folder and still have not received the email, please email

REMINDER: We are calling on local artists and those in our fire family to submit proposals for a permanent art installation to be installed at Station 81. This art installation is meant to not only provide a remembrance site for our Brother Tory Carlon, but also provide a place of healing for those most impacted by this incident and a reminder of the importance of our Fire Family and behavioral health in the fire service. 

The art project will be installed at LACoFD Station 81 in Agua Dulce. The project must provide 1) a memorial and remembrance for Brother Tory Carlon, 2) emphasize the importance of our Fire Family and 3) provide a reflective space that emphasizes the importance of behavioral health in the fire service. 

While we will be accepting submissions from the local community, we will give preference to members of our Fire Family who submit projects. 
Click here to view art submittal application and requirements.

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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