Friday Update 6-17-22
Updated On: Jul 13, 2022


Sisters and Brothers,

Today we begin with our heartfelt condolences to our public safety family in El Monte and our brothers and sisters at the El Monte Police Department who tragically lost two officers this week in the line of duty while responding to a domestic violence call. 

Every day, we work side-by-side with our public safety family to protect our communities. We are especially close with our El Monte family, as our Union Hall calls El Monte home. We shall not forget their sacrifice to protect our communities. 

A fundraiser has been set up for the families by the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC). Click below to donate. 
Fund A Hero: El Monte Police Officers

General Membership Meeting 

Thank you to all our members who attended our Regional General Membership Meeting in Santa Clarita. 

It was a great meeting where we got into the critical issues affecting our Department and made our voices heard at the highest levels. At the meeting, we addressed the motion declaring no confidence in the Fire Chief which was brought forth by the membership. We had near-unanimous support at the meeting for that motion from those in attendance. We also discussed important issues facing our members and our Union, such as the COVID mandate, testing, negotiations, pending legislation, and workers' compensation. 

Special thank you to Supervisor Kathryn Barger and her Justice Deputy Christina Mesesan for attending, providing an update on the Supervisor’s work, and hearing the feedback, frustration, and needs of our membership firsthand.
Covid Vaccine Mandate 45-Day Letters 

As you know, COVID 45-day letters were sent out last month by the Department. It is clear that there are several mistakes in this process and that several people have received these letters who should not have received them. We are now roughly 9-days out from the due date for the first round of letters.

If you have not responded or need assistance responding or if you have received one of these letters and you have either registered, are vaccinated, or have an approved medical or religious exemption, please contact Director Mike Cash immediately at or via cell at 951-852-3195. 
CCU and Unit Bargaining Update 

This week, the CCU with Chairman Gillotte and Vice Chair Derek Hsieh from ALADS the Union representing the Association of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s and their team of Union representatives from the 15 Unions who champion all LA County workers met to negotiate our fringe benefits.  At the top of the list is keeping our medical and dental and vision premiums in step with medical inflation.  We also have a series of Union-specific items that are also being negotiated with our partners.

We traded proposals and negotiated intensely to move to achieve a fair and just increase to keep medical costs in hand and money in our members' pockets.  We will be bargaining fringe benefits every Wednesday to reach a fair contract deal before October Choices are out to all Union members.  We will continue to update you as we tackle this task. The County came with thoughts on reductions and cuts to certain aspects of Health Care Management policies that would directly affect our members' “Choices in Choices”.  We will fight to get this done and while it will not be easy, we have every confidence in the Solidarity and power of our partnerships that we can accomplish our goals and objectives on behalf of our members.

In contrast to the CCU table, we also met with the County and the Fire Chief’s representatives at our 601/ 602 Safety Series members to bargain our salary and unit table items including Plan C changes we are pushing hard to secure.

To be candid and clear, the Fire Chief and his delegated representatives have been ill-prepared and uninformed to address the costs, proposals, department budget, and our priorities including our members' salary and benefits.  It is no wonder that the Department's budget is upside down and will require direct intervention by Local 1014 to not only secure our contracts but also to secure the financial health of our Department going forward.  It is unconscionable that the Fire Chief and his Executive Team have not factored into the budget the NUMBER ONE VALUED RESOURCE - the men and women who serve each and every day. We hammered the County and the Fire Chief’s representatives at the table today with regard to their responsibility to work to prioritize and empower a contract that values our members who serve each and every day on the frontlines.   

We will be calling on YOU to join us and make our voice and our absolute disappointment in the Fire Chief’s lack of support for our members heard. Further, we believe that in addition to the Fire Chief, the Executive Staff has a responsibility to push what is right, and what is just to the Fire Chief, and not remain silent.  

It is clear the Fire Chief is tone-deaf to the voice of the membership and we are setting a course to take our collective voice directly to him.  We are laying out plans not only to secure our contract but also to awaken the managers of this Department. 

This is a trying time and it will get rougher before it gets better but we are strong in our solidarity and we will see victory for our members and their families. We will change this Department for the better and we will ensure that we continue to be the best Fire Department in the world. Stay tuned as we ramp up our actions in the coming weeks. 

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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