Friday Update 5-13-22
Updated On: May 14, 2022

Sisters and Brothers, 


This week, our fire family gathered together to pay tribute to four fallen LACoFD firefighters for having faithfully served with bravery and distinction during our annual Firefighters’ Memorial Service. 

This year, we added four of our fallen brothers to the Memorial Wall:
  • Fire Fighter Paramedic Brian “Buck” Ballentine
  • Fire Fighter Specialist Samuel E. Neubauer
  • Fire Fighter Specialist Tory B. Carlon
  • Fire Fighter Jonathan E. Flagler

We shall not forget. 
Click here to view the full ceremony.

2022 California Contract Cities Association (CCCA) Municipal Conference

The Local 1014 Executive Board was pleased to attend the 2022 California Contract Cities Association (CCCA) Municipal Conference this weekend. In partnership with LACOFD Executive Staff, we come together in partnership with our LA County Supervisors and our City Council Members from our 60 contract cities to ensure that the public safety needs of LA County and our 60 contract cities are aligned.  
Our LA County Supervisors Kathryn Barger and Janice Hahn were in attendance, as well as over 130 City Council members from our 60 LACOFD contracts cities. At the conference, members discussed important topics like collaborating across county lines, building better communities, workforce retention and infrastructure. 
We also had our friend and brother Brendan McDonough deliver the keynote address, which was a powerful message of hope and mental health awareness. Brendan, the lone survivor of the Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew tragically killed in 2013, shared powerful testimony about the importance of the Peer Program and mental health services in his life and for first responders everywhere. As always, we thank Brendan for his courage to share his journey and shine a light on mental health awareness in the fire service. 
Celebrating Burn Survivor Victor Aguirre at the LA City/ LA County Fish Off

This week, our Brother from United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, IAFF Local-112 LA City Fire Captain Victor Aguirre joined the LA City/ LA County Fish Off. He made a promise to come out and fish this year after the devastating injuries he suffered during a massive commercial explosion in Downtown LA in 2020. He had severe burns over most of his body, and third-degree burns to his hands that were so devastating, each of his fingers had to be partially amputated. Aguirre has undergone 25 surgeries since that fire.

He came out to join our crew and even caught a fish. Since severe burns make it difficult for Victor to use his hands, he had a specially made reel manufactured and donated by Accurate Reels.

This is event was a Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors fundraiser. All proceeds go directly to burn survivors. Thank you to our sponsors and Grossman Burn Center for supporting our brothers and sisters! 

CPF Convention Coming Next Week 

Next week, Local 1014 will be attending the CPF Convention. At the conference, Local 1014 will be sponsoring several critically important resolutions that will help set our legislative agenda for the next two years. 
  • PEPRA Retirement Age and Single Highest Year Amendment which directs CPF to seek legislative and administrative relief to amend the average of 3 highest years to single highest year in the calculation of retirement final compensation and amend the retirement age to 55 for all retirement systems governed by PEPRA. 
  • Creation of Standing Committee for COntract Counties at CPF to ensure advocacy for our county issues at the state level. 
  • Update to the Firefighter Cancer Presumption Law which would direct CPF to pursue legislation to update the firefighter cancer presumption law to provide for a presumptive credit of one year for every two years of service and support an update to the firefighter cancer presumption legislation to increase the maximum duration for which the presumption may apply from 10 years to 15 years. 

The Executive Board is proud to continue the long tradition of leadership at the national and state level for bettering our members' wages, hours, and working conditions. We continue the fight next week as we set the agenda and our legislative priorities for the next two years. Stay tuned!

Click here to see all CPF Resolutions 

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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