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Updated On: May 09, 2022


Brothers & Sisters,

"We Shall Not Forget" and "Solidarity" are more than just sayings in the fire service. They don’t come with qualifiers.  As we enter into this Easter weekend, please remember the families of our fallen especially those from this past year and a half that have so traumatically affected our fire family. 

In particular, this week an unscrupulous reporter added unnecessary stress and hurt to the Flagler Family.  Please know that a mom and two young boys are without their father, husband, and hero. There are many things no one knows in full and we need to stand together to ensure that these issues are dealt with through the proper process not on social media or in the media.  We ask that you keep the Flaglers, Carlons, Sandovals, McCanns, and every other fallen firefighter family in your thoughts and prayers this weekend as we all find space for healing and remembrance.  

We will begin the painful and necessary task of reviewing the Tarapaca Incident to train and learn from the incident details and facts.  Today we began the rollout of the Green Sheet and Report with Battalion 14. The Flagler Family has already received the report as well.  The Department and Union have adopted the Serious Incident Review Team (SIRT) process to review and report on incidents involving LODD or near-miss incidents.  The process while not perfect by any means seeks to provide a method to review the facts of the incident. It does not seek cause or blame, it only seeks to provide education and experience that we can all use to be better at the next incident.  

While there is no one way to fight a fire, history has shown that common core items where LODD incidents have occurred are excellent to review and remind. A review of things affecting command of an incident, two-in two-out, communications and radios, SCBA’s, building construction, and other tools of our trade will be discussed. The remainder of the Department will be receiving not only the Green Sheet and Report and Review, but also a series of trainings for Chief Officers, Rank and File as well as Systemic Trainings. The goal is always to put tools in our toolbox to prevent injury and LODD incidents where we can.  

As a reminder, please keep all of those directly tied to the incident in your thoughts and prayers. This tragedy has been life-altering to us all, but especially our members on the incident. They too will have emotional ups and downs and will need our support. Let's continue to build one another up, not tear each other down. 

Our profession is dangerous and often uncertain. Just as we train following an incident, please also remember that we need to train on our treatment of each other.  We have Peer Support embedded to help support our members and their families as we move through this process.  Support each other and our fire families as we walk down this path. 

We Shall Not Forget. 

This week the Local 1014 Board met collaboratively with the Department in the first of multiple meetings to reduce our workers' compensation costs and get members back to work in a more efficient manner. Your Union has a vested interest in getting members seen, treated, and back to work in a manner that we deserve. The majority of the topics covered are already being worked on and are in various stages of implementation due to the work of a labor-management committee that includes input from 1014’s legal counsel and County counsel and meets quarterly. Some of the topics covered include:
  • An expanded preauthorization program to include MRI’s, physical therapy and specific other treatment that streamlines the “I” process for our injured workers and gets them seen and treated quicker. 
  • A more liberal limited duty plan that would allow our members to be able to transition back onto the floor.
  • Pre-tower physical assessments for potential recruits, close to their academy date, with yet to be agreed upon standards that would set them up for success and allow us to hire people that are ready to do the job. 
  • Holding our workers compensation third party administrator, Sedgewick, accountable for the timeframes that they are contracted to abide by, up to and including setting appointments, and keeping in contact with our injured workers by phone or email in a timely manner that is in line with our Workers Compensation Carve out and Dispute Resolution Agreement. 
Take the time to familiarize yourself with Workers Compensation Carve Out that is readily available on the 1014 website in the members-only area. It spells out time frames that need to be adhered to by our third-party administrator. Any deviation from these timelines must be approved by the Labor-Management Committee. The Carve Out is a benefit that was bargained for and agreed to by both 1014 and the Department years ago. It is a model envied by all other departments in the county. 

We have a large number of members that are injured and are unable to work right now. It is a direct result of a number of things, such as the staffing issue that we have been dealing with the last few years and high recall numbers, and high retirement numbers, as well as many other things.


Last call for those interested in the Union Stewards Program. We are actively seeking volunteers to build, bolster and revive our Steward Program. The goal of the Stewards Program is to educate our members, encourage union participation, disseminate correct information, and build future union leaders. Currently, we do have a small list of individuals that have expressed interest and are looking to expand before we kick off.

Ideally, 1014 wants steward participation from every Battalion, Dispatch, FSA’s, Camps/Air & Wildland (non-FSA), 40hr Fire Prevention, 40hr EMS Bureau, Forestry, Health Hazmat, and Monterey Park Fire Department. This would help ensure all our members' concerns can be addressed in a more streamlined efficient manner. We also highly encourage Plan C participation in the steward's program. 
If you are interested, please notify Director Tony Carcioppolo through his Local 1014 email, Please provide him with the following information: name, work location, phone number, and NON-County email.

Also, be advised there will be an interview process for the Stewards Program. Interviews for the Stewards Program will take place immediately following the general membership meeting on May 10th, 2022. These interviews are mandatory and must be conducted in person so please save the date. 

Local 1014 Blood Drive
The blood supply is at an all-time low for the American Red Cross. They are experiencing a severe shortage of O Negative blood with only a one-day supply at times. They have reached out to our Union for help. We consistently show up for the Red Cross so they are once again asking our members and families to step up. 

As part of our commitment to our communities, Local 1014 will be hosting a blood drive Tuesday, May 3rd from 9am-3pm at our Union Hall. It only takes 30 mins to save 3 lives. Sign up today and be a hero! 

Click here to sign up to donate!

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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