Friday Update 1-7-22
Updated On: Feb 04, 2022


Sisters and Brothers, 
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of one of our own, Brother Jonathan “Jon” Flagler. Brother Flagler passed away early Thursday morning after sustaining significant injuries while battling a residential structure fire in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Known for his sense of humor, his dedication, and his commitment to the profession, Brother Flagler, 47, was a 21-year veteran Firefighter. He was previously a member of the Vernon Fire Department for 19 years before transitioning to LACOFD in October 2020. Brother Flagler leaves behind a wife, Jenny, and two sons, 15 and 13. 

This incident is a sobering reminder of the real dangers our members face each and every day as we fight to keep our communities safe. We are an amazing Department, the best in the business and together not only do we handle our business and the work that can sometimes take our lives in service to others, but together we get through the trying times in solidarity. 

From moment one, Brother Flagler's family has had both Department and Union support and will continue to have that in the upcoming weeks as we prepare to lay Jon to rest and honor him.  The Flagler family is a remarkably resilient and strong family and we ask everyone to let Chaplain Vince Roldan be the gatekeeper and protector of Jen and the boys in the next few days to allow them to have solace and calm.

Local 1014 was on the incident as it began to take shape and on behalf of the entire Executive Board, we would like to thank you for the incredible work everyone did over the last 36 hours on this incident within an incident. From Operations to our Fire Ground, SIRT, Law Enforcement Investigation Team, our incredible Memorial Management Team, Family Liaison and Support Group, our Peer Support Team and Leads, and our communications teams, we worked as one unit to get it done for our fallen brother.  Finally, we would like to keep in our thoughts and prayers the Crew of Fire Station 83, the Squaddies of 106 and the entire Battalion 14 family who operated on the fire, and our Dispatchers who did an amazing job on this incident as always in our time of need. 
We know there are many close friends and family members and many good fundraising and helpful ideas beginning to take shape but we ask that you be mindful of the family's wishes and donate to only those fundraisers approved by the family. Director Jason Cervantes will be our Family Liaison and is working with the Chaplains as we prepare for services and family support.  You can contact Director Cervantes if you have any questions about fundraising efforts.  

A memorial fund has been started through F&A Credit Union. Please see the details above on how you can contribute to helping the family in the weeks and months ahead. 
The unanswered questions about how and why this tragedy happened are currently in progress with the Serious Incident Review Team (SIRT) investigation. Director Pat Dolan and Chief Will Pryor are heading up that effort on the scene.

This week, we ask that the focus be to take care of the Flagler family and our fire family.  Lean into each other and on each other. Please remember that everyone heals differently and on different timelines. Know that time off is always secured and some will use it and need it, and some will not need it and will be back at work sooner rather than later. If you have any needs reach out to the Peer Support Team. They are out in the stations over the next three days to continue with the initial reach out and debrief. Click here to get contact information for the Peer Support Team members or utilize the posters in your stations. 

This weekend, send your thoughts and prayers to our County fire family and to Brother Flagler’s family as we deal with our loss together.  Thank you to all the members who have stepped up to help and will continue to help in the coming weeks as we lay Jon to rest.  

Finally to Chief Marrone, the entire Local 1014 Executive Board, Chiefs Bennet, Harter, Cabrera, Pena, Ewald, Fire Station 83, Squad 106, Battalion 14 Units thank you for your work that night. Stay safe and take care of each other. 
Click here to contact the 1014 Executive Board with any questions or concerns. 

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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