Friday Update 11-12-21
Updated On: Dec 17, 2021



Sisters and Brothers, 

This week, we continue to deal with the ramifications of the COVID vaccine mandate and maintain our position of being in favor of our members getting the vaccine but adamantly opposed to the mandate. We want to fight this fight at the bargaining table, not in the media. Although this can be frustrating for members who are directly affected, we have made progress with this strategy and continue to remain in talks with the County and the Department about providing the highest safety standards for our members and the public while maintaining freedom of choice.  

The impasse hearing regarding the mandate is scheduled for November 16th. We feel we have made significant progress in educating the County on antibody testing as an alternative to the vaccine as well as testing alternatives such as enhanced safety equipment and cleaning protocols. We believe we will be able to close a deal that will honor our members' right to choose while protecting the public. 
Thank you to everyone who attended Tuesday's General Membership Meeting. 
While this fight goes on at the bargaining table, we still have our members out there fighting every day to protect the public, just as they have been for the past two years. That is the message we are carrying to the Board of Supervisors, the Department, and the County.  Our members protected the communities of Los Angeles when there was no vaccine, putting their families and themselves at risk. We deserve to be heard. Thank you for maintaining solidarity as your Union Board continues to work on behalf of all members. 
Don't forget to fill out your attestation to get the $500 bonus!  The first part of the COVID Appreciation Bonus will be $1,000 bonus which members will receive automatically in their paychecks. The second part is the $500 reserved only for employees at "Elevated Risk".  This bonus applies to any employees whose assignment during the pandemic required them to come within six feet of a co-worker or member of the public for at least 15 minutes. 

To receive the additional $500 bonus, you must fill out a brief form attesting to your qualifications for this bonus by November 24th!
Click here to review the instructions for completing the COVID Appreciation Bonus attestation by November 24th.
Registration with Fulgent 
As we said in this week's email, now that we have established ground rules for the data storage and testing process, we want our members to avoid discipline over registration with Fulgent and ensure that we can keep the bargaining process moving forward with the County.  See our brief Q&A below.
Should I register with Fulgent even if I am unvaccinated? 

Yes. We are now at a point where we have worked through our data security issues with Fulgent and we feel confident that our controls are in place to protect our members. We now need the data for our Department in order to move the bargaining process forward. 

Do I need to fill out a religious or medical exemption now? 

No. You do not have to declare your religious or medical exemption now. In fact, we recommend that you wait to apply for these exemptions until we have finished the bargaining process. 

If I am off on protected leave (long-term sick, injury, FMLA, etc.) do I need to register? 
No. You do not need to register until you return to work. 

The form will not let me close out without choosing an option. Is it okay to click not vaccinated, or will this lead to discipline? 

Yes, it is okay to click "Not Vaccinated". Please register your vaccination status with the County as quickly as possible so that we can have a true count of our Department. 
If you have any issues with the form or additional questions about registering, please contact a Union Board Member. 

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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