Friday Update 11-6-21
Updated On: Dec 07, 2021


Sisters and Brothers, 

Congratulations to Class 164 on joining us as members of the Los Angeles County Fire Department! Once again we have worked hard to ensure that we continue to see classes through the drill tower as part of our commitment to assist with staffing and ensure our members have the resources and res they need to serve our communities.  This graduating class will hit the field and help us with staffing, and begin the most rewarding career in the world.

Congratulations to the newest members of Local 1014 and may you be safe and richly rewarded as you travel on your Los Angeles County Firefighters journey!


As we have said previously, for the last several weeks our Executive Board has been tirelessly working with Fulgent and the County to ensure that our members' personal data and medical information is secure both now and in the future.

While we would have chosen a different company, we have continued to meet with the County and Fulgent in order to make all necessary changes to authorizations, disclosures, and procedures to protect samples and data. We thank the membership for your patience as we work through these important questions. Over the last several meetings with Fulgent, we discussed in detail not only their registration process but also their COVID testing process which will also be handled by Fulgent for the County. Together with our labor partners, we were able to negotiate the following guidelines regarding Fulgent registration and testing: 
  • No medical history or medication data is collected during LAC-Fulgent data transfer or subsequent participant registration.
  • Fulgent’s website will provide our members with an updated privacy policy as well as an explanation as to the circumstances under which sharing of their information is required
  • Members who have already registered will  be updated with any modifications to the privacy policy
  • All LAC employee and contractor information will be removed from the LAC-Fulgent portal upon the termination of the existing services contract. 
  • For individuals who have submitted COVID-19 tests, test results, and associated protected health information will remain in our laboratory information system for a period of three years as mandated by CLIA and California state guidelines.
  • No DNA is extracted from COVID-19 RT-PCR samples, and no human genetic analysis is performed.
  • All test samples themselves are disposed of by incineration after 48 hours. 

We currently have 70% of our members "registered."  Now that we have established ground rules for the data storage and testing process, we want our members to avoid discipline over registration with Fulgent and ensure that we can keep the bargaining process moving forward with the County.  

While we continue to be at impasse, we feel we have made progress in educating the County regarding innovative testing solutions, like natural immunity, and proven preventative measures that will allow our members freedom of choice while protecting the public we serve. With new innovations in testing and treatment being introduced for FDA approval weekly, like the recent Pfizer antiviral pill, we are certain that we will be able to reach an agreement that makes sense for the County and protects our members and their families.  
For nearly two years, our members have been serving on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now we are finally receiving compensation for our efforts to protect and provide emergency medical services to our communities. 

The County will pay the bonus in two parts. The first part is the $1,000 bonus which members will receive automatically in their paychecks.  The County has not given an exact date but has stated they will pay the $1,000 before the end of the year.  The second part is the $500 reserved only for employees at "Elevated Risk".  This bonus applies to any employees whose assignment during the pandemic required them to come within six feet of a co-worker or member of the public for at least 15 minutes. 

To receive the additional $500 bonus, you must fill out a brief form attesting to your qualifications for this bonus by November 24th!
Click here to review the instructions for completing the COVID Appreciation Bonus attestation by November 24th
Please be sure to fill the attestation out immediately in order to ensure you receive the bonus before the holidays. As always, stay safe and take care of each other. 

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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