Friday Update 10-15-21
Updated On: Nov 12, 2021


Sisters and Brothers, 
This week, we received the news that Chief Osby will be going off on leave beginning on Monday. Our thoughts are with him and his family as he works towards a speedy recovery. As we transition leadership, we want reassure the membership that we will not have a break in momentum our items. We have many important issues in play and we cannot and will not lose momentum.  

President Gillotte spoke with Acting Chief Marrone to discuss several critically important items for our membership like: the COVID vaccine mandate, Paramedic Assessment Units, staffing, promotions and hiring and the 48/96 trial schedule shift change.  We have rough waters to navigate ahead, but your Union is committed to staying the course for all of these items as we work to improve working conditions for our members.  We also met with the CEO and The BOS as we navigate this transition and everyone is up to speed on what we are working on and where we are going.  We look forward to Acting Chief Marrone setting his team and getting back to work on the items we have been negotiating and working on.  


We have seen this many times over the years, where an idea happens at the top without any thought of foresight into how it affects the day to day working conditions of our members. The implementation of the Paramedic Assessment Units is a meet and confer issue. The Department did not meet with the Union on this item prior to its implementation. This is a violation of the MOU. 

JOB ACTION: We are asking members, if you are requested by your supervisor to do anything with the equipment arriving in the stations, immediately ask for a written request for that order and call your Union representative. 

We have a meeting next week with the Department where we will be discussing the issues surrounding the implementation of these units and the Department's violation of the MOU. Stay tuned as we work to ensure that our members are protected. 


The Local 1014 Health Plan is among the most comprehensive plans available to Firefighters anywhere in the nation and is tailored to meet our Firefighters’ needs. It is also the #1 choice for our members and their families.

We are committed to ensuring our members have benefits they need to start a family. That is why this year, we will be expanding our benefits to include enhanced fertility benefits including In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). We now provide a $10,000 lifetime benefit for diagnosis, $25,000 lifetime benefit for treatment and a $25,000 lifetime benefit for drug therapy.

Enroll now at For more information about The Local 1014 Health Plan, please call member services at 800-660-1014 or email


If you are interested in being a part of the Local 1014 team, we are beginning our recruitment for our Union Stewards Program!  We look forward to the work ahead and the partnership with our general members who have an interest in the future of our Department and all that affects our profession. Special thanks to committee chair Director Tony Carcioppolo and the Vice Presidents and Directors who put in countless hours to get this moving. 
Contact Director Tony Carcioppolo if you are interested in becoming a Union Steward!

Finally as we close this week’s work out, sometimes the simple things in our Fire Family Lives are the best in staying together and finding peace.  Local 1014 and the Los Angeles County Fire Department have had a long standing relationship and love affair with the Los Angeles Dodgers and they have helped us in our times of need.  

We want to congratulate the LA Dodgers on their amazing victory in the West Coast World Series against the San Fransisco Giants.  The two best teams in baseball with the best records battled valiantly, and our very own Los Angeles Dodgers move on to play Atlanta in the next series as we work to unite the west coast in what is not only a game, but especially during these times, a place of family and solidarity.  Let’s Go Dodgers! 

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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