Friday Update 7-16-21
Updated On: Aug 06, 2021


Sisters & Brothers,


Local 1014 Bargaining Teams continue to work to get an agreement on both a salary Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and a fringe benefits MOU.  All County bargaining units with the exception of Local 1014 have accepted a one-year no changes MOU which ends this December for public safety units.  Local 1014 is handling our table on a month-to-month extension as we discuss important items like Plan C equity, retiree medical trust and more. 

The Coalition of County Unions (CCU) is awaiting the County's official answer to our last proposal which provides increases in medical, dental, and vision premiums as well as COVID service funding.  Stay tuned as we ramp up the pressure and leverage including consideration of formal impasse procedures where a mediator and arbitrator may enter into the bargaining table.  We hope our discussions with the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and CEO will get the table back to a place where a fair deal can be struck.  


We started this week with Recruit Class 164 at Del Valle.  The continued pressure to run classes continues as we seek to fill the ranks.  But we still have a long way to go to catch up. Local 1014 has already begun lobbying for funding and a commitment for five more classes in 2022.  

Firefighter and Paramedic positions are in better shape with the constant hiring but the Engineers and Captains positions are still very concerning in percentage vacancies.  The Engineers rank has the most significant and crisis numbers nearing 25% vacancy.  We continue to meet with the staffing committee to find short-term solutions as we work to fill all ranks.  We have regional recalls in place, temporary details of promoters and PMs to regions deficient in staffing or with high injury rate vacancies. Now we are trying to get aggressive in filling FFS positions in regions of extreme need.  The FFS exam is in full swing and as we see those candidates successfully complete the exam, we have negotiated an acting detail for those who pass “as they pass” each day and week.  Watch for an agreement to allow details of FF’s who pass at their acceptance to FFS positions ASAP.  There are details of an out-of-class bonus in the interim we will be filing on their behalf, and of course as soon as the list promulgates all will be promoted.  They will be brought back 20 or so at a time for the Engineers academy and be provided access to 1A, 1B, and 1 C as they serve their 6-month probation. 

We are also working with the Department to try and establish an acting engineer program in a one-time variance of the MOU to allow this if our numbers are still critically low in the Engineers rank.  We have been very aggressive in pushing the Department to throw out the word “can’t” and replaced it with “can” to solve our staffing crisis. 

We know everyone will not agree with any plan outside of what “the Department has been doing” but these times require leadership and swift action to fix the numbers while providing the training and rating to hit the marks.   In addition, the Staffing Committee will continue to meet with regard to ideas and or concepts that are either short-term or longer-term changes that might help control our days off vs. recall to duty and or ability to garner benefit time off.  A lot of hours and work happening weekly on this very important item including the work on the real solutions and core problem. 


Our Los Angeles County Fire Peer Support Team just returned from Miami and the Surfside Incident which continues to transition to a close.  This was a heavy assignment where our peers along with peers from other states came together to help the USAR and Fire teams still working the “pile” searching for remains and personal objects. The rescuers were fatigued and filled with post-traumatic stress as with any incident of this magnitude involving mass casualties. This incident was personal for many on the scene who knew residents in the building and the work by the IAFF Peer Support Teams was critical in helping the members transition to the real world post-incident.  

We will continue to keep the Miami members and the many rescue teams who came to help in our thoughts and prayers.  


Long-time CPF President and former Modesto Union President Dan Terry and his lovely wife Lynda Terry came together with their immediate family and our CPF fire family to remember their young daughter Kelly Wood.  Kelly passed away unexpectedly and left a hole in so many of our hearts.  Kelly was the CPF’s “mother of the band” and took great pride in handling all things CPF  Pipes and Drums.  She also served with the Fire Foundation in the operation and handling of our annual Firefighter Memorial in Sacramento.  Dan Terry worked for a decade along with President Gillotte and the CPF Executive Board to pass legislation and get funding to establish the Memorial in Capital Park. 

At the memorial, President Gillotte spoke and carried remarks on our members' behalf to the Terry family as we all gathered at the CPF Memorial with the Pipes and Drums to remember Kelly and celebrate not only her work, but her heart and soul. “Look for a Heart” somewhere as you move through your day and think of her. We love you Dan and Lynda.


More about our Fire Family!  This past year many of our members and their families battled COVID-19. Tom Short one of our best and most experienced pilots was in a battle of battles with COVID-19 and in need of medicine only available in Phoenix.  Dr. Kazan and Dr. Gupta called President Gillotte and the Executive Board asking if we knew anyone in Arizona that might help our brother.  President Gillotte reached out to Phoenix Professional Firefighters Union Officer and Brother Fire Captain Brian Moore. Brother Moore hopped in his fire ride and picked up the package and got it to our Lyft driver who a few hours left it on Tom’s porch.  Long story short, a healthy and happy Tom Short is now enjoying life with his family.

Today Brian Moore along with his lovely wife Julie Moore, a Fire Chief in Arizona, and their daughter Recurrent Ocean Life Guard rolled into Air Ops today to meet Tom Short.  Brian stayed with Joe and Anna Woyjec who let their daughter move in for a bit when she was competing and earned the Recurrent OL spot! 

What a small world and a great example of our brotherhood and sisterhood. Our Fire Family is so strong in helping each other when we need it.  Thanks to our Air Ops family for your love today for the Moores.

Stay safe and take care of each other. 

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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