Friday Update 5-21-21
Updated On: Jun 18, 2021


Sisters & Brothers,

This week, we again saw what brotherhood and sisterhood looks like for our 1014 family. Time and time again our membership comes together to lean on each other and into each other in times of need.  Local 1014 members, Chief Officers, Vista Firefighters Local 4107, friends, and family all stood beside our Brother John Tuck and Sister Christy Tuck and their extended family to remember Nick Tuck and to speak openly and honestly about behavioral health. 

The service in Vista was truly special.  We heard of a remarkable man in Nick Tuck, an 8-year Air Force veteran and a great human.  A remarkable husband, son, brother and uncle who selflessly helped others and served our great Country only to lose the battle with the demons he faced.   

John and Christy Tuck were so brave to help us all break down stigma and speak openly and honestly about behavioral health, watching out for each other, looking for signs and symptoms, and seeking help.  We were all moved by the realization that everyone, simply everyone, has behavioral health issues and injury to some extent. Some more than others and it’s time to give ourselves a break and find the tools to deal with these issues.  

We thank John and Christy Tuck and their family for their brave compassion for us all during their time of need. Nick and the Tucks made a difference and going forward will continue to help others to avoid split-second decisions that last a lifetime.  


On the heels of the Tuck’s ceremony, LA County Firefighters, Dispatchers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Fire Suppression Aids, Fire Prevention, HazMat, LIfeguards, and Forestry Personnel engaged in a Department-wide Safety Stand Down to bring awareness to Firefighter and Fire Personnel suicide. We joined over 30,000 Firefighters across the State in standing down for behavioral health and making a commitment to prevent firefighter suicides and treat all post-traumatic stress injuries. 

 For the third year in a row, our Department engaged in three days of drills in our firehouses and fire administrative sites to bring awareness to not only the signs and symptoms of behavioral health issues including suicide, but also to review the tools we have to battle these injuries. 

Our members are being pushed harder than ever, forced to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic and historic wildfires. The pandemic has introduced new anxiety to an already stressful job. This stress can overwhelm even the strongest among us – with one of our own taking their life. 

The facts speak for themselves:
  • Firefighting is second only to combat soldiers in terms of occupational stress
  • Over the past five years, more firefighters have taken their own lives than died in traumatic line-of-duty deaths
  • Nearly one in three firefighters has considered suicide.
Visit Healing Our Own 
Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Local 1014 and the Department have negotiated to train and resource over 150 Peer Support Team members with Dr. Steve Froehlich as our lead clinician to help our members.  These Peers are members like you and me with extra training to help those in need with confidential peer-based conversation and intervention.  

Please take time to review the material that went out with the station drills and stand down conducted in our houses this past week for mental health awareness month. 

Look out for each other, communicate with each other. Remember to take time to get away from the stressors of the job with days off, exercise, hobbies, and family outside of work. We have created a safe place for those in need to reach out to peers and trained clinicians when help is needed in a confidential manner.  You can also take a look at for additional resources along with Firestrong all in a confidential manner.  

48/96 Trial Shift Schedule Update 

We continue to push on the 48/96 Trial Shift Schedule. This week, Local 1014 hosted a great discussion between Local 1014 Executive Board Committee Members and the Fire Chief and his Executive Staff.  We have been seeking the Fire Chief’s support for our proposal before we carry our ask to the Board of Supervisors. This week, we met for over three hours to discuss the proposal and ask and answer any and all questions and concerns as well as reviewed logistical issues for any such temporary change. 
It was a productive conversation with many issues brought up both old and new for our collective consideration.  We want to thank the Fire Chief and the Executive Staff for coming to the Alfred K. Whitehead Labor Center and 1014 Union Hall to meet and discuss this issue.  We will continue to discuss this with and try to earn the Fire Chief and managers' support for the one-year trial.

Patience as well as addressing the logistical and operational realities with facts has been key in moving this proposal to a formal and legitimate MOU ask relative to schedule.  This has not been easy and in the words of the Fire Chief, “if it was easy there would already be an answer or an action relative to the request.”  

We want to thank Brother Lyle Koegler and the 48 /96 Committee members for their hard work and Lyle's time to present the formal proposal in a professional and powerful manner with Local 1014’s guidance and advocacy.  Stay tuned and keep calm and patient as we get to final deliberations and discussions with Labor and Management.  

Stay safe and have a great weekend. 

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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