Friday Update 4-2-21
Updated On: Apr 30, 2021


Sisters & Brothers,

This week Local 1014 members have been extremely busy on all fronts.  Our members have been handling the day-to-day calls throughout the County and one of the largest conflagrations in providing aid to Compton on a 5-Alarm fire. In addition to our work, we also lost our Brother Brian "Sharky" Levasseur.  “Sharky” passed suddenly and unexpectedly from a medical issue. Sharky was a hard-working, well-respected passionate LA County Fire Captain. 

Sharky leaves behind his daughter and a fire family of so many who are reeling at the loss of our friend. On behalf of the Local 1014 Executive Board, I share our heartfelt thoughts, condolences, and heartache as many of us knew and worked with Sharky.

Our brothers and sisters at LA County Fire Surf Club are hosting a fundraiser for our fallen Brother Brian Levasseur’s daughter. See details below.

Stickers have been made to help Sharky’s daughter and are being sold.

  • 5” stickers 2 for $10 or 1 for $6
  • 1.5” stickers 2 for $5 or 1 for $3

To order stickers: Venmo Justin-Kalnas (scan code provided) Comment “Sharky Donation” with Ã°ÂŸÂ¦Âˆ and the quantity and size of your stickers. If you are an LA County Firefighter you can have them sent to your station by Department mail. Otherwise, include your name and address to have them sent to you. Thank you for supporting our Brother Sharky and his daughter.

Getting through all of this requires teamwork, support and an understanding of our profession and the special bond all of our family has within the organization.  The very fiber of our organization, The Los Angeles County Fire Department is formed simply by the character of the men and women doing the work. 

Not a moment too soon our Peer Support Team training continued this week with another IAFF Peer Support in-person class.  Our Peer Support Team has been called to duty the last couple of weeks with all we have been dealing with and this training is critical to help educate and normalize behavioral health injury and experience. 
Note: Members in photo have been vaccinated or practice social distancing protocols. 
View Healing Our Own Resources
Captain’s AP Appeals Final Update
By Director Pat Dolan 

Last week, Director Jason Cervantes and I met with Deputy Chief Bill McCloud and members of the Employee Relations Division to “Meet and Confer” and try to come to an agreement as it pertained to the Captain’s Appraisal of Promotability (AP) in the recent promotional exam.  This was a last-ditch effort to correct the egregious missteps that evolved from the original Labor/Management appeals meeting in October 2020.  As you can see, the pace at which correcting such actions is glacial, to put it mildly, and the results that came out of it were from a collaborative effort of hard work from Local 1014 and the Department.

I want to preface this by saying that Local 1014 is NOT the enemy in the process, but rather a full share partner on behalf of our members in a fair and just promotional process.  Long ago, the Department never used to meet with Local 1014 on promotional appeals and elected to try and settle the appeals internally.  When the results were disseminated, often the only recourse was to take every appeal that wasn’t granted to the Civil Service Commission and this often clogged the Consent Calendar up with items that probably shouldn’t be there in the first place and the Commission let both sides know that.  Fast forward to today, we have a long-standing reputation with the Civil Service Commission in which the Commission knows that when Local 1014 is bringing an issue in front of the Commission, it must have some merit to it (before ANY appellant brings an issue before the Civil Service Commission, it would probably behoove you to consult Local 1014 for guidance, to preserve this reputation).

So, I would like to congratulate the newly banded candidates who were recently added to the promotional list, and to congratulate the candidates who were put into the bands of which they should have been in much earlier.  This was a learning process for some, but positives have come out of this.  We currently are working with Deputy Chief McCloud and his staff, as well as Deputy Chief Chris Anderson and his staff to bring to light the issues we have as it pertains to future Appraisal of Promotability issues and the integration of the Performance Net PE system so that we can mesh both of these documents seamlessly and hopefully avoid future fiascos of which we just weathered.

Thank you to Deputy Chief Bill McCloud and his staff at ER for working with us on this, but more importantly, thank you to the affected members for their patience in this process.  This was a very long process, so thank you for your patience in the process and congratulations. 

CCU Prepares for Fringe Benefit Bargaining

Local 1014 as part of the County Coalition of Unions (CCU) is preparing to enter bargaining for our fringe benefits.  

View CCU Memorandum of Understanding 
The CCU is 14 member Unions united in the Coalition of County Unions (CCU) collectively represent more than 35,000 men and women employed by the County of Los Angeles. Through their hard work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, these skilled and dedicated Union members prove our collective commitment to the health, safety, services and well-being of the residents of Los Angeles County – and our millions of annual visitors. Click here to learn more. 

United for more than 30 years and affiliated with the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, the CCU is the employees’ voice on County-wide matters such as health insurance, vacation pay, retirement, and many other matters that impact all County employees and their families – not just those in an individual County Department. Learn more.

In preparation for bargaining, we will be sending out a survey to take a look at members' views on our current benefits and possible future benefits.  Our benefits package is one of the richest in the nation with regard to retirement, healthcare, retiree healthcare, and days off.  Watch for the survey which Local 1014 along with our partner Unions will use to prioritize what we pursue in the upcoming bargaining session.  Our CCU MOU expires on June 30, 2021.  

Stay tuned for bargains updates as we begin negotiations with the CEO Office of the County of Los Angeles.    
View CCU website 

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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