Friday Update 1-29-21
Updated On: Feb 24, 2021


Sisters & Brothers,

Your Local 1014 Executive Board had a busy week.  First and foremost we would like to thank the Staffing Committee and the Executive Board who have worked tirelessly, as they do every year, to gather stats, data, and numbers relating to overtime, recalls, augmented staffing, COVID staffing, and emergency staffing.  We have always asked to “LET THE WORKERS WORK” with regard to the arbitrary CAP on annual Overtime.

Every year we take our appeal to the Department earlier and earlier and demand the elimination of the CAP, and each year we have successfully garnered an agreement to lift the CAP based on earnings equity and staffing needs.   

Thank you to the Fire Chief for engaging in these conversations and taking in all the data to make the decision earlier than ever. With fires, COVID response staffing, augmented staffing, and personnel shortages, our members were called on to work more than ever in 2020.  This is an item that we continue to work to eliminate permanently, but this is another annual victory that aids all of our members and their families. 
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48/96 Trial Shift Change 

We also continue hard discussions with the Fire Chief to garner his support on the 48/96 one-year trial shift schedule change.  Like the vote, this is a hard issue to put into play.  We are committed to this project and deeply engaged in talks with not only the Fire Chief but the CEO and Board of Supervisors. 

We are working on the logistics, pros, and cons. Over 60% of our members voted for this item.  We have illustrated to the Fire Chief that this will help working conditions for the majority of the members doing the work in the field.  Both Sacramento and Orange County Fire all went to the trial WITHOUT their chiefs and we can do the same.  The Association of Chiefs (AOC) had a short vote electronically and narrowly voted against the trial for their membership.  To be honest, the BCs could actually just go regional response and work on and from a 40-hour network, but that is the AOC business. Similarly, the business of the schedule for the rank and file is Local 1014’s business and we don’t go in each other’s gardens unless invited to help. I know the AOC will respect that line. We welcome them to join us, but they are neither necessary nor critical to the trial.   

We will report out at the earliest possible time the product of our conversations with Chief Osby, and his position on the trial.  We will move forward from that point once done.  Please continue to be patient as we work diligently on the business at hand with this item.  

601-602 Bargaining Unit Negotiations 
We have been talking with the CEO also on our salary contract for Bargaining Units 601/602 as we set a course for a one-year contract extension as the other public safety unions have agreed to already. 

We have a few items to discuss relative to our post-PEPRA members and also talks on the overtime issues before we agree to any such extension.  It is critical to always “stay in contract”.  We have negotiated another 30-day extension until February 28th while we work on these issues with the CEO and BOS.  We will let you know as soon as we conclude those talks what we have negotiated with the Board and County.   

Thank you for your continued support and, as a Labor organization, we can feel not only fortunate but strong in our efforts to protect our salary increases and benefits as many Unions near us have not been so fortunate.  We will always work to protect the Fire District funding and our contracts as we continue to bargain on behalf of the issues and items that benefit our members and their families. 

Finally, this week, your Executive Board has been working with Fire Union Labor Leaders from throughout the United States and Canada to set our political and policy agenda for the next two years at the 55th Biannual IAFF Convention.  Due to COVID-19, this convention was the first-ever Virtual Convention. 

Despite not being in-person, we debated, amended, and approved several resolutions affecting our Union and our members.  We work with the California Professional Firefighters (CPF) and our 10th District partners as well as unions from across the nation who align with us on pension, funding, health and safety items to garner vote strength and make our voice heard. 

Click here to view the IAFF Resolutions. In particular, we would like to point out Resolution Number 27 titled “Support for Discontinuing the Use of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) for Firefighter Training."  This resolution seeks to prohibit the use of OSB board in live burns, and lobby NFPA 1403 to ban the use of OSB containing PMDI for use in live-fire training because of the links to cancer in our members. In fact, after live-fire training using OSB elevated levels of PAH’s and Benzene were found in firefighter urine tests. There have been 3.5 times greater levels of hydoxpyrenein found post-use. 

We would like to thank our LA Burn Cadre in particular Brother Chad Christianson and Brother Derek Urwin who have worked tirelessly to provide data and alternative methods for live-fire training.  They worked together with Fairfax County members and will continue to help at the State level as we work to rid our training centers of this cancer-causing agent.  Resolution 27 passed strongly and President Gillotte spoke on the item on behalf of the Local 1014 Executive Board.  

President Gillotte also relayed to the convention delegates words from our friend and IAFF President Emeritus Al Whitehead who gave his best wishes for the critical work we have been doing on behalf of our members.  Mr. Whitehead asked President Gillotte to convey a message of hope and strength through solidarity. He also reminded us of our many victories on things like Cancer Presumption, LODD Death Investigations, Wellness Fitness Initiative, 2 in 2 Out, NFPA 1710 standards, and more.  Finally, he reminded us all that we must not forget that some do not have the benefits and protections we have here. We cannot rest until all brothers and sisters have been brought to or above the bar we set for our members and their families.  We need to work tirelessly for National Collective Bargaining including Federal Firefighters, early Medicare for retiree medical cost offset, and protection of federal funding for SAFER ACT, FEMA, UASI and USAR.   General President Emeritus carried the message that all Union leaders work tirelessly on behalf of their members “to make a difference” in our profession. Thank you to President Al Whitehead for continuing to be a bold and proud member and leader of Local 1014. 
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As always, stay safe and take care of each other. Have a great weekend as we move the ball forward 10 yards at a time.

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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