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Updated On: Nov 13, 2020

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Friday Update 

Brothers & Sisters,

This week we were once again reminded of the dangers of our job as we learn that two Wildland Firefighters from Orange County Firefighters Local 3631 were critically burned while fighting the Silverado Fire. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and our brothers and sisters of Local 3631 as we pray for their recovery. Chief Osby and President Gillotte have reached out to offer not only resources for the fire but access to our Peer Support and IAFF Burn Support Team.

Special thanks to our Peer Support Teams especially Coordinator Captain Scott Ross and our Team members for reaching out to our OC fire family to assist our brothers and sisters in their time of need.

Local 3631 has set up a GoFundMe page for the two injured firefighters. All proceeds donated will go directly to the Fallen Fire Fighter Relief Fund to cover additional costs related to burn care and family support during this difficult time.

Cards or well wishes can be mailed to the Local 3631 at OC Firefighters, c/o Silverado Fire, 1342 Bell Avenue, Suite 3A, Tustin, CA 92780.

Hiring / Staffing / Promotions 


While we want to thank the Department for putting out a promotional plan, it is not complete and not going to hit the mark for this brush season or next year's retirements.  The Department testing and admin side continues to fall short on a plan to have regular and recurring hiring and promotional tests.  Tests that are standardized and appropriate for each rank and the competitive nature of the exams.  
The Union has many proposals to help expedite this process and to get these exams on the calendar.  Is it too much to ask to have an exam every year sometime between January and March with the ability to extend a list for 6 months twice if necessary and there are members left on the list?  We think not.  We are proposing exactly that an exam schedule that is every year with an extension when necessary.  Competitive exams where those who strive hard to meet the mark get the prize and we promote when we have vacancies and long-term “I” spots to fill. We would like to have lists that have names on them all during the year so we can meet our needs.  Temporary solutions and bandaids that we have negotiated will work only short term. The only fix for the shortage is a good hiring and promotional plan that is periodic and regular.  
We will continue to pressure the Department and likely will be addressing this issue directly with the Board of Supervisors (BOS) in the very near future.  We will keep you posted as we seek support from the Department on our ideas for an accelerated promotional and hiring schedule in the short term to fill the spots and relieve some of the stress and workload as a result of the shortages and fires.  This must be handled differently going forward, and if needed we will write the plan and implement it with the BOS to get it done.  
Congratulations to all who have stepped up, prepared and competed to earn these promotions. Your effort helps fill the need and the mission of serving the public and keeping our members safe as you move through your career.  Those who stay in the firefighter and firefighter paramedic jobs also help meet this need. We need all members doing their part to fill in and handle the work we do including going available, helping each other out to get days off, and take days off.  Helping each other mend and heal and get back to work on time, and reducing injuries where we can.  All of this factors in to our staffing vs. work needs numbers.  Step up and step in. Be a part of the solution.  Great work by all as we tackle this bit by bit, and we’re gaining ground but we cannot let off the efforts or we will fall behind again.  


Tomorrow is the last day for the LA County Open Enrollment. Local 1014 would like to remind you to review your benefits and encourage you to look at The Local 1014 Health Plan as an option for your family. It is also the #1 choice for our members and their families.

As a reminder, Open Enrollment is also now available through the website for the CAPE Healthcare Plan for all 1014 members as well. It is your right to choose the best plan available for you and your family. Make sure to log on today before tomorrow's deadline. 

As always, stay safe and take care of each other. 

 In Solidarity and Strength,

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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