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Updated On: Oct 20, 2020

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Brothers & Sisters,

If you have CAPE Union Health Insurance, and we know of a small group of members who have elected this plan, there are significant issues with the County and CAPE in verifying Union Membership for eligibility.  Issues in the format and configuration of the eligibility lists for the County as well as technical issues in verification have hindered many members from having their Union Membership in good standing confirmed by the County to allow selection of CAPE Medical Insurance. 

We are not alone, all Unions in the Coalition of County Unions (CCU), our partnership alliance of Unions for fringe benefits, are having the same issues with their members and the County.  We had an emergency meeting yesterday and ALL UNIONS in the CCU will be appealing to the CEO to try and fix the issues of verification. It is every member's contractual right to have access to all plans and benefits they are eligible and we have taken the position that administrative issues should not prevent any Union member from access to the plans they desire.

We have filed a formal complaint and are going to have a conference call with the CEO to try and rapidly resolve this issue. It is very clear the County is playing games and being obstinate in their approach to a simple 
member verification issue in order to try and prevent Union Membership as criteria for having a plan. CAPE Union and CAPE Health Plan took steps to REQUIRE Union Membership in good standing as eligibility criteria to continue or select CAPE Medical Plan.  We support their efforts and this has been tremendously productive in the General Membership Union family. 

The County’s continued actions to prevent our members and the members of other Unions from a simple verification are not only frustrating but deeply personal for members who have had a medical plan for years and want to merely continue with the standard of care for their families.  We have taken an aggressive position with the County and sent list after list with only to be rejected by the County, as have other CCU Unions.  LA County Choices Open Enrollment runs until October 31 and we will do everything we can along with our CCU partners to ensure our members have access to all healthcare options. 

We will update you as we get this done with the CCU and the County. 

 In Solidarity and Strength,

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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