Friday Update 9-4-20
Updated On: Sep 23, 2020

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

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Friday Update 

Brothers & Sisters, 

Strike Teams and Statewide Fire Mutual Aid

With record high temperatures set for this weekend, Local 1014 members are already fighting fires on Lake 1, Lake 2, Ranch 1, Ranch 2, CZU August Lightning Complex, LNU Lightning Complex, North Complex, Cold Springs, SCU Lightning, and the Red Salmon Complex incidents.  Our members are assisting statewide while continuing to deliver world-class service to our residents at home. 

Many of your Executive Board members were out on strike teams over the last two weeks as well.  Local 1014 members were embraced all throughout the State as one of the hardest working department’s to hit the dirt.  Most of the fires were in timber to the north and our strike teams, 4 Type 1 and 1 Type 3, handled every bit of the work.  Battling fire and structure protection, cutting line in and around houses, mopping up giant ash pits, and helping the communities integrate back into their neighborhoods. 

Times like these are the reasons we need to staff full, train, prepare, participate in IMT Teams,  and Type 3 and Crew work.  Through the State's master Mutual Aid System, we give help, and we get the help. All our 1014 members should take pride in the hard work of all our teams that handle the work from the time the call comes in until the last moment the emergency is mitigated.  Thank you to all of our Local 1014 Members who continue to deliver service excellence in all we do. 


September is National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month. We know that as First Responders, saving lives is the most rewarding part of our profession, but the emotional burden of traumatic calls can overwhelm even the strongest among us. As we battle unprecedented wildfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to be extra vigilant about our own health both mental and physical. In many cases, post-traumatic stress injury is the cause of suicidal thoughts and all too often, our brothers and sisters suffer in silence.

Please continue to use the resources at your stations and sites to access our Peer Support Teams and Behavioral Health Resources or visit for resources and additional stand-down materials. Don’t let our brothers and sisters suffer in silence.


If every member donates just $15 we will make our goal of $50,000!!!


For 66 years, the IAFF has been committed to supporting MDA and the families they serve. The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted that support. Children with muscular dystrophy are some of the most susceptible to this virus. Additionally, the quarantine has limited available resources for their parents and caregivers.

The inability of our members to conduct traditional Fill the Boot drives has been devastating to MDA, which still must continue to provide vital services for families in need, especially for their most vulnerable children in the midst of this pandemic. 

We have already raised nearly $5,000 for MDA but let's not lose momentum now! Click here to donate just $15 today!!

As always, stay safe, practice social distancing, wear your masks and take care of each other. 

 In Solidarity and Strength,

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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