Friday Update 8-28-20
Updated On: Sep 15, 2020

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Fire Prevention, Forestry

and Health Haz Mat Personnel

Friday Update 

Brothers & Sisters, 

As we head into the second week of massive fires raging across California and our members being deployed to major incidents across the state, we would like to acknowledge the incredible effort on behalf of every member of this Union. From Firefighters and Paramedics to Dispatchers, Health Hazmat, Camps, Pilots, and Forestry personnel, we work as a team to ensure that not only are we providing mutual aid to our fellow jurisdictions but we are also keeping our communities at home protected. Our members make it happen every day and we thank you!



Throughout these past few weeks of major incidents, your Local 1014  Executive Board has continued to tackle the staffing issues plaguing our Department. While the Department has been quick to work with us on these issues, we are continuing to push for both short-term and long-term solutions as we get deeper into the wildfire season. We have pushed to detail 30+ Fire Prevention and Camp Personnel to fill the voids in Battalions 4,5,6, and 22 as well as pushed to maintain our hiring with new academies beginning September 9th and September 28th. 

The staffing crisis is now adversely affecting our Firefighter Specialist ranks as well. Local 1014 negotiated with Department to get an expedited Firefighter Specialist exam in place. Many options were discussed to ensure that the wildland fire impact did not prevent this exam from taking place. The decision was made to omit the written exam and go straight into the hands-on practical with eligibility based on existing criteria of three years of Department service as a Firefighter. This criteria yielded over 270 applicants. Our hope is that with this expedited FFS exam, an active Captain list and Firefighter entry-level academies going through that there may be some stability with staffing on the horizon for our members at least in the short-term through the holiday season. 


We continue to work to navigate the ongoing economic crisis and volatile budgetary climate from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department has been stating a projected deficit between $40 million and $80 million. As you may know, 70% of our budget comes from property taxes. We will have a much clearer vision of property tax revenue in December. Until then, we continuing to monitor these numbers closely.  While budgetary times are uncertain there are reforms we can make that will help bridge these gaps like expanding revenue sources, CARES and HEROES Act monies, reimbursement from FEMA for Woolsey, and other sources.

Your Union Board is committed to working with the Department and the Board of Supervisors to fix these funding gaps and ensure that we have the resources we need to maintain service and most importantly protect jobs and benefits for our members and their families. 

Finally, as always, we would like to remind our members to please stay safe and healthy both physically and mentally. Use the resources in your stations, our Peer Support Teams, and/or if you or your family need to support or need to talk to someone. Your Union Executive Board will continue to fight for you and your families as we battle through these tough times. 

Stay safe, practice social distancing, wear your masks and take care of each other. 

 In Solidarity and Strength,

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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