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Brothers and Sisters,

The following information is provided to you as a “guide” for the upcoming election on Tuesday, March 3rd. Click here to find out more about the new LA County voting system.  


We only have 3 days left until the March 2020 election on Tuesday, March 3. First and foremost, your Union is encouraging you to exercise your right and VOTE!

This Election Day is unique in that we have the first major funding measure for our Department and our future on the ballot in over 20 years. We are asking that ALL LOCAL 1014 MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILIES VOTE YES FOR MEASURE FD! Encourage your neighbors and your family and friends to vote YES on this critically important measure. 

As we have said before, this is the largest ballot initiative and political action campaign in the Union's 70-year history. We have secured bipartisan support from elected officials, the Los Angeles Times and the business community. This has been a long road to get us to this day. Your Union is 100% committed to ensuring that we have the resources to allow our members to protect the public and stay safe and healthy while doing our jobs. This funding will provide much needed additional resources for our Department and help us to realize the goal of 4-person staffing and meet the national standard. 

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Measure FD will be the first additional revenue measure for our Department and will bring an additional $134 million annually for stations, equipment, and staffing. A stable and adequate funding source for our needs in the next 20 years is critical.

As we come up to Election Day, please remember that your voice, the voice of our membership and your personal stories of recalls, lack of equipment and the physical and mental stresses of the job are what matter most when people are making their decision to fund this measure. Please stand in solidarity to fight for this funding for our future. 


Supervisorial District 2 - HERB WESSON 

As President of the Los Angeles City Council and a former Speaker of the CA State Assembly Herb Wesson has always been a strong voice for our members. Local 1014 supported him at the Assembly and now is proud to support him for County Supervisor. Throughout his career, Herb has been a supporter of Labor in general and a warrior on behalf of Public Safety, in particular, the Firefighters and Paramedics of LA County in his career as an elected leader, a resident and most of all a true friend of Local 1014 members. 

Supervisorial District 4 - JANICE HAHN 

Supervisor Hahn has been a lifelong advocate for our Firefighter issues. Her father Kenneth Hahn was also a staunch advocate for our members and his daughter has continued that tradition during her term as Supervisor. Hahn was the main author of both the motion to launch the educational campaign for our LA County Fire Department and the main author of Measure FD. We are proud to support her for Supervisor because she not only cares about her local residents but about public safety for all LA County. 

Supervisorial District 5 - KATHRYN BARGER 

As a lifelong public servant and 5th District resident, Supervisor Barger has used her in-depth knowledge of the County and local government to help our members get the resources they need. As Chief of Staff for Supervisor Mike Antonovich and now throughout her first term as Supervisor, Barger has a proven track record of fighting for public safety and for our members. She is also the co-author of Measure FD. She has our full support because we know that she always has our back. 

District Attorney - JACKIE LACEY 

We are proud to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters at the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS) to support Jackie Lacey. She is the first woman and the first African American to serve as District Attorney in the history of LA County and has a proven track record of protecting public safety and will fight to better address mental health in our County. 


Each of the candidates below was interviewed by our Local 1014 City PAC and endorsed based on their responses to our Firefighter/Member issues. 


  • Robert Gonzales, Mayor         
  • Uriel Macias, Council  
  • Jesse Avila, Council                 


  • Nestor Valencia, Council         
  • Fidencio Gallardo, Council      
  • Ali Saleh, Council         


  • Jim Edwards, Council  
  • Noresch Solanki, Council        
  • Choung Vo, Council                 

City of Commerce       

  • Oraila Rebollo, Council


  • Walt Allen, Council      
  • Patricia Cortez, Council                                  


  • Mark Henderson, Council       
  • Roy Kim, Council                      

Huntington Park         

  • Graciela Ortiz, Council
  • Marylin Sanabria, Council       
  • Eddie Martinez, Council                  

La Canada-Flintridge

  • Terry Walker, Council


  • Jeff Wood, Council                  

La Mirada                   

  • Steve De Ruse, Mayor
  • Ed Eng, Council D3
  • Anthony Ortero, Council D5   


  • Luigi Vernola, Council             
  • Margarita Rios, Council                       
  • Rick Ramirez, Council             


  • Brenda Almos, Council                        
  • Isabella Aguayo, Council                     
  • Rebecca Perez, Council                        

San Dimas                  

  • Emmett Badar, Mayor            
  • Eric Weber, Council   

South Gate                 

  • Belen Bernal, Council              
  • Maria Davilla, Council             
  • Gil Hurtado, Council                


  • Joe Vinateri, Mayor                 
  • Cathy Warner, Council D3     
  • Andrew Robles, Council D1    


Click the photo below to view recommendations from Local 1014 and California Professional Firefighters on state races. 


Remember, we are recommending candidates that support Firefighter issues. We would encourage you to research on your own where these candidates stand on issues that are important to you personally.    

The job of the Local 1014 Executive Board is to represent your interests and to support better wages, hours, and working conditions for our members. Our endorsement of candidates is based solely on their stance on Firefighter issues—this includes issues that affect our pensions, wages and working conditions. Similarly, we analyze ballot measures throughout the County and the State that impact our pensions and our service levels in various cities where we provide Fire and EMS services. They are not partisan choices and they are not based on our personal political beliefs.

Whomever you choose to vote for this election day, please remember to vote! Many of you may have already received your absentee ballots, please remember to send those in before election day.

In Solidarity,

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 


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