Comp Time Implemented
Updated On: Feb 06, 2020

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

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Sisters and Brothers,

It is a historic day for our membership and the membership of the Los Angeles County Lifeguards Association (LACoLA)! Today we implement and begin the use of Compensatory Time Off (CTO).

Thank you for your patience as we took on the grueling task of getting this moved through the County and solved Auditor-Controller and payroll issues.  We would like to thank the payroll staff for our Department for working out IPFIRS issues as well.  

Crafting the language for the EA and the follow-up language that will be placed in the manuals was quite a grueling task. Special thank you to our Local 1014 Executive Board and the Staffing Committee for your many hours of work to get this done.  Deputy Chief of Business Operations Dawnna Lawrence is also to be commended for directing the Department's logistical efforts.

For well over thirty years the battle to attain the ability bank time on the books in lieu of OT payment has been a goal of our collective memberships.  Previously the County and the Department would only entertain the idea of banked time if we would agree to bank it at a straight time rate.  We could never agree to this as it contradicts the sentiment and value of FLSA protections for our OT. 

We bargained and worked our tails off to leverage and get support from our Board of Supervisors and ultimately from the Fire Chief to give this a go with 4 shifts / 96 hours for our members.  We put protections in to prevent games and pyramiding by not allowing members to bank a CTO day worked. The ability to bank and replenish the hours each year allows our members in conjunction with all other benefit time to have better access and control in setting up days off. 

We all know that we are understaffed and the work in progress to fill the ranks and vacancies will eventually move us back towards better ability to access benefit time including CTO and reduced recalls.  The use of CTO will also allow our members to bank their Vacation and Holiday time as well under Ventura as they near retirement.  The overall positive impact of CTO and it’s responsible use is undeniable and for us all a landmark achievement that your Union fought hard and bargained to get for you… our members. 

Please follow all the rules and policies regarding banking and use of CTO so that we may have a positive impact based on use as we head to the bargaining tables again where our goal is to double the number of days you can place on the books.  We would like to again thank the Fire Chief and the Board of Supervisors for their support and our partners at LACoLA for their efforts at the table to get this agreement.  Enjoy the use of this new and historic benefit as we forge on in 2020 and the years to come.  

This is yet another reminder that solidarity through political action and legislative advocacy yields results for our members. Union Strong!  

In Solidarity,

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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