Fire Series Trial Shift Schedule Change Vote: Jan 10 - Feb 10
Updated On: Jan 23, 2020

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Fire Series Trial Shift Schedule Change Vote 

January 10th - February 10th 

Brothers and Sisters, 

Pursuant to General Member Motion 058-19 and the Trial Shift Schedule Change Committee work and Executive Board action, ballots for a Trial Shift Schedule Change will be mailed out January 10th.  The balloting will stay open for 30 days with ballots tallied on February 10th.  

The ballot will ask members to vote YES or NO on a trial shift schedule change. Additionally, the ballot will also ask members to choose either 48/96 schedule or 4/8 schedule to move forward with providing there is a 50% plus one majority vote to pursue the trial shift schedule change.  

All Local 1014 members who are Firefighters, Firefighter Specialists, and Captains from 601/602 Bargaining Units will have the opportunity to vote YES or NO and pick from one of the proposed shift schedules. Attached is a sheet with examples of both proposed schedules for your information.  

We are asking that ALL members VOTE. 

It is important for us to have robust debate and discussion. As always, the minority opinion will be heard and the majority VOTE will determine our direction.  Please be respectful of each other’s positions on this passionate and personal issue. 

Additional material will be mailed out and posted on social media as the balloting is underway including reminders to update your mailing address and to contact the Union if you have not received your ballot of mismarked your ballot and are requesting a replacement ballot.  

Balloting will be by top-secret mail-in balloting to our P.O Box and tallied by California Elections Company.  The results of the balloting will be announced and if a YES vote prevails, the schedule change proposal with the most votes will be the schedule we propose to the County.

We will announce the results after ballots are tallied, but work on the 2020 Ballot Measure FD will take priority until the General Election and vote on our initiative is complete.  Know that we are also preparing to open the bargaining tables up for both fringe benefits and salary negotiations as we set to secure a new contract at the end of this year.

We will tackle this issue like we handle all other Local 1014 business with professional and strong debate and Solidarity following the vote.  

In Solidarity,

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 


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