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Posted On: Jun 29, 2018

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Local 1014 Friday Update

This week the fire service mourned our brother Captain Dave Rosa in Long Beach. Los Angeles County Fire Fighters IAFF Local 1014 members and LACOLA (Lifeguard) members along with LA City Firefighters IAFF Local 112 members formed joint teams to provide Long Beach members PEER and Chaplain support and MMT work. In addition Local 1014 members rolled into Long Beach stations to cover while the Long Beach Fire Family took time to grieve and pay respects and work to deal with the unthinkable. We will also be sending a strike team of engines, dispatchers, mechanics and other personnel the day of Brother Rosa's services along with other departments so their entire department will be able to attend the service.

Brother Dave Rosa and his crew, and any crew in this nation, should never be faced with an active shooter in the middle of our fire call, but the reality is we do face those dangers now as well. We will stand strong in solidarity with along with Firefighters from throughout the nation while we lay to rest Brother Dave Rosa and “We Shall Never Forget.” Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, July 3, in the arena of the Long Beach Convention Center, located at 300 E. Ocean Blvd. in Long Beach. 

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Local 1014 Board Members have also been preparing for our next two negotiations sessions set the first two weeks of July. LACOLA is also meeting on a similar time schedule to try and get their contract settled. We are pushing hard to capture general salary and special bonus monies as well. We have put forward a concept to run Behavioral Health Services for our members through the Union for added confidentiality and best practices. We will keep you posted as we progress. We have a goal of July 15 to conclude bargaining. 

We also were battling the Return to Work supervisor, policies and practices issues and we are now at the CEO level with LA County on our Grievance General in Character. We are committed to taking this all the way if necessary. The care of our injured and ill members is one of the most important working condition issues we handle. 

Finally, we have been in Sacramento the last two days with State Union Executive Board business and also working hard in the Capitol to ensure the legislative issues affecting our members. The Supreme Court decision on Janus while it will not directly affect us has great impact on the Labor family and our collective alliance and power to handle our wages, hours and working conditions items through collective bargaining and collective voice and vote. We will stand with all of Labor in combating the assault on our ability to organize. We stand as one when we speak to protect our members.

We helped kill the Beverage Associations attempt to put forward the Lapsley Initiative which would have set a 2/3rds threshold for all taxes state and local. This would have devastated the fire service funding statewide affecting staffing. We also secured the Governor’s signature on a bill protecting dues collection mechanisms and privacy of your personal information form third party collection. We are working on behavioral health privacy protections for our PEERS and a funding mechanism for PEER training. Additionally we secured state mutual aid funding through both cap and trade and also separate budget item allocations. As you may recall, we were seeking $100 million and we secured $50 million as a result of negotiations and political action at the Capitol.

We continue to fight to keep vital resources and funding for our department and departments across the state. As unions face challenges at every level of government, it is critical that we stay strong as one and fight for the resources we need to stay safe and protect our communities.

Stay Safe...Stay Alert
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