Friday Update 6-14-19
Updated On: Jun 14, 2019

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Brothers and Sisters,  

Pay Warrants

By now many of you have seen your 6/14/19 pay warrants. While some of what is due is on the check, it is apparent that much is missing. Your Executive Board is working hard to get our pay and ensure reconciliation on retro and any special bonus pay.  

As of now approximately 700 of our members received the correct calculation for the 2% COLA and retro back pay, and 2% EMT. The rest of us did not receive a correct and or complete pay raise.  The Department is working with Local 1014 to reconcile these errors and get checks out to us by today.  

Additionally, we have learned that the Paramedic Bonus and special bonuses have not been applied because the County is finishing getting formal approval from LACERA regarding pension eligibility.  This also occurred with ALADS and the Sheriff’s Deputies and LACOLA and the Lifeguards.  We will be working to get this completed and done to move those monies into our checks as well.

July is our next scheduled raise. We are using that as a target goal to get this and that raise set to go with the Auditor-Controller.  It is clear that the Auditor-Controller and Department Payroll system is antiquated and not set up to handle our numerous bonuses and work down situations. We are working with the Department on a solution as well as a simple guide to understanding your paycheck and hours with simple math.  

As we said earlier in the week, we have been in contact with the Fire Chief and we are demanding that he hold his staff accountable for these errors. The Department will be continuing to communicate on the issue also. 

Additionally, the Union has contracted with an independent auditor to review our members' paychecks via a sample of each rank and bonus structure. This will ensure that checks have been processed correctly and rectify any individual paychecks with grave errors. We hope to have those audits done with a sampling of all ranks and pay step levels and bonuses by July also.  We will report back to the members our findings.   

603 / 604 Bargaining Continues

The 603 / 604 bargaining table for our Dispatchers, FPEA’s, Haz Mat, and Forestry members will reconvene in the next couple of weeks as we continue to deliberate and work with the CEO and the Department on costs for the items we seek.  As in all negotiations, much work occurs not only at the table but in the halls of the Department and the CEO and ultimately the Board of Supervisors.  We will continue to keep the members posted on our progress.  

Peer Support 

Over the last few months, our membership has seen a wave of tragic events from losing members to losing family members and loved ones. We are very proud of our PEER team for assisting our own, but also firefighters in Northern California who are dealing with another very young firefighter suicide.  

Be proud of LA County Fire - Local 1014 and LA County Fire Lifeguards - LACOLA members representing us in various locations as we print these words.  Thank you to Chief Osby for his continued support for the IAFF trained and sponsored teams to handle this work.  We have a solid relationship with the Reno Firefighters and the surrounding areas as we continue to support their needs as well as our brother who lost his child.  

As we continue to work every day to serve our 4 million residents in what is sometimes their and their family’s worst day, we must remember to check in with ourselves and with our Brothers and Sisters. Sometimes asking for help is the strongest thing you can do.

Please utilize the resources in your station and on if you feel you or someone you know needs help. Break the stigma, break the silence. 

 In Solidarity,
President Dave Gillotte and your Executive Board

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