Cell tower message to our members
Updated On: Mar 22, 2015
1014 Message on Cell Towers and how our members can help and get involved

Being exposed to the risk of cancer, infertility, headaches, sleep disorders, reduced memory function, and anxiety for the rest of your career - sound acceptable to you?

Our radio message running on KNX 1070 this week

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These are the risks of new microwave radiation-producing cell towers that LA-RICS’ contractors are installing at our fire stations. (Click here for a list of stations where the towers are scheduled to be installed).

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! We need you at the Board of Supervisors meeting this Tuesday – because after that, it will be too late.

Show of solidarity at the Board of Supervisors meeting
WHAT:   Protest LA-RICS’ move to place high-energy antennas on our stations
WHEN:   Tuesday, March 24; 9:30 am
WHERE:   LA County Board of Supervisors Hearing Room,
500 West Temple Street, Los Angeles
ATTIRE:    Wear your Local 1014 t-shirt or we will give you one.

Firefighters will get no better emergency communications from this project – you  get the impacts but none of the benefits. You'll be relying on your LMR for decades while you're being saturated with toxic radio frequency radiation from cell towers.

Click here to find out what we’re doing to STOP this health threat! You and your family don’t want to live with those consequences!

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What’s this all about?
LA-RICS is spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to install hundreds of new microwave radiation-producing cell towers throughout the County, including at County-owned and leased fire stations and lifeguard facilities. LA-RICS and its contractors were required to perform an RF emission safety study for each site in advance of the planning and permitting process. This has not happened.

In fact, LA-RICS is jamming up towers WITHOUT:

  • Getting community input;
  • Informing people about health impacts on fire fighters and the families who live near the towers;
  • Securing approval of City Councils; or
  • Even following LA County’s own rules for new cell towers!

Installation of these toxic towers has already begun and we are demanding that construction stop immediately. The Board of Supervisors, is feeling the heat and has introduced a motion to lock in this threat forever.

Click here to read the CEO’s report on the LA-RICS project.
Click here to read the motion to lock in the LA-RICS project.

We’re not talking about driving down the freeway past a cell tower that looks like a fake tree. We’re talking about having antennas practically on top of our heads day in and day out, irradiating us with radiofrequency (RF) radiation every second we’re in the stations.

Let’s be clear. These antennas may not cook us from the inside out (although they do emit the same kind of radiation as a microwave oven), but research shows that exposure to RF radiation at relentless doses is very dangerous and possibly deadly.

Impaired immune function. DNA breakage. Skyrocketing stress hormones. The list of health threats is startlingly long. (You can read it here.)

What are we doing about it?
Local 1014 has been fighting back. So far, we have been successful at persuading city councils to pass resolutions opposing the plan (Rolling Hills, El Monte, Inglewood, and Lawndale). We have met with County Supervisors to personally express our opposition, and some are leaning in favor of firefighter health. We have organized turnout at community discussions. And we have exposed the fact that the County has passed off this project to another agency (LA-RICS) to completely dodge requirements to study the health effects of these towers on firefighters and paramedics - on US.

But this progress will have been completely wasted if we do not show up in force and make our voices heard this Tuesday.

Please forward this email to as many contacts as possible.

Any questions contact Health & Safety Director Lew Currier at (310) 925-2588 or by email at lcurrier@local1014.org.

Thank you for getting involved.

Check iafflocal1014.org or local1014.org for details

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