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December 13, 2017
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Local 1014 Bargaining Teams Reach Tentative Agreements on Additional 1 Year Salary Contract Extension and Fringe Benefits Package for All Bargaining Units Represented by Local 1014…
Updated On: Oct 02, 2009

Local 1014 Bargaining Teams Reach Tentative Agreements on Additional 1 Year Salary Contract Extension and Fringe Benefits Package for All Bargaining Units Represented by Local 1014…

 All staffing and contract provisions remain intact and protected and substantial gains in Health Care Contributions as the cornerstone for the settlement.
On the eve of the Coalition of County Unions (CCU) Fringe Benefits Contract expiring, all bargaining units in the CCU, met with the County again in attempt to close the contract protecting our fringe benefits. 
After weeks of meeting and discussing and verifying the financial health, or lack thereof of the County, Units were able to strike a deal that not only protected all benefits we enjoy such as holidays, sick days, vacation days bilingual pay, benefit hours accrual and payout language, deferred comp match, and more, but also were able to bargain for an additional 15.2 % increases in contributions toward medical premiums.
This increase in those contributions will be 8% increase in 2010 and an additional 7.2% in 2011. Depending on what medical plan you have, this will cover all costs of premium increase proposed by the providers. Of note is the fact that if you have Local 1014 Health and Welfare Plan, we only raised our rates by 1%, so the other 7% for this year is for you to use on Dental or Insurance or simply pocket…if you don’t have the plan you might want to check it out…by the way, we also added a number of benefits this year including a historic dental and orthodontia supplemental benefit. See “Connections Newsletter” for details…more to follow during choices open enrollment period of October 1-31…
All Units also agreed to extend thier contracts for one additional year for safety personnel and for two years for non-safety personnel. (Both safety and non-safety will have extended for 2 years in sum). While it comes as no surprise to most that there will not be any economic enhancements for any bargaining unit in the County of Los Angeles for this time period, it is remarkable to have garnered a deal that protects all aspects of salary contracts, keeps intact all staffing and budgeted items for all members in the Unions, but also provides for substantial financial increases in health care premiums at a time when most are losing staffing, pay and having to pay more out of pocket for their health care.
The State and the County and the Local Cities are not out of the woods by any means with respect to their budgets, and we need to be pro-active on all of our spending and managing of the monies so we don’t end up like many other agencies that are facing rolling brown outs, permanent staffing reductions, give backs at the table, and increased costs for their benefits…this is a fair and reasonable settlement and extension that is fundable. 
Thank you for your continued support and strength which allows us to work hard for you, and our wages, hours and working conditions…stay safe and watch for more communications on the settlement after the Board of Supervisors ratifies this tentative agreement on October 6th
On behalf of the entire Executive Board,
Dave Gillotte
President – Los Angeles County Fire Fighters – Local 1014


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