Friday Update 6-21-24
Updated On: Jul 21, 2024


Brothers and Sisters,

This week, despite personal tragedy, our members showed up strong for each other to protect the lives and property of our Los Angeles County residents. On behalf of the Local 1014 Executive Board, we thank you for all you continue to do for our communities and each other. 
On Wednesday, we held the procession to transport Fire Fighter Andrew Pontious from the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner to Forest Lawn – Covina Hills. 

We express our heartfelt appreciation to our public safety partners and the community for the outpouring of love, support, and thank you for keeping the family of Fire Fighter Pontious in your thoughts and prayers.

While the Department grieves the loss of an our brother, we appreciate all those who volunteered to work in BN17 and those battalions who provided extra bodies for staffing during the 10 days following the incident. The staffing plan Local 1014 created to provide relief to members has been successful in maintaining the coverage we need while giving those affect the time they need to process and begin healing. 

Local 1014 appreciates the collaboration of Chief Deputy OBrien and Deputy Chief Yanagisawa who helped implement 1014’s plan. 

The Benefit & Welfare Association is sponsoring this fundraiser for his family. Andrew leaves behind his wife, and step daughter. We ask that you take a moment, reflect, and donate with your heart to his beloved family. Your support and prayers will help carry this family through this time of loss.
Click here to donate today. 
This week, we also laid to rest Brother Mike Potechin. Thank you to all our members who made sure to honor our brother and surround his family with love and support this week.  He was an absolute unsung hero to us all in keeping our main equipment and tools of our trade-in play for us; he will be missed greatly. Please send thoughts and prayers and consider a meaningful donation to the GoFundMe set up to help his wife and kids. "We Shall Not Forget” 


Local 1014 appreciates the members' patients with the recent trials for staffing changes. We received great feedback from member surveys and the Cardfile Captains meeting held last year. With the information provided, the staffing committee met multiple times to address issues of inequality within the trial staffing procedures and our current policies and procedures. 

Over the last almost year and a half, we have worked diligently to reduce recalls by making various changes to our staffing procedures. So, methods were deemed effective or ineffective, and some needed tweaking to help staffing and bring equality. Certain issues arose, creating new or different problems. 

Some were existing issues where seniority was being undermined. If new issues arise, the staffing committee will reconvene to address new issues as they come up. We encourage our members to do what’s right and not try to undermine our staffing policies and procedures. 

In the event that staffing gets to unbearable levels again staffing trials will not be off the table to try and slow recalls. At the end of the day, though, our problem was and still remains: bodies in seats. We will continue on a hiring and promotion plan with the department with hopes to continue to slow the current and prevent future staffing shortages. 

Local 1014 is still working on getting our injured workers back to work healthy. Workers comp can be challenging but we have made strides in the right direction with numbers significantly trending down from all time highs. However we recognize there is still work to do. Our members risk their lives everyday and deserve to be fixed appropriately. Healthier and happier workers also helps with our staffing shortages we are experiencing.

We also recognize we are headed into recall season like every year with summer coming up. Everyone be cognizant of your mental health and try to spend as much time with your families and friends as possible. Strides will continue to be made by Local 1014 in collaboration with the department to improve staffing. 

Thank you to the Department, especially Assistant Chief John O'Brien, for the continued collaboration to improve staffing. 


This June, Local 1014 is proud to recognize the diversity in our membership and celebrate the contribution of our LGBTQ+ members not only to this Department but to our communities.  

This month, as we celebrate Pride, we also recognize the crucial role the labor movement has played in fostering inclusion, equality, and solidarity within the firefighting profession and the labor force. Through our solidarity, we can make real change as we fight for our members and the communities we serve. 

Local 1014 has been and will continue to be a national leader in fostering a more inclusive environment in the fire service. This committment extends to everything we do in the fire service, from ensuring equity in our recruitment and hiring practices to our training programs to providing lifesaving emergency services to over 4 million diverse residents of Los Angles County. 

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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