Friday Update 3-3-23
Updated On: Mar 27, 2023


Brothers and Sisters,

We celebrated the life of Chaplain Roy Oliver Hinger this week. Roy was an amazing man, a son of God in service to others. We joined family and friends to recognize Roy’s life and wrap our fire family arms around his family.  

Roy dedicated his 97-year life to serving God. He lived a rich life with highs and lows and always worked to help others. Roy was born on May 22, 1925, and passed away on February 11, 2023, and was an astounding 97 years young! Roy was born at home to Roy and Esther Hinger in Los Angeles. Roy has a sister, Frances, and a brother, Edwin. Roy graduated from Dorsey High in 1943, a local boy, and joined the United States Navy, where he trained and worked as an Advanced Radio Operator on the USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. DD 850 in 1946. He also served on the USS Jack W. Wilke, a Destroyer Escort ship. 

Roy met and married Eloise Cooley, who was a WAVE (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) while she was stationed in DC with the Navy. They were married for 73 years until her passing on June 9, 2019. Roy lived in Rosemead, CA and went to work for the telephone company with his radio skills, and eventually settled in Whittier when they bought their first home for $8,800. Roy and Esther have three boys and one girl, Tim, David, Daniel, and Debra. Tim is a heavy equipment operator and gets our dozers and heavy equipment deep in the throws of fire country and was with us as we celebrated. Our fire family love wraps around Tim and his family in a special way.  

Roy was hired by LA County Fire Department in January of 1952 and worked through all ranks to Fire Captain. He worked as an electrical contractor on his days off. Hard to believe, but no overtime back then. Roy Hinger became our Department’s Third Fire Chaplain and helped to establish our Chaplains' Program. Roy was large and loud and never had an issue with walking God right in the front door of any fire station. 

Roy helped us craft CAL-LAST to help provide active and retired chaplains with a network throughout California to share their work and helping hands. Roy would be seen routinely, even in retirement, in the halls of the Union or the Department working to ensure our program stayed in place and robust with resources needed. We owe Roy a debt of gratitude for his service to our Country, Department, and families. Roy would routinely be at hospitals, homes, and stations to help our fire family through tough times, always with grace and strength. In retirement, Roy paid for and crafted his own missions trips to Central Africa, bringing his radio skills to a project called AMPS for Africa, ensuring communications were in place for villages and towns to carry the word of God in rural areas. 

Let us thank Roy and Never Forget him or his service to us, and if you want to leave a lasting legacy to Roy and our Chaplains Program, or if you are interested in being a Chaplain, please consider supporting the program monthly.  


Thank you to our Robust Chaplain Corps for all you do to help our family through some of the toughest times and integrated with PEER Support, Honor Guard, Pipes and Drums, and MMT, we proudly serve our mission with distinction and strength and love.  

Vince Roldan, Jake Ching, Paul Rusin, Scott Tolcher, Mark Griffen, John Denton, Doug Campbell, Bill Hood, Berry Nugent, Dan Hathaway, Chaplain John Kuykendall, and Roy Oliver Hinger (In Heaven) are always there for us, let’s be there for them. Check out the opportunities to serve as a Department Chaplain if you have any interest in the program. 
Click here to view EA 481 - Chaplain Program Volunteer Request 
The 9th Fire Chief of the Department, Daryl Osby, receives his final recognition from our Department members at an event hosted by the LA County Stentorians.  Local 1014 and CAL-JAC were sponsors of the event which ushered out an era of more than a decade of leadership in style.


On Tuesday, February 28, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to swear in Anthony C. Marrone as the 10th Fire Chief of the LA County Fire Department. First, we would like to congratulate Chief Marrone, and now we can drop the word Interim as we work on the tasks ahead for our great Department.  

The Union met with all five board offices and reviewed the seriousness of the issues and the need for a Fire Chief with "FULL AUTHORITY" AND "FULL ACCOUNTABILITY" to make decisions and COMMAND our Department. We need a LEADER who can direct traffic and stand up for what our Department needs, and sometimes that means dealing with Big County and DHR and using those words we desperately need, "there's only one FIRE CHIEF, and you are looking at him, and I'll be making the decision here." 

Chief Marrone has made it through all ranks of the Department and, in his Interim time, has risen to join the Union and all of us in dealing with many heavy-impact items for our Department. Numerous Line of Duty Deaths, following up on the Sierra Incident, moving the workers' compensation crisis in the direction of healing, handling our budget, and partnering to get our contract done during record high inflation. 

We are far from done. This is only the beginning of what must be done to set the next decade and beyond in motion. The priorities at hand continue to be repairing our workers' compensation system to get our members back to work. Members off on "I" are not productive in service to our communities, cost us money, and increase recalls due to staffing shortages. Fixing this crisis helps on three fronts and gets our members healed and back to work on the fires and medical and emergency calls. We are also working hard to stabilize our budget and find ways to grow our budget. A signature-gathered ballot measure is likely on the plan, only needing a 50% plus one vote to put in place, and desperately needed as we have not addressed our funding sources in 20-plus years. We will all need to join forces, the Union, the FIRE CHIEF, and the County, to chase money from the State for our Wildland Fire Program to include camps and copters. 

We look forward to the work ahead, and it starts with Chief Marrone defining what and who Number 10 will look like with his team. The Executive Staff is the bench for the Chief. Critical to our success is a strong bench that the Chief has confidence in and one that will deliver the work and passion needed to get it done. He is now responsible for all those picks and accountable for their work.  

We are committed to partnering with the Fire Chief to negotiate and agree on policy, practice, and procedure that helps our Department be the best it can be, including taking care of our members who do the work. We are also always committed to using all our legal and political strength to fight back and correct course when we don't agree or cannot reach a compromise.  

Fire Chief Marrone's success is our success, and our success is the Department's success and the BOS Success in serving our communities. So let us all join in Solidarity and Strength and pull on the same rope to get this place cleaned up and in top order as the Greatest Fire Department in the World. COUNTY! Local 1014 Strong!  

To ensure that we maximize our outreach efforts to our members, we will send out a survey regarding the staffing changes soon. 

In order to ensure that all Local 1014 members can access the electronic survey, please update your contact info with the union at the link below. If you have people in your station who do not receive the Friday Update, please encourage them to sign up on the website so we have all members' email and ensure fair access to the survey. 
Click here to update your contact info on the website. NOTE: If you do not have a login you will need to create one. 

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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