Friday Update 6-10-22
Updated On: Jul 13, 2022


Sisters and Brothers,

The leadership void continues as we battle not only the County on the items at the negotiations table but also the inept management and budget issues forcing Local 1014 to dive into the books for raises and the future of our Department. 

It is clear that the Department leadership is disconnected from the rank and file as we have previously discussed, but the leadership team is also disconnected from each other.  There is a divide between teams and certainly between Operations and Administrative Chiefs and support staff.  One hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. The responsibility for creating a work environment where leaders lead, inspire, and drive excellence belongs to the Fire Chief and we simply don't have that right now.

Local 1014 hired one of the best financial analyst experts in the nation. We are pouring over every dollar and every line in the budget along with revenue predictions and sources left untapped.  Approximately $1.4 billion/year of taxpayer money is the responsibility of the Department managers and unfortunately, the stewardship of that money is failed.  We have alerted the Board of Supervisors about the severity and failure of management and also that we as a Local are working to right the ship financially both for our contract items and the long term for the future of the Fire District.  

As we bargain both our unit salary contracts and fringe benefits contract with the Coalition of County Unions (CCU), we now have an added layer of work to find our money, and preserve our future.  We continue to bargain each week, and progress continues at a slow pace for not only Local 1014 but for the CCU Unions including those affiliated with the Fire Department.  We pursue the COLA set by all of us in our Unions United solidarity pact and we are aggressively going after Plan C issues. We are patient and have many tools and resources to land nothing less than a fair and just contract settlement. Even the chiefs at the contract table appear frustrated and without information and tools to help settle the contract demonstrating the actual disconnect between the Executive Staff and the Chief. 

This is a benchmark moment for our Department in not only settling this contract but also the leadership of our great and currently failing department.  The Chief and the Executive Staff need to know, that just like fuel, tires, engines, trucks and squads, and the tools and equipment, our Firefighters, Dispatchers, Pilots, Heavy Equipment Operators, Haz Mat, and Fire Prevention workers, and FSA’s are the number one resource of our Department. He cannot run from the great people of this organization and we will be taking our voice direct to him very soon. Stay tuned as we set for the first loud and clear action to ensure our powerful voice along with the communities we serve is heard by the Chief. This will not be easy and we know each and every one of you are committed and stand resolute in your solidarity to do what it takes to get this contract settled and ensure the leadership and future of our Department shines.   

We bargain every Wednesday on fringe benefits with our CCU partners with President Gillotte as Chief Negotiator with the CCU and every Friday on our Firefighter Table.  We will also be opening up bargaining units 603/604 as their contracts are also set to expire soon.  We will keep you posted and updated each week as we push the negotiations table hard. 

Thank you to the Executive Board who also serves as the bargaining team along with our legal team. They are putting in long hours getting the issues negotiated.  The resolve is strong we are committed to any and all work needed to get this done. The Unions United solidarity pact remains in full force. We meet weekly to lay out supportive strategies for all unit tables and CCU fringe.  Solidarity and strength! Together we will get it done like we always do!

General Membership Meeting 

This next Tuesday, June 14th, we are looking forward to our first post-Covid on the road General Membership Meeting. We will be moving to at least three "on-the-road" meetings per year.  These meetings are always well attended and bring information and communication to the regions.  We look forward to the gathering of brothers and sisters in Santa Clarita next Tuesday at 10 am. See details below. 

We will be speaking on all issues important to our membership and also taking up the GM motion regarding the Fire Chief.  This motion codifies that sentiment through the Union process and action.  We will have legislative and policy updates, health insurance information, negotiations updates, and Covid Vaccine Mandate Updates as well as a discussion on 48/96 trial proposal and the Fire Chief’s lack of action.  Please make time to come join us and break some bread and talk over the important issues affecting our department and our profession. See you there.   

Working with Labor to Ensure Jobs and Tax Revenue Comes to LA County 

Local 1014 is involved with all of our Labor partners in LA County, the state, and the nation to ensure we have a powerful team when we need pensions protected or other critically important issues for our members.   

These relationships are critical to our success. Only through political action and legislative advocacy can we get and maintain support for our profession and the revenue needed to keep the lights on and food on our members' tables.  We sit as a senior leadership group at the House of Labor, the LA Federation of Labor - AFL-CIO. The most powerful and effective labor organization in the nation representing over 800,000 Union workers in LA County, Local 1014 sits on the Executive Board and partners with our labor union friends in all aspects of work including the trades such as operating engineers, building construction, laborers and more. 

The national infrastructure bill and related funding to bring massive projects is an important piece of the long-term jobs and economic recovery for LA County and California.  Local 1014 is a vital partner with the Department of Labor, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, and all of Labor through the LA FED to help with policy and elected official support through "Summit of the Americas."  The pacts, treaties, and banking agreements that come from this every 4-year meeting between the Western Hemisphere Countries helps to drive LA County jobs, economic growth, and tax revenue.  This directly impacts and affects all workers in LA County including LA County Fire Fighters. 

Local 1014 had a seat at the table with our labor partners as the Summit of the Americas kicked off. We will be working with our trade partners as the work continues through the week.  We thank the leaders of the western free world for coming to Los Angeles County this year to handle that work. It provided a unique opportunity to speak with and educate not only our elected leaders in California, and LA County, but also the leaders of other nations involved. This event was attended by both Democratic and Republican leaders and many LA County Board of Supervisors and Contract City leaders.  Your Union moves in many areas of influence affecting our future to ensure that the future is bright and supported by a strong economy.   
Covid Vaccine Mandate Update 

We continue to keep ALL members in the boat and with safe passage to the other side of the Covid Vaccine Mandate Executive Order.  We have had a few developments in the past couple of weeks worth noting. 

LA Free with attorney Kevin Mc Bride made it through the pre-trial hearing and will go on to court.  The case challenges the order in various ways that may be different than the failed attempts we have seen so far by other agencies and groups.  Our attorney stays in contact with McBride and we also have an updated communication path with LA Free to collaborate on the paths of responsible navigation of the mandate impacts on our members. 

Also, the Department has once again proven its lack of decision-making skills with regard to the vaccine mandate and the unilaterally implemented “Weekly Testing Program”.  The Department failed to meet and confer with the Union on the NEW testing procedures and issues of privacy, safety, and effectiveness or in this case lack thereof with two-day turnaround times with out-of-state test analysis.  It is beyond comprehension that a costly and ineffective testing program running potentially into the millions during a budget deficit time would be embraced much less authorized by our department management. 

We have sent an official “cease and desist” letter as a precursor to an Unfair Labor Charge once again, seeking to back the testing program up until a time when we can fairly bargain over the impacts of such a program on our members and their families. 

Click here to view our cease and desist letter to the Chief regarding COVID testing protocols. 
As of now, we continue with the same mantra, Vaccinate or Accommodate. Our members must be registered with the Department and either vaccinated or have filed for and in progress or approved for an exemption.  We are navigating the exemption process with great effectiveness on application, review, and approval for our members.  Please ensure you are registered and have submitted your exemption.  If you need help or have received any requests for additional information or condition denial please reach out to the Union as we are helping all of those cases get resolved.   

The solidarity of all our members vaccinated and non-vaccinated is where we all stand and will continue to move as we get through this together.

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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