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Posted On: Oct 04, 2010


Sisters and Brothers of Local 1014…we are one of the strongest Unions in the State of California and that is evidenced by how we exist currently in this climate where other Fire Departments and Unions are suffering horrendous cut backs and concessionary bargaining, staffing reductions and brown-outs as well as lay-offs in the worst cases we see.
This is a direct result of Political Action efforts and relationships we have built with State and Local elected officials, management officials of the Department, and the Board of Supervisors and the CEO of Los Angeles County.  We tend to those relationships with great care and with the help of our partners in the House of Labor and within a variety of Alliances we have forged both at the State Level through CPF and the Local Level. 
November 2nd General Elections are upon us and we are supporting a variety of candidates on behalf of our issues and the State issues are listed on our Website in the links below.  The Candidate endorsements and Propositions are listed.  As always, we recognize that each individual member needs to weigh all of the issues on balance and arrive at the choice for candidates they can believe in and support.  We have given you the information that affects your wages, hours, working conditions and most importantly your retirement and health benefits.
Other Issues of Significance to Read Up on are:
  • Fire Station 167 Re-Opens!  More to follow, but 167’s in El Monte is open again as a result of almost a years worth of work to elect a friendly city council, put a new city manager and city attorney in place, re-write the Safer Act Grant to allow re-hiring to be covered, and negotiating with the City to fulfill their financial obligation in addition to the grant monies to open the station up for 3 years…we are working on long term funding solutions, but for now, thanks to Your Union, Fire Chief Freeman and his Staff, and the City Officials we now enjoy…we are back in the saddle!
  • William Dallas Jones Cancer Presumption Act Signed into Law….read more below.  Go 1014!
  • IAFF Memorial Wall Recognition for our members….thank you to the Department, Honor Guard, Chaplains and 1014 for putting together a fitting tribute and ensuring our members were remembered….read more below.
  • Union Election Nominations – Tuesday September 12th at the Hall – Come on Down and help make the quorum and get first hand information on the issues.
  • Phone Banking in Pomona and the Union hall….sign up and get down to help out!  September 4th – 7th at the Union Hall, join firefighters from throughout our region to phone bank to our own members about the Get out the Vote Campaign for Jerry Brown and the Propositions as well.  Nightly help needed in Pomona as well…
We will be sending out more information regarding all of this and more in our upcoming Update Newsletter, but hopefully this gives you a good update in the interim to be educated and involved in issues affecting our profession.

Updated On: Oct 04, 2010 (14:37:00)
For much of the last decade, the "boom and bust" cycles of California's economy have translated into attacks aimed at public services in general and at firefighters specifically. Now, more than ever, firefighters need to get politically active to protect what we've earned Read More...

Updated On: Oct 04, 2010 (09:35:00)
          IT IS TIME! WE NEED YOUR HELP!  State Elections and City of Pomona Elections   The membership of Local 1014 will assemble again during October and work through November 2nd to help elect candidates who are supportive of our issues and on balance are the best choices for our profession, our state and our local cities Read More...
Download: 9_28_10 State Bulletin.pdf
Updated On: Oct 04, 2010 (09:57:00)
In 2008 Local 1014's past President, Former CPF Secretary-Treasurer, State of California OES (CalEMU) Chief, and our friend and Brother Dallas Jones lost his life to lung cancer and then posthumously found himself in a battle to link that cancer to his 30 years of service as a firefighter Read More...

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Updated On: Oct 04, 2010 (10:29:00)
“Choices” annual enrollment is October 1 – October 31. You must reenroll if you wish to: 1.  Change a benefit plan election, including medical, dental, optional group term life insurance or accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. 2.  Add dependents, including adult children less than age 26 who are newly eligible. 3 Read More...
Download: Choices Enrollment 2010.pdf

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