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December 19, 2014
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What's New at IAFF 1014
Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is here and as we take time to celebrate and give thanks for all that we have, and as we prepare for the Holiday Season we would like to take a moment to say thank you to all of our members who work so hard and are committed to the work we do. Day in and day out, our membership lays it on the line literally and figuratively with pride filled, professional dedication to our craft and our service to the public. We work for one of the greatest Fire Departments in the Nation, and we are represented by one of the Strongest Fire Unions in the Nation, Local 1014.

Thanksgiving is a day we now know as a Recognized Holiday to not only give thanks, but also to kick off the Holiday Season and spend time with our families and friends and eat too much and celebrate all that is good. Thanksgiving has its origins in an annual Good Harvest Thanks and was a hard fought for recognized holiday in our history. The original meal of 1621 at Plymouth Rock was not formally set into America’s History until hundreds of years later. After much debate and political influence by Presidents Washington and Lincoln and 40 years of letters from author Sarah Josepha Hale to politicians, and with the help of stores and commerce interests who wanted to kick off spending for the season entering into Christmas, Franklin D. Roosevelt, on December 26, 1941, signed a joint resolution of Congress to set the Thanksgiving Holiday to be the fourth Thursday in November. This is now a vital part of our economy as well as a day to give thanks for hard work and the fruitful harvest of our efforts. This strangely sounds a lot like a Union Operation!

As we give thanks, and celebrate the holidays we also finish with the “Hard Work” of another year of membership effort and Local 1014 Elections. We have much to be thankful for in all that we have accomplished and much to prepare for to enjoy continued success into next year. Elections are over and the new Local 1014 Executive Board is set and will begin immediately preparing for the hard work ahead with negotiations up as the first issue for us to deal with.

Solidarity and Unity of Voice is paramount to our strength to get it done. We rose up and spoke loudly on so many items and the membership weighed in heavily in vote. Let us combine the freedom of minority opinion and majority voice to powerfully attack not just any one issue, but all of the issues that we will face heading into the New Year. We are stronger than ever and well positioned to accomplish much and navigate the challenges that lie ahead to keep our profession strong and our members well represented.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Feast and give thanks and prayer for all we are fortunate to have and remember the hard work it took to get it done, and as always we ask that you do so responsibly. Choose not to drink this holiday or limit your drinks, but if you are going to drink alcohol, remember GET A DRIVER, GET A CAB or GET A ROOMDO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving!


Dave Gillotte


Dave Lopez John Smolin Dave Morse
1st Vice President Treasurer 2nd Vice President
Will Pryor Pat Dolan Lew Currier
Steve DeWitt Andy Doyle Alan McConnell
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1014 Executive Board Election results


The following Local 1014 members were elected on November 25, 2014 to the Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Local 1014 Executive Board:

. David Gillotte . 1,211 74.7%
Greg Lombardo 410 25.2%
1ST Vice President:
Dave Lopez 1,021 63.6%
Greg Cleveland 584 36.3%
2nd Vice President: 
Dave Morse 1,458  100%
John Smolin 1,438  100%
Directors: (For 6 Positions)
Andy Doyle 1,226 13.8%
Pat Dolan 1,224 13.8%
Lew Currier 1,201 13.5%
Steve DeWitt 1,003 11.3%
Michael Jones 696 7.8%
David Baumann 644  7.2%

Sara Rathbun  615 6.9%
Michael Cash 599 6.7%
Jason Cervantes 579 6.5%
Domonic Finks 491 5.5%
Michael McCormick 378 4.2%
David McConnell  209 2.3%

On behalf of the membership, thank you to the Elections Committee Chairman John Price II and the Elections Committee Members: Corey Magdalik, Tony Buzzerio, Matt Briones, Ed Lazar, Michael Kusaba and Darus Ane for their hard work and due diligence and they are dismissed from service.

Local 1014 Elections were conducted in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of IAFF Local1014 by California Elections Company.

Local 1014 is one of the strongest most influential and sound Labor Unions in the Nation and the State.  Now 3200 members strong, we must unite and get back to work with a new BOS and Contract Negotiations first up.  Thank you to all and let us move forward 1014 Strong!

Check or for details

USAR, 1014 Family Day and Cell Towers update

A few things to update you on:

1014 CPAT Test Day

As you have been following the impact of the LA Times article on testing, recruitment and Members with same last names on the job. Local 1014 has been included on a task force of Labor, Management and County Officials to accomplish a few things related to recruitment, testing and integrity of all systems.  We are to meet and work on the issues and report back to the BOS on our progress, and as part of that we are moving forward in a monitored way to administer the current written exam that is ready to go.  This is important because we are nearing 200 vacancies and the written is the second component of the FSA "Bridge" combined with the A/P for banding.  The hiring from the general list and the FSA Bridge list has been stalled due to the test not being ready to administer.

The future will hold any number of options to include the possibility of moving all entry level testing components to the CFFJAC where we currently administer the CPAT.  This may be a great option to have a well vetted, legally sound test process which is EEOC compliant and the liability is with CFFJAC on the procedure.  It has audits and independent evaluations in place for fairness to all for preparation and testing yet does not also disadvantage anyone inclusive of family members of those serving, a key component.  The CFFJAC also has a robust Local 1014 and Department sponsored women in the Fire Service Recruitment process with a strong mentoring program that also naturally fits into the system.  As a matter of fact the Women's Initiative is open to all candidates and nets about half men and women in the form of career days and recruitment laddered into mentoring.

We will be administering a CPAT Family Day in the first week or two of December (Date soon to be announced) and we have nearly 100 FSA's, Explorers, and relatives of Members in Good Standing who will test, and we will also use this day to expose the BOS, the County and County Fire to the CFFJAC Program of CPAT and the proposed written test relationship with CFFJAC. Thank you to all who signed up and we look forward to a great test day and presentation day for the Strike Team Members on the issues we must deal with in our entry-level testing.

USAR 103 and USAR 130 Paramedic Assessment Engines to Go in Place January 1

As a result of the crews on USAR 103 and USAR 130 coming to the Union and presenting an idea to change the task forces to include a Paramedic Assessment Engine will not only serve the public day to day, but also provide a Paramedic embedded on the USAR team. This will be in place in the IDLH environment to treat not only the potential victims, but also any responders that may need help at an ALS level if needed.  This made sense and could be funded.  We brought the idea directly to the Fire Chief and have worked with personnel from the USAR TF's and Department to reach an agreement on implementation of the transition to PM Assessment for these two task forces.  The date will be January 1, 2015 for in service.  Related to this we have ongoing talks on adding E233 to A/V, and some temporary relief with extra staffing / equipment to the Fighting 171 in Inglewood.  This is until we can navigate the SAFER Act Grant and Funding maze to get Inglewood back to health to restore services.  We will keep you posted and anticipate some changes in the very near future and at the conclusion of negotiations on this issue.


We are in for a real battle on this issue along with other Unions in LA County who are included in the LA RICS Radio Interoperability Project.  As you recall this is a big County, Multi-Agency Consortium of Fire in Law Enforcement, Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City and participating cities to construct a radio system in place for interoperability capabilities.  Along the way the use of cellular platform for back up communications was brought into the proposal and then Federal Grant Monies were introduced to pay for such addition and now the side project has become the high pressure get it done project by default.  

The LA RICS group, under the CEO and ultimately the BOS is moving forward with full authority to order the Department Heads of all Public Safety Participants to start construction on the facilities where they have determined to place radio and cell antennas.  These locations are at our stations and sites.  We have a strong disagreement with the placement of these cell/ radio antenna and infrastructure sites.  This is based on the impact to the working conditions of the membership and health risks that we believe are present for our members in exposure to radio waves from the sites.  This subject is not cut and dry, nor agreed upon in the scientific community and this will be a hard battle to win, but we believe in our data and in caution on the side of safety for our members.  

The County has moved forward and there is no indication they will slow forward movement without our challenge.  We are likely to be in for a battle to either reach an agreement to move sites/alter sites/provide data collection and testing etc. or fight this out in the court of public opinion and support on this issue.  We now see the measuring and studies of soil and so forth changing into the actual start of construction at sites.  

PLEASE CONTACT DIRECTOR LEW CURRIER as the point person on this item.  Lew is the health and safety director and is working with LA City and has been assigned to lead the plan of action for dealing with this at the ground level while we try and work this out with the BOS, CEO and LA RICS. Stay tuned and look at your web-blasts and e-mails for further details on this as it unfolds.  This could be an extremely bumpy time and an adversarial issue with the Department and it is what it is.  We will keep other business on track while we battle this issue as well.

Just a few update items with more on 1014 CPAT testing day, and Cell Issue.  

Executive Board Local 1014

Check or for details
Join us on Saturday, November 15th at Exposition Park for HomeWalk 2014....
As we do every year to honor HEROES we ask that you once again join Local 1014 President Dave Gillotte and Executive Board Members, 1014 Members, Explorers, and Members on our Team of walkers as part of the House of Labor as we participate in the United Way of Greater Los Angeles' Annual Homewalk. Read More...
Happy Veterans Day 2014
HAPPY VETERANS DAY ! Please take time to pause and remember the Veterans who have so bravely served our Country to protect the freedom and liberty we enjoy. With all the bad and the good things, the partisanship politics we currently see, the highs and the lows we have been through we are undoubtedly the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Read More...
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