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April 17, 2015
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What's New at IAFF 1014
1014 Weekend update April 3, 2015

1014 weekend update

Passover, Good Friday & Easter

Brother and Sisters, as we begin Passover, finish Good Friday today, as well as look to Easter Sunday where many of our members will take time to remember great sacrafice followed by great hope, we should all take time to reflect on, and be thankful for, all we are blessed with as well as remeber our hard work to get here.

We are members of a GREAT Union and a profession unlike any other. We are also members of the greaest Fire Department in the world because of you, the membership of Local 1014. During these times of EXTREME leadership challenges in our organization, we can see some shining stars that are not on the front lines but are there to support us every day. We should all be thankful for them.

We will continue to shore up the Department to get through these difficult times and move forward to even greater accomplishments and recognition. As they say "We too shall over com.". As we continue to band together as firefighters, please remeber those we are here to protect: the citizens of Los Angeles County. We do that on such a high level everyday. At time it goes un-noticed or un-recognized, but we are thankful for what YOU do every day.

These are just a few items to update you on, and start your weeken of reflection with family and friends:


LOCAL 1014 has been in close contact with our brothers and sisters from Fresno Firefighters Local 573 and President Pete Flores regarding help for Captain Pete Dern who, as you all know, fell through the roof and was severely burned on a house fire in Fresno. President Gillotte and President Flores will remain in close contact and our Local will be assisting not only with help for the Dern Family but also to help their Local through these times with sudden obligations that hit a Union already engrossed in the same financial and political battles we all have.

We have experience and resources to assist our Fresno Firefighters and we are making all of that available. More will be forthcoming next week. In the meantime, we encourage our membership to go to the Fresno Local 573 Webpage and link to follow his progress and to send any help you may be able to offer to the account set up for his family. We will keep him and his wife and daughter in our thoughts and prayers each and every day as we travel this journey with them.

Remember this could have easily been one of us. If you havent seen the video watch it here. Just a reminder: It is tough to watch but it is a reminder of the challenges we face everyday on any "routine" room and contents fire.


Local 1014 Members should take a moment and be proud of our work to shine a light on the failed LA-RICS Project, Together, we brought to light the embedded lack of due regard to our members and to the public by the LA-RICS JPA Board and- shockingly - our very own Fire Chief and Staff. Those who drove and supported this failed project flagrantly disregard critical Health and Safety Issues, as well as property value and community value issues where Cell Antennas were being installed into our Fire Stations and in our communities.

Local 1014 scored major victories with a 5-0 vote of the County Board of Supervisors to Halt Construction at all Fire Stations in the County of Los Angeles and to reassess the effectiveness and path of travel of the LA-RICS scope of work to create an interoperable radio system.

Thank you to Supervisor Mike Antonovich for taking the lead on this and hearing our very credible arguments on this subject. Supervisor Antonovich bravely dove into the matter and gained the support of all Supervisors who also valiantly have pressed up on LA-RICS and all of the issues to shed light on what would have been a covert operation in the cover of darkness from us and our citizens.

The Fire Department’s role in this is shameful and hurts our credibility with the very citizens we are sworn to protect. We are working hard to not only repair but further collaborate with our citizens as we move forward with next steps.

We also followed this victory up with a collaborated effort to help LA City Firefighters join the battle to protect their members and citizens. President Gillotte and President Frank Lima of UFLAC 112, along with our partners from the LA Federation of Labor and all organized Trades under the leadership of Executive Secretary-Treasurer Rusty Hicks, successfully lobbied a 12-0 vote to similarly halt cell antenna construction at all LA City Fire Stations while LA-RICS mission is evaluated and set straight as well. This was a tremendous lift for our union and a great partnership once again with two very strong powerful local unions - Local 1014 and Local 112 - to accomplish that what many said could not be done.

Next steps will be ongoing to ensure credible and integrity-based actions from LA-RICS and or any movement to radio upgrades that will ultimately put us back on path to what we need for our mission.

Thank you to all of our membership for your continued support on this item. Let us finish strong and do what the Department should be doing on items like this.....TIME TO LEAD!


As we continue to endure the effects of lack of leadership at the top end of our Department and inaccurate portrayals of our membership in the media and at the hands of our very own Fire Chief, we will also continue to protect our membership and the credibility of our Department through proper representation of the facts and actions of our members.

We have recently seen our Department drug through the dirt on so many fronts, and while some issues exist that must be recognized and will be dealt with appropriately with due process and fair judgment, to make a bridge to cheating scandal and inappropriate mentoring and study sessions and nepotism and so forth is absolutely irresponsible by our Fire Chief and Staff. The facts are not supportive of this in any way, and in fact the only failure at this point is to recognize that the very staff and person in Human Relations and under the Fire Chief’s "Watch" inclusive of the Business Operations Bureau of our Department is in a state of disarray currently and historically.

We will be lucky to get through the current testing process with the oversight of Roxanne Ortega and the Human Relations Staff under the Oversight of the Business Operations Bureau and Fire Chief as evidenced by the release of ET-127 indicating, “Everything is A-OK” with the current testing process. Where is the Department getting their facts and information on how it is going???

We will be updating you with more information on this in the very near future as we deal directly with the County Board of Supervisors to ensure a light is shed on all aspects of the HR Staff work on this and past exam processes under scrutiny and investigation.

Along those lines, as our doors get knocks from our at risk youth and community members including explorers, mentored women candidates and family and other very interested persons - and we are told to close the doors and refuse any on duty time to help the community - please use Core Values and direct the folks to the Union Hall. We will assist them with finding resources to prepare for the exam and to work hard toward success in the process.

The Department is lacking completely in any form of preparation or resources for any of our citizens and has chosen simply to run and hide from this to appease outside interests instead of addressing Department Mission and Goals for recruiting the best and the brightest in a career that only affects the life and safety of those we serve. It is time to highlight the failures of the Department HR and Business Ops side of our organization who ultimately, under the Fire Chief's authority, owns this work outright....


We have now met for a second time and have scheduled meetings once a week (and agreed to more if needed). Our next meeting will be held during the week of April 6. This week we intended to get right to work and start serious discussions about our wages, hourss and working conditions.

As we have mentioned before we are also about to sit at the table for our Fringe contract with the CCU. We will be meeting the week of April 13 to begin those negotiations.

We again would like to request you complete the questionaire at this link to assist us with negotiations at both tables. Currently about 80 of our members have completed this survey. Please take a moment to complete the survey to assist us.

As a reminder, follow this link for the weekly update on negotiations.


We will be on the road for the April General Membership meeting. We will be holding the meeting at the location listed below. We will be discussing the following (and more):

Meet new Board Members David Baumann & Mike Jones
Katherine Barger - Supervisor Mike Antonovich's Office
2016 Pension fight
Cell Tower update
Santa Clarita officials to discuss Cell tower issue
Barb Maynard - Communication Consultant LA RICS Project
Negotiations update
Recent FFT exam
Fire Chief & other issues within the department
News Media
Chief Hisel for North Ops Q&A

1014 April 14th General Membership Meeting
Time:   1000
Location:   The Elks Lodge
17766 Sierra Hwy
Santa Clarita, CA, 91351

Taco Tuesday on site

Info - contact:   Dave Baumann - RSVP (for food)

Your Local 1014 Executive Board would like to take a moment to remind our members to take time to prepare before you celebrate if you are going to drink or serve alcohol. Have a plan. Take caution in your decisions this weekend (as always).

As always, thank you for your continued support, enjoy the holiday, and most importantly stay safe. Remeber to hug your loved ones often!

Check or for details
March 28th UPDATE

A lot happening right now!

We realize you have been inundated with informative e-mails lately; hopefully you are not overwhelmed. Your Executive Board is handling many issues right now and we want to make sure you are well informed.

The last two weeks have been exceptionally busy. We have received many communications regarding the video message that was transmitted to all members, the many disappointments regarding the first part of the new hire test process as well as EA-120. We continue to deal with the cell tower issue and the Auditor Controllers investigation that was brought on by a newspaper article that was generated by a member of our Fire Department.

We want to make sure every one of our members understands that your Executive Board is committed to protect every member's rights. Your Executive Board will be there everyday, as we have been since the beginning of this great Union, to represent you at every avenue. We will be there for health and safety issues, discipline representation, negotiations and anything else that has to do with wages, hours and working conditions.

As we have said many times in the past, it is our honor to represent you everyday.

Cell towers

As we reported Tuesday night, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to halt construction of cell towers at any County fire station where either the residents or the employees who live and work at that station have expressed health and safety concerns. Construction should have stopped, as per ET-119, immediately at your station. If you see any ongoing construction, please call Local 1014 immediately to file a report. The contractors may be on site to secure the construction site but again NO construction should happen.

With hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal funding - and a huge private contract - at stake, there is still a possibility that construction will be restarted. We will stay vigilant in our demand that no toxic towers be constructed at our fire stations. To accomplish our goal, we are continuing to educate contract cities and pressure the Board of Supervisors. We are also providing support to our brothers and sisters at LA Fire - represented by UFLAC - who also oppose the LA-RICS towers at their stations. We will be educating our allies in Washington, D.C., who had good intentions when providing funding for this project but were kept unaware of LA-RICS' sneaky attempt to circumvent environmental regulations by installing the towers at our fire stations.

We will keep you all apprised of ongoing developments.

Cell tower information can be found here or by logging into the 1014 website and follow the link on the left hand side under member resources titiled cell tower information.

Click on the links below to see some news coverage of the cell towers.

CBS Video reports
Report #1 Report #2 (Listen to Chief Osby's comments)
CBS Article:
"The proximity of the towers and people living next to the towers is of grave concern," said David Gillotte, union president of Firefighters Local 1014. "It's a very complex issue how those radio issues affect people, all the way up to three miles away. There are health and safety issues that need to be discussed openly with the public."

"And the Los Angeles County Fire Department 100 percent supports LA-RICS".  Fire Chief Daryl Osby said.


We recently had our first meeting and will be having our second meeting the week of March 30th. We are scheduled to begin negotiations together with the Coalition of County Unions (CCU) for Fringe Benefits (Choices, Horizons, Plan, etc.) on April 15.

As we have said we have high hopes for these negotiations and we will be at the table with creative ideas. We all know that we deserve a salary increase and we look forward to working with the County to meet our needs as well as theirs.

Contract negotiation updates can be found here or by logging into the 1014 website and follow the link on the left hand side under member resources titled contract negotiations update.

To help with upcoming negotiations (1014's and the CCU's) we would ask you to please follow this link and fill out a short survey. This is a secure site and your personal information will not be shared.


As we said earlier, we will make sure our member's rights are upheld. EA-120 affects some, but not all, members of 1014. If something affects ANY members of 1014, there is a process of Meet and Confer to issues like this, and that process has not happened. We will be addressing this with Chief Osby VERY soon.


You may have read this transmittal in regards to the testing process. We have heard numerous complaints about the entire process and the lack of integrity of the exam process. All we can ask is that you please continue to send any and all instances of missteps that happened to you and we will make sure those are passed on to the appropriate people. We are not interested in what you heard, because we too have heard some horrible stories, we need to continue with the facts of what happened. We have complied an ever-growing list at this point but are interested in hearing how our members, and people that they know were affected. Please continue to e-mail your experience’s to

Auditor Controller:

As we all know by now, there has been accusations of cheating on the Fire Fighter entrance exam, especially the oral portion, from past exams dating back to 2007. The Auditor Controller has interviewed less than 40 members of Local 1014. As we all heard recently the Fire Chief had made some serious threats in relation to the intended discipline of our members. Rest assured, we are prepared for whatever course of action he takes. At this time the Fire Chief has only told the new media what he plans to do in the near future. Rest assured we will be there for our members as we have been in the past and we will continue to do in the future.

Thank you for your continued support.

Check or for details
THANK YOU to our members and our community
Click on above message
The above message was sent tonight to our community supporters through our social media

County Supervisors unanimously halt construction of toxic cell towers

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Today, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors did the right thing by voting unanimously to halt construction of cell towers at any County fire station where either the residents or the employees who live and work at that station have expressed health and safety concerns.

Click here to read Supervisor Antonovich’s motion to halt construction.

This victory - though not the final word - was made possible by the solidarity of Local 1014 members and the tireless work of the Local 1014 Board of Directors. Together, we have testified before City Councils across the county, put our signatures on petitions, called the Board of Supervisors, and walked pounded the pavement at the County’s Hall of Administration.

Thank you for all of your hard work and support over the past weeks as we have demanded a voice in our own health and safety at our fire stations and an end to sneaky back room deals. Together, we have won an important battle, but the war is not over. We will keep you all apprised of ongoing developments.

During the Board meeting we were Tweeting. If you would like to see what was sent go HERE or from Twitter search: #notoxictowers


Dave Gillotte, Active Duty Fire Captain
President, LA County Firefighters Local 1014

Final Amendment to Agenda Item 18

I therefore move that the Board of Supervisors direct the Interim Chief Executive Officers to:

  1. Send a five signature letter to Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the County’s Congressional Delegation to request an extension of the BTOP grant and/or seek potential funding alternatives to the BTOP grant;
  2. Direct the County’s Washington D.C. advocates to work with the Administration and schedule meetings with members of Congress to address this important issue during the Board of Supervisor’s annual visit to Washington, D.C.;
  3. Delay approval of item 18 on today’s agenda, with the exception of sites unopposed by residents and/or employees, until a response regarding the grant deadline is received and halt construction at all Los Angeles County fire stations;

Provide a report to the board in 2 weeks on the issue of co-location of commercial carriers and include recommendations.
I, FURTHER, MOVE that the Board of Supervisors request the Joint Powers Authority to:

  1. Host regional community meetings, jointly with the Fire Chief and Sheriff, which include current and former member cities, impacted residents and employees to
  2. Modify the existing construction schedule to proceed with those construction sites which do not have opposition from residents or employees while holding outreach meetings in other areas; and,
  3. Provide this board with a report in 30 days on new and/or alternative revenue sources and models for back-up systems.
Check or for details


As most of you know from the recent “All Call” to all stations, the Fire Chief sent out a "DEPARTMENT UPDATE" video message. In the video message, the Fire Chief levies some serious threats to the rank and file members of this Department. In the video, the Fire Chief mentions, "substantial discipline, including suspensions without pay and outright dismissals". The Fire Chief also stated that none of this will be tolerated "on my watch".

Shortly before the Fire Chief’s video message, the Department sent out EA-109 on March 17th, requesting volunteer Fire Captain Raters for the Firefighter Trainee Oral Interview Panel. In this EA, the voluntary raters are asked to affirm to 16 provisions of an attached Firefighter Trainee Security Agreement. These security provisions will be strictly adhered to, unyielding and unbending. In light of the recent “issues” at the Firefighter Trainee written exam (7 hours for a cumulative 51 minutes of test, disorganization, restroom issues, etc...) one can only imagine the issues we can expect scheduling and administering an oral interview exam for several thousand candidates. This executive staff has shown that when given over 3 years to prepare for a written entrance exam, it was unable to deliver the exam without several embarrassing issues. Keep this in mind when you are deciding whether or not to volunteer your services to the Department as a perspective rater for the upcoming oral interview portion of the Firefighter Trainee Exam. While Local 1014’s stance has always been to encourage all the membership to be active and participate in Department Committee’s and activities, it is Local 1014’s recommendation to not participate as a rater. If you do choose to proceed with participating as a rater, please proceed with extreme caution.

Local 1014 is actively in the process of representing several members who have been named in the recent investigations by the Auditor Controller’s office, at the request of this Fire Chief  Again, keep this in mind as you send in your request to be a rater in this upcoming exam. If you have sent in a request to participate in the oral exam process and now choose NOT to participate, please send an Email request to Patricia Bennett, Human Resources Division at

Something else to keep in the future, if you find yourself being investigated from this exam process, or anything else for that matter, notify Local 1014 IMMEDIATELY for representation.

Your Local 1014 Executive Board.

Check or for details
Time sensitive IMPORTANT message to our members


Well by now everyone has had some time to soak in EA-90 attempting to address the “County of Los Angeles Auditor-Controller’s Report”, and now EA-111 with the embedded video message and subsequent press release from the Fire Chief. It would be an understatement to say that the membership is not only disappointed, but angry and frustrated regarding the message sent to the rank and file safety members who do such great work day in and day out. It is with disbelief that a member of the Executive Staff and the Chief Deputy of Business Operations during the time of this mess would declare boldly “Not on My Watch”.

It is further inconceivable that statements about levels of discipline up to and including discharge would be levied without the due process and full weighting and context of the facts. Taken direct to the media this can only be characterized as an attempt to protect those in charge of the very system that gives rise to the allegations. While we are all angry and dismayed at the actions of the Department and the Chief, the facts will be brought out, and we are calling for further investigation into the people in charge up to and including the Fire Chief and his staff. Representation of members continues in full force.

Use your energy and anger and focus with us on the here and now to fight to prevail on the Cell Antenna Fight. As you have seen, we have been engaged in the fight of our lives to eliminate the Health Hazard from Cell Antennas which are being installed in our Fire Stations. The Fire Chief and his Staff have been supportive of the building of these towers with little regard to the serving personnel of Local 1014 and all other County Fire workers and the Citizens we are sworn to protect.

We need you to join your Executive Board, Citizens from our communities, workers from all walks of Labor, and elected officials from our communities to send a message to the Board of Supervisors and in fact to the FIRE CHIEF to defeat these cell towers. This will be a defining moment for not only this item, but all items going forward in dealing with the Fire Chief and his actions.




Dont want to go?  See if you can stand by for someone who wold like to attend.

Please print and post and BE THERE!



Show of force at the Board of Supervisors meeting
WHAT:   Protest LA-RICS' move to place high-energy antennas on our stations
WHEN:   Tuesday, March 24; 0930
WHERE:   LA County Board of Supervisors Hearing Room,
500 West Temple Street, Los Angeles
Downloadable Hall of Admin parking/directions (parking up to $18.00)
ATTIRE:    Wear your Local 1014 t-shirt.
RALLY POINT: Meet on the steps at Grand and Temple by 0930.

We need to help the citizens send a message to the BOS that this has to stop.

Still unsure what this is about? Click here to learn more. Included here is documentation to show what these towers have done to other firefighters as well as other documenation about the project.

Any questions contact Health & Safety Director Lew Currier at (310) 925-2588 or by email at

Thank you for supporting your 1014 Executive Board and getting involved.

Check or for details

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