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August 21, 2014
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What's New at IAFF 1014
48/96 vote extended

August 16, 2014


Some Local 1014 eligible members were not mailed ballots due to a membership update system issue.  Members are coded into a system based on Department updates sent to us regarding rank and position.  This issue has been identified, reconciled and all members eligible to vote and in good standing have been mailed a ballot.  The problem is there is not enough time for those members to receive the ballots, consider the question and mail their ballots back in timely to be counted by August 19th.

Local 1014 will therefore extend the balloting to Friday, September 5th at 10 am.  All other parameters will remain in place such as ballots must be received in P.O. Box at California Elections Company by 10 am on September 5th, 2014.  No hand carried ballots; ballots must be received via U.S. Mail and California Elections Company will handle all mailing and counting with one ballot per eligible member.

This will ensure that all members in good standing who are eligible to vote on this issue have been mailed a ballot and have sufficient time to receive the ballot and mail it back in to be counted. No ballots have been counted to this point and all ballots will be counted on September 5th.  While this is an advisory vote for Local 1014 and there are no legal requirements for any of the balloting, we have taken great care to follow guidelines and procedures to mimic a regular vote process logistically. 

This is consistent with IAFF Constitution and By-Laws and General Election Rules to ensure that all eligible members and voters are afforded an opportunity to vote and be counted.  We would like to see as large ballot return on all issues we vote on, but especially for a trial schedule change proposal advised from the membership.  So whether you be a yes vote or a no vote, get your ballot in and let’s get an accurate read of the Voice of the Membership through the Vote of the Membership and also send a clear message to the Department, the County and anyone else that Apathy is not in our vocabulary as Local 1014 Members.

We appreciate your patience and diligence as we give care to all details on this important ballot issue. 

Please call the Union Hall if you have any questions (310) 639-1014 or e-mail us at  

Local 1014 Executive Board

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Last chance for Dodgers Tickets

Firefighter Appreciation Night at Dodger Stadium

Today, AUGUST 15th, is your last chance to purchase LA Dodgers Firefighter Appreciation Night Tickets!

Come celebrate your profession and be celebrated by the Dodgers and fans, all for a good cause. The Los Angeles Dodgers will host its 1st Annual Firefighter Appreciation Night on August 19, 2014 against the San Diego Padres. CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets TODAY!

Firefighter Appreciation Night

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Diego Padres

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dodger Stadium

Exclusive Pre-Game Party - 5:00pm
Game time - 7:10pm

More than 3,500 firefighter appreciation tickets were sold at last month's Firefighter Appreciation Night with the Giants to support the Foundation. With 200 tickets sold for Firefighter Appreciation Night with the Dodgers, we need to up our game!!

With your ticket you will be able to:

Make it a family night and show your kids the joy of a baseball game while they see the support the Dodgers and the community have for firefighters.

Enjoy a VIP Party with family and friends at the exclusive all you can eat pre-party from 5pm-7pm.

Show off your gift - a Firefighter Themed T-shirt!

...and best of all, watch the Dodgers battle the Padres.

Everyone will enjoy this one of a kind event while supporting a good cause so get your tickets now! CLICK HERE to purchase tickets.

Coming from far away? Why not rent a bus and bring a whole group of family and friends!

Groups of 30 or more can get special seating and recognition. Contact Britni Howze at (323) 224-1304 or email

Proceeds Benefit the California Fire Foundation

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48/96 Ballot message

August 13, 2014

Local 1014 Final Reminder
To Get Your Ballots In!

48/96 Trial Schedule Vote Balloting - Final Week

By now everyone should have received their ballot.  If not, please contact the Union office immediately at (310) 639-1014 to verify your address is correct and have a duplicate ballot sent to you.  Make your voice and your vote count.

Ballots must be received at the Post Office Box by 10:00 am on Tuesday, August 19th in order to be counted.  No hand carried ballots will be accepted at the Union Hall or the Post Office.

There is plenty of time to get your ballot if you haven't received it and get it in.  We have been tracking all address changes, duplicate ballots requested and verification that they have been mailed out in the US Mail system.

Remember ballots due on Tuesday, August 19th at 10:00 am in in the Post Office Box to be counted.  Thank you in advance for your voice through your vote.  We are Union strong and this issue while quite heated, is but one more issue for a strong membership to deal with.

If you have any questions please call the hall at (310) 639-1014. 



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Pension reform in the news....GOOD news for once!

August 10, 2014




Pension attack initiative in Ventura County designed to eliminate a Defined Benefit Pension for Public Employees including Firefighters and Sheriffs is off the table and will not go to the voters in November.

Ventura County Superior Court Judge Kent Kellegrew ruled that the proposed “Measure L” sought to create a new state law where none existed, and was therefore a violation of the State Constitution and Government Code.

Measure L would have ELIMINATED a County Pension System established by state law and REPLACED it with a privatized system and even ELIMINATED defined benefit pensions for survivors of fallen firefighters, police officers and their families.

This victory is so important for Los Angeles County Fire Fighters and all Local 1014 members because it was not only on our literal border, but also designed to attack a 1937 Act Pension System which is the exact same laws and pension system type as our very own LACERA. What happened in Ventura could have had a lasting and ongoing effect on every one of us and our families.

Thank you to all of you and the Executive Board of Local 1014 who jumped in very early to help the Ventura County Firefighters Local 1364; long-time friend and ally to Local 1014, and other Labor Unions representing public sector workers in Ventura and Los Angeles County. We gave money, time, legal help and a commitment to be in Ventura County at each step of the fight to defeat this draconian, outside influenced, well-funded attack on all of us.

I personally called Ventura County Firefighter’s Local 1364 President Chris Mahon, who serves with me on the State Board of CPF and congratulated him on the Victory. We have had many conversations and meetings regarding this issue and as a result we are considering forming a 1937 Act County alliance to stay vigilant on all issues pertaining to our Pension Systems statewide with all Fire Unions affected.

The ruling issued last Monday was not official until a writ of mandate to urgent rule in final was considered and that is now done with a NO from the Judge and any regular appeal by the backers of the initiative will not be in time make the deadline of August 22nd to go to print with the initiative. Game over…For Now.

REMEMBER – this was a deceptive proposal to usurp state law and eliminate our pensions by anti-pension ideologues including the KOCH BROTHERS and the KOCH-SPONSORED AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY and billionaire venture capitalist JOHN ARNOLD, and if it made it to ballot would have been very well funded at a rate far beyond what we could raise to fight it. This may be gone for now, but the fight is far from over by any means.

Drop into to view additional information and the judge’s ruling and CPF Fire Vision story on the issue.

Once again and on behalf of the entire Local 1014 Executive Board, thank you to the Membership for the support and backing that allows our Union to play hard and play heavy in all issues affecting our membership and our Benefits.


Dave Gillotte


Dave Lopez John Smolin Dave Morse
1st Vice President Treasurer 2nd Vice President
Will Pryor Pat Dolan Lew Currier
Steve DeWitt Andy Doyle Alan McConnell
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Strike team rehab information

August 8, 2014

Now that the fire season is in full swing....

Welcome back ST1130A & 1131A

We contacted the executive staff a few days ago and asked that we get something out prior to the strike teams returing. As we know it the "PMF" day or rehab day. Below is what the department released today. This principle applies all personnel including Camps, personnel assigned as single resources and 40 hour personnel.

Rehab Staffing Procedures for ST 1130A and ST 1131A

ALL personnel returning on Strike Teams 1130A and 1131A today shall be afforded a “Rehab day” for tomorrow beginning at 0800 hours based upon EA-347, dated July 10, 2008.

A. Personnel on duty backfilling for both Strike Teams shall remain in service for the remainder of the current 24-hour shift.

B. Strike Team personnel returning will be on the clock for rehab until 0800 hours tomorrow. They can rehab at the fire station or be released to an alternate location, including home, if able to drive.

C. Strike Team 1130A and 1131A personnel assigned to work tomorrow shall receive a “Rehab-day”.

D. Strike Team 1130A and 1131A personnel not assigned to work tomorrow, August 8th, cannot go avail for overtime and are exempt from recall unless there is a disaster or major incident.

Any questions contact your jurisdictional Battalion Chief.

This email was approved for distribution by Chief Deputy Michael Metro.

Check or for details
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