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October 21, 2017
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What's New at IAFF 1014
City of Hawthorne Measure HH

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel

City of Hawthorne Measure HH
1014 members will once again be out knocking on doors walking precincts.  This time we will be in Hawthorne in support of Measure HH.  WE NEED your HELP!. 

The dates and times are below:
  • Saturday October 21st & Sunday the 22nd
  • Saturday October 28th & Sunday the 29th
  • Saturday November 4th, Sunday November 5th, Monday November 6th and ELECTION DAY Tuesday November 7th.

We will be walking from 9 to 12 then an afternoon session from 1 to 4

A 1014 t-shirt and lunch will be provided. 

Measure HH will provide vital funding for the City of Hawthorne to maintain local police and fire protection, paramedics, 9-1-1 emergency response times, anti-gang and anti-drug police units; repair streets, potholes, and street lights; trim trees; reduce homelessness; remove graffiti; protect drinking water supplies; and prevent cuts to programs for seniors, youth, and parks.

Let’s all do are part and get involved.  We need to get the vote out!

To volunteer contact Kurt Kobler by email at or by phone (949) 576-8371.  Let him know the date and time you can volunteer.

As always, thank you for your support.
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One of our own needs your HELP!

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel

One of our own needs your HELP!

Ray Gorospe, retired 1014 member and his family needs your help.  His daughter, who lives in Arizona has been missing for about a week and they need your help looking for her and getting the message out.

Click here for some information or click here for more infomration from Cory Gorospe or here for Ray's FB page.

PLEASE help any way you can.

In Solidarity,

Dave Gillotte and your Local 1014 board

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2017 IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel

2017 IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial

As the Local 1014 Executive Board and myself prepare to honor our fallen brother, Firefighter John Eric Schmidt, in Colorado Springs at the IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial, I ask all to reflect and remember ALL of the fallen both in Los Angele County and across the nation.

The 2017 IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial service will be broadcast live via streaming video or here on Saturday, September 16. The ceremony in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which officially begins at 11:00 a.m. (Mountain Time), will honor 196 IAFF members who died in the line of duty and were reported to the IAFF in the last year.

The Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial honors more than 7,500 IAFF members who have died in the line of duty since 1918. The names include those who died on the job, as well as the alarming number who succumbed to chronic illnesses linked to the fire service such as heart disease and cancer.

The IAFF and Colorado Springs Local 5 are committed to making the 2017 ceremony an uplifting experience for the families, friends and loved ones that celebrates the lives, dedication and accomplishments of our fallen brothers and sisters.

On behalf of the Local 1014 Executive Board, thank you for your commitment each and every day protecting our communities. Please keep our fallen brothers and sisters who have made the ultimate sacrifice in your thoughts and prayers. Always remembered, never forgotten.

In Solidarity,

Dave Gillotte, President
Los Angeles County Firefighters, IAFF Local 1014

The 196 names of our brothers and sisters added to the walls this year...

Fallen Firefighter Local City & State/Province Date of death
Milton H. Lowry L0288 Hamilton, ON 08/22/1977
Howard A. Breden L1286 Richmond, BC 11/20/1979
Lucien E. Méranger L0162 Ottawa, ON 12/01/1980
Michael M. Winkelfoos L1120 Bucyrus, OH 07/21/1982
Patrick L. Carpenter L2881 Sacramento, CA 05/11/1988
Donald G. Kennedy L0255 Calgary, AB 02/16/1989
John B. Santos L0841 New Bedford, MA 04/11/1990
Harry Beetstra L1286 Richmond, BC 07/25/1991
J. Craig Caswell L0341 Houston, TX 02/14/1995
Lawrence C. Lavigueur L2194 Southbridge, MA 03/31/1995
Edgar Wilson L0481 Welland, ON 09/17/1995
Rene E. Arbour L0162 Ottawa, ON 05/19/1997
Thomas L. Peterson L0935 Fontana, CA 07/01/1997
Leonidas Selph L0341 Houston, TX 01/08/1999
Doyce E. Wedgeworth L0341 Houston, TX 03/26/1999
Reginald T. Larush L0193 Thunder Bay, ON 02/24/2000
Samuel R. Morgan L2645 Flat Rock, NC 07/02/2000
Walter Churchmack L0113 Toronto, ON 03/17/2001
J. Eric Schmidt L1014 El Monte, CA 03/21/2001
Clive P. Beresford L0492 Sarnia, ON 12/25/2001
Robert A. Lee L2881 Sacramento, CA 06/01/2002
Glenn E. Holleman L0341 Houston, TX 11/29/2002
Andre R. Renaud L0162 Ottawa, ON 08/14/2003
Henry Cusell L2928 West Palm Beach, FL 09/28/2003
Donald G. Cooper L2881 Sacramento, CA 10/26/2004
Paul C. Wright L0341 Houston, TX 03/26/2005
George V. Johnson L0341 Houston, TX 01/25/2006
Cruz A. Fernandez L0854 New York, NY 07/14/2006
Darwin J. Vargas L2881 Sacramento, CA 08/05/2006
Kenneth R. Judd L0341 Houston, TX 01/07/2007
John R. Young L2881 Sacramento, CA 03/23/2008
Scott S. Winterhalter L0341 Houston, TX 06/29/2008
H. James Walkos L1184 Maple Heights, OH 07/19/2008
J. Edward Tremblay L0162 Ottawa, ON 12/11/2008
Stephen D. Lohr L0027 Seattle, WA 07/28/2009
Ian B. McCammont, Jr. L1212 Mississauga, ON 11/01/2009
Charles J. Zinnante L0341 Houston, TX 01/22/2010
Michael E. Hutchings L2036 Whitby, ON 02/05/2010
Brian C. Nolte L2315 Davie, FL 02/24/2010
John H. Kelley L2315 Davie, FL 06/11/2010
Sidney E.J. Lowe L2461 Sherwood Park, AB 10/15/2010
Benjamin V. Trapani. L2315 Davie, FL 04/09/2011
David G. Lezchuk L2881 Sacramento, CA 05/01/2011
Timothy J. Flaherty L0740 Portland, ME 08/30/2011
James W. Cox L0411 Toronto, ON 11/09/2011
James A. Beveridge L0492 Sarnia, ON 01/14/2012
Julien F. Ethier L1351 Elliot Lake, ON 10/24/2012
Jonathan M. Sapp L3393 Concord, NC 02/26/2013
Jess L. Hernandez L0027 Seattle, WA 03/19/2013
Daniel J. Carroll L0169 Peterborough, ON 05/04/2013
Edward Brown L1994 Westwood, MA 07/02/2013
John H. Warden III L0341 Houston, TX 09/04/2013
Elmer E. Shuptrine, Jr. L0341 Houston, TX 09/04/2013
Michael A. Klein L2036 Whitby, ON 02/11/2014
W. Frank Goulet L0027 Seattle, WA 06/28/2014
Vincent G. Hart L0142 London, ON 08/12/2014
S. Leonard Spencer L0288 Hamilton, ON 09/05/2014
Donald B. Johnston L0467 Guelph, ON 10/23/2014
Ronald K. McKinney L2917 Jacksonville, TX 11/17/2014
George A. Pearce L3734 Newport Beach, CA 12/28/2014
Mel M. McEachen L0803 Brandon, MB 12/31/2014
John Nicol L0867 Winnipeg, MB 01/09/2015
Charles W. Exton 1137 Toronto, ON 01/10/2015
Thomas E. John L1270 Salinas, CA 01/29/2015
David P. Stevens L2315 Davie, FL 01/29/2015
C. Glenn Eubanks L2315 Davie, FL 02/17/2015
Merrill Gosling L1286 Richmond, BC 02/21/2015
Larry E. Grafft L2881 Sacramento, CA 03/09/2015
Marcel H. Iampen L0209 Edmonton, AB 04/01/2015
Robert W. Bell L1212 Mississauga, ON 04/09/2015
Robert F.W. Davenport L0497 Belleville, ON 04/11/2015
Ernie F. Dombrowski L1271 Surrey, BC 04/19/2015
Wendy A. Cummings L0112 Los Angeles, CA 06/05/2015
Dennis P. Naldjieff L0485 Saint Catharines, ON 06/07/2015
John J. Healey, Sr. L1893 Ashland, MA 06/24/2015
Richard A. Blythe L0288 Hamilton, ON 08/22/2015
James M. Swift L2829 Redmond, WA 08/26/2015
Mark A. Domingue L2881 Sacramento, CA 09/13/2015
William Hunter L0018 Burnaby, BC 09/19/2015
Barry A. Rezac L2881 Sacramento, CA 09/27/2015
James E. Green L0244 Albuquerque, NM 11/21/2015
William F. Parker L0752 Toronto, ON 12/02/2015
Joshua R. Milton L0027 Seattle, WA 12/11/2015
Gerald A. Simpson L0209 Edmonton, AB 12/16/2015
Hilbert H. Kummer L0457 Kitchener, ON 12/23/2015
Thomas J. Kelly L0094 New York, NY 01/03/2016
Kenneth K. Harris L0095 Oak Park, IL 01/11/2016
Rudolph V. Valdez, Jr. L0341 Houston, TX 01/14/2016
George A. Powell L0752 Toronto, ON 01/15/2016
Scott D. Bruggeman L0336 Middletown, OH 01/18/2016
Marlon D. Coutee, Sr. L0359 Gary, IN 01/21/2016
Ricky Johnson L0036 Washington, DC 01/26/2016
Darryll L. Dave L0341 Houston, TX 01/26/2016
Johnny M. Chun L2881 Sacramento, CA 02/01/2016
Preston L. Williams II L0036 Washington, DC 02/10/2016
Rusty B. Massey L2092 Dallas, TX 02/11/2016
Randall M. Donaldson, Jr. L3284 Saint Cloud, FL 02/17/2016
Marcia L. Rosecky L2051 Brookfield, WI 02/27/2016
William C. Hutto F0282 Keyport, WA 02/29/2016
Darrayle B. Prosser L0112 Los Angeles, CA 03/02/2016
Joseph A. Morstatt L0094 New York, NY 03/05/2016
Richard V. Sandell, Jr. L1549 Pompano Beach, FL 03/06/2016
Daniel J. Falcone L0765 Fort Lauderdale, FL 03/10/2016
Rickie C. Dale L3888 Toronto, ON 03/13/2016
John D. Dowdell L0411 Toronto, ON 03/16/2016
Michael A. Kane L3888 Toronto, ON 03/21/2016
Robert G. Alford L0854 New York, NY 03/22/2016
Robert J. Berryman L1053 Fredericton, NB 03/23/2016
Thomas J. Farrell L0094 New York, NY 03/25/2016
Byron M. Evans L2493 Upper Darby, PA 03/29/2016
Steven R. Whitfield II L0341 Houston, TX 03/31/2016
David M. Larkin L2665 Saint Peters, MO 04/04/2016
Michael D. Pontius L0441 Freeport, IL 04/12/2016
Jeffery Q. McGill L0660 Charlotte, NC 04/12/2016
Seth A. Tinsley L0660 Charlotte, NC 04/13/2016
Tristan I. Smith L0027 Seattle, WA 04/14/2016
John E. Ulmschneider L1619 Bowie, MD 04/15/2016
Willard C. Meiggs III L2449 Chesapeake, VA 04/15/2016
Arthur M. Kruckman L2881 Sacramento, CA 04/18/2016
Robin L. Pilcher L1696 West Jordan, UT 04/20/2016
Daniel Vera, Jr. L0624 San Antonio, TX 04/25/2016
Ryan A. Ferreira L2464 Walpole, MA 04/25/2016
Anthony E. Raven L0827 Newburyport, MA 04/26/2016
Mark A. Middlebrooks L1358 Bastrop, LA 04/28/2016
Gerald W. Bunker L1893 Ashland, MA 04/28/2016
Mark P. Kakert L0017 Davenport, IA 05/18/2016
Marc Anzini L4875 Port Jefferson Station, NY 05/19/2016
Charles G. Mearns L3888 Toronto, ON 05/21/2016
Reginald E. Landriault L1212 Mississauga, ON 05/23/2016
Mark B. Matthews L0718 Boston, MA 05/28/2016
William A. Dawson L1212 Mississauga, ON 06/05/2016
Riley L. Wedgeworth III L0341 Houston, TX 06/13/2016
Clifford M. Rigsbee L1463 Honolulu, HI 06/14/2016
Stephen C. Erb L1071 Rochester, NY 06/24/2016
Todd S. Woodcock L0624 San Antonio, TX 06/26/2016
John R. Fritz L3356 Youngstown, OH 06/27/2016
Andrew B. Russell L1737 Harrison Township, MI 07/02/2016
David A. Luedtke L0644 Lincoln, NE 07/03/2016
Joseph D. Vinacco L0799 Providence, RI 07/05/2016
Norman J. Roziere L0803 Brandon, MB 07/05/2016
Matthew J. Logsdon L0526 Lexington, KY 07/06/2016
Rickey C. Turner, Sr. L0440 Fort Worth, TX 07/10/2016
Andrew A. Petrie L0999 Moncton, NB 07/14/2016
Joseph T. De Marinis L4350 Clermont, FL 07/14/2016
Christopher E. Hill L1619 Bowie, MD 07/21/2016
Gabriel G. Lee L0022 Philadelphia, PA 07/23/2016
James E. Murphy L0002 Chicago, IL 07/26/2016
Philip J. Hudgens L0341 Houston, TX 07/26/2016
Rob S. Taylor L1015 Fremont, NE 07/27/2016
Gregorio Morales L0094 New York, NY 07/30/2016
Gerald J. Lacasse L1212 Mississauga, ON 07/31/2016
Dennis E. Moore L3888 Toronto, ON 08/09/2016
Gaetan Marcil L0284 North Bay, ON 08/11/2016
Gino De Amicis L3888 Toronto, ON 08/11/2016
John J. Foscaldo, Jr. L0718 Boston, MA 08/16/2016
Donald Baxter L0905 Nanaimo, BC 08/16/2016
Steven M. Crites L3888 Toronto, ON 08/18/2016
William E. Woodlon L0094 New York, NY 08/20/2016
Spencer J. Chauvin L4784 La Place, LA 08/28/2016
Gilles G. Racine L0849 Cornwall, ON 09/02/2016
Peter F. Kannler L0937 Chelsea, MA 09/03/2016
Donald F. Martin F0065 Bedford, NS 09/07/2016
Frederick C. Lewis, Jr. L2346 Centerville, MA 09/08/2016
Eric C. Gustafson L0052 Meridian, MS 09/09/2016
Ronald D. Biller L0854 New York, NY 09/16/2016
Robert D. McGill L0209 Edmonton, AB 09/17/2016
Ryan S. Osler L1364 Camarillo, CA 09/21/2016
Christopher M. Leach L1590 Wilmington, DE 09/24/2016
Jerry W. Fickes, Jr. L1590 Wilmington, DE 09/24/2016
Michael J. Fahy L0854 New York, NY 09/27/2016
William S. Whitney I0024 Richland, WA 10/01/2016
Vincent R. Ungaro L0854 New York, NY 10/01/2016
Yaphet K. Miller L1607 North Las Vegas, NV 10/05/2016
Ross P. Ellison L0255 Calgary, AB 10/09/2016
Barbara A. Beam L0660 Charlotte, NC 10/14/2016
Paul F. Santoro L0094 New York, NY 10/15/2016
David R. Dangerfield L2201 Vero Beach, FL 10/15/2016
Scott D. Steed L0027 Seattle, WA 10/19/2016
John M. Rodriguez L0628 Yonkers, NY 10/19/2016
Dennis te Boekhorst L4449 Maple Ridge, BC 10/26/2016
John A. Dunn L0094 New York, NY 11/07/2016
Scott G. Coykendall L1465 Costa Mesa, CA 11/10/2016
Patrick S. Campbell F0032 Ridgecrest, CA 11/13/2016
Michael W. Curry L0574 Savannah, GA 11/19/2016
David M. Luis L3880 Ripon, CA 11/24/2016
Anthony C. Stephens L1285 Las Vegas, NV 11/29/2016
Ron L. Castro L3631 Santa Ana, CA 11/30/2016
Harjinder S. Ghuman L0018 Burnaby, BC 12/01/2016
Ardythe D. Hope L1590 Wilmington, DE 12/01/2016
Keith D. Long L3587 Bedford, TX 12/08/2016
Joseph P. O'Toole L0094 New York, NY 12/12/2016
J. Dale McNeill L2928 West Palm Beach, FL 12/12/2016
Michael L. Heffner L1301 Bakersfield, CA 12/17/2016
John V. Wagontall L0237 Lethbridge, AB 12/18/2016
Frank E. Martinez L0134 Atlanta, GA 12/20/2016
William G. Davies L0113 Toronto, ON 12/28/2016
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Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel

Patriot Day

Tuesday September 11, 2001 is a day that we shall never forget (click here for a time line of events). Think back....where were you and what were you doing at 0845 EDT on that day? On a call? finishing line up at the station? PT? taking your kids to school? at the gym? Just like our FDNY brothers and sisters. Just another normal day that was about to become anything but normal. 16 years ago....

Local 1014 Members were either at home with their families or serving Los Angeles County citizens when terror struck our hearts and the hearts and souls of all Americans.

The world watched in horror while the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in D.C, and a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania became the vision of terror on and in our homeland.

On that morning Americans stood strong and fought with incredible courage and wrapped in red white and blue, we all rose to the high standards that America was built on.

Firefighters and Paramedics who responded to the Pentagon, Shanksville PA, and the World Trade Center, which took 343 (click here for information) of our bravest, (and continues to take lives still today - click here) became Americas' symbol of hope and honor and resilience during this time of tragedy.

We all take time today to stay true to our commitment... "We Shall Never Forget".  As you move through your day, take time to remember and honor all those who served and gave all including our great Military personnel in addition to our Firefighters.

Local 1014 Members and all of the people who make up the Los Angeles County Fire Department are the proudest and most honorably serving members in the Country and it is with great pride that we stand together to honor our Country and all who serve.  May God bless us all and our Country.

Your Local 1014 Executive Board   

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Fire Chasers A Netflix 4-part series

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel


A Netflix 4-part series

Featuring Local 1014 members

If you cannot see the trailer abouve clink one of the links below

Watch and download the trailer here Watch the trailer on Netflix

Tomorrow, September 8, the Netflix documentary series “Fire Chasers” will be available to stream on #Netflix!! LA County Firefighters Local 1014 members are featured in this 4-part series which examines the wildfire epidemic in California after years of severe drought.

With 6,986 fires across 564,835 acres in 2016 alone, California’s wildfires have hit epidemic proportions. From the makers of the Deadliest Catch, follow the courageous men and women putting their lives on the line to battle these wildfires daily.

This is a chance to see up close the daily struggle of our courageous men and women!

Check or for details
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