Friday Update 9-9-22
Updated On: Oct 04, 2022


Sisters and Brothers,

We are continuing yet another week of negotiations as we weigh our legal options to get a fair contract for our members. 

Work to the rule is sending a strong message to the Department and the County. We cant stop now! We understand this can be difficult and confrontational but that is the path the Department chose when they refused to value their employees. We are their most valuable resources and they have to find the money to give us the fair contract we deserve. 

The Department's negotiating team and Chief Marrone have been unable to find funding within the budget to offer us the same COLA as other county workers. This is unacceptable. We will not settle for less than any other County employee. The Local 1014 negotiating team works daily to help the Department find the money, but we cannot do it alone. They must step up. The Chief must step up now to get his employees the fair wages they need and deserve. 

We encourage all of you to continue doing a great job with your public interactions. Provide the highest level of service possible to our residents.  Continue to drill as it is important that we still stay sharp and focused as we respond to emergencies. But do not volunteer for any assignments. The Department is desperately looking for volunteers to teach classes or do committee work. Do not volunteer!!! If ordered, ask for it in writing. 

Please stay strong and stay united! Our post-PEPRA Plan C members deserve parity with other Plan C safety departments. If the Department continues to stall, we will look into the next step. 

Your Local 1014 Board is using every resource available to us, including our labor partners and our elected officials, to get a contract for our firefighters who serve in their communities. 

All members who currently volunteer and serve in the following capacities should cease to serve in these capacities until we settle our contract:

1. All members are to immediately stop all online training this includes vector/target solutions, saba/learning net, or any additional training platforms. Only do online mandatory “Big County” training, or training that is required to keep your licenses current like EMT and Paramedic. Also, if you are a probationary employee, do all online training requirements to complete your probationary period. If you have questions regarding online training, contact Director Tony Carcioppolo.

2. All volunteer committee work, including:

  • Explorer Program Committee
  • Fitness For Life Committee
  • Foam Committee
  • Hazardous Materials Committee
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Metro Committee
  • Recruitment Committee
  • Bids and Transfers Committee
  • Equipment Development 
  • EMS QI Committee
  • Volunteer CERT Training
  • Memorial Committee
  • Workers Comp Labor Management Committee
  • Recruit training staff--Captains, FFS and FFs (forcible entry, ventilation, auto extrication, burn cadre, EMT, etc.)

3. Cease participating in all forms of recruitment from booths at schools and events from the Long Beach Grand Prix, to Women’s recruitment, including The Women’s Fire Prep Academy, Military, Veteran, and Minority recruitment efforts. STOP helping the Department with its goals. 

Continue with all work to finish our Engineers Practical Exam.  All prospective Fire Fighter Specialists that are planning on taking the upcoming exam should still be practicing, and we support activities to ensure they have the time to prepare and be successful.  

Probationary employees are exempt from the work to the rule in completing assignments, follow-ups and Probationary Fitness Tests if scheduled. These things are part of your probationary training and are mandatory to complete.  

If any superior officer leans on you or orders you to do something, do it. Work now and immediately call the Union or e-mail us so we can go to work on the issue.

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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