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Updated On: Sep 06, 2022
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Sisters & Brothers, 

This week, your Local 1014 Executive Board joined thousands of Firefighters from across the US and Canada to attend the 56th International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Convention in Ottawa, Canada. This year, the IAFF celebrated 104 years of progress through unity in the professional fire service. Every two years, this convention offer an opportunity for our union’s international body to focus on our legislative and operational priorities.
Members of the Executive Board testified on and voted for critically important resolutions including: Train the Trainer Resiliency Program which expands the current Resiliency Program to ensure more members get the tools they need to stay healthy; Union Activities Justice Fund (UAJF) which offers protections for IAFF affiliate leaders standing up for the values of the IAFF who are unjustly disciplined as a result of their union activities; and Cancer Research Funding which ensures that the IAFF will continue to be a leader in the fight against cancer.

Last year, IAFF entered into a historic alliance with the American Cancer Society (ACS) to begin collaborating on research and other resources to help fight occupational cancer. As part of this new collaboration, the IAFF brought on our own Local 1014 Brother Dr. Derek Urwin, Ph.D. as the IAFF’s Chief Science Advisor to help win this fight. Local 1014 is proud to continue the tradition of leading the nation in battling occupational cancer. Funding secured at the Convention this week will ensure that the necessary scientific research can be funded quickly to get the answers we need and help bring innovation to cancer treatment, diagnosis and prevention. 
Click here to view the Resolutions from the 56th IAFF Convention 
Click here to view Local 1014 President Dave Gillotte speaking at the 56th IAFF Convention in Ottawa to thank all the IAFF leadership who assisted our Union during the Sierra Incident through station coverage and peer support. 


This week we continued to see progress in our negotiations for fringe benefits with all our union partners at the Coalition of County Unions (CCU) including more substantial movement toward a fair increase in our medical, dental and vision premiums. It is equally critical to bargain for substantial increases in premium contribution to keep up with medical inflation.  We also made significant progress in life insurance, AD&D, and dependent and child care benefits.  

At the unit table, we continue to push forward. Your union is pushing hard for the Department to find the money” for the COLA. We also are continuing with our own independent analysis of the Department budget, both past, present and prospective forecasts.  Additionally, we are engaged in work to stabilize our budget deficit through proper prioritization of expenditures and realizing maximum revenues as well as alternative and additional revenue streams.  We will convene next Friday again to continue to fight. More next week as we reconvene our tables. 


Please support our fallen Brother’s family as they go through this most difficult time. Any donation is appreciated and needed as his wife is pregnant with their first child and needs all the love and support of our Fire Family. 
Donate to the GoFundMe


IAFF Local 1014 has recently discovered numerous pay and benefit time discrepancies among active and retired members.  Some employees have received zero dollar or reduced amount paychecks and/or lost vested benefit time (specifically Holiday) because of the Department's unilateral changes in policy and procedures.  Some of these unilateral changes result from an incorrect interpretation of the administrative code regarding pay and benefits; some of these policy changes are based strictly on opinion.

Whether you work, or have worked in a 40-hour or 56-hour post position, or were on a short- or long-term detail; if you have been on “I,” or utilized sick time, or partial pay sick, if you transferred from 40-hour to 56-hour schedule in the last five years, please look at your paystubs for any loss of income and/or benefit time. 
This includes your 10 hours of FLSA built-in OT (56-hour only).  If you retired and there is a reduction of any benefit time, including holiday hours for your separation pay of your vested benefit time, Local 1014 wants to know about it.    Moving forward, IAFF Local 1014 is asking all members to be vigilant and KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR CHECKS, especially if any of the situations above apply to you.

If you find a discrepancy, have questions, or need help, contact Local 1014, Director Jason Green, at

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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