Friday Update 7-1-22
Updated On: Jul 22, 2022


Sisters and Brothers, 

As we close out June and enter into July, we remember the Granite Mountain Hotshot 19, Kevin Woyjec and his father Joe Woyjec, and our brother Brendon McDonough who both continue to inspire us with their commitment to supporting our fire family. Each year on June 30th it is a sobering reminder of how dangerous our job can be for our members and the sacrifice of our families.   

As we begin July, Local 1014 is working hand in hand with the BOS and the CEO as we approach July 30th to ensure continuity of authority and leadership on so many important issues including our volatile budget, negotiations, workers' compensation, staffing issues, 48/96 Trial Proposal, and Operational Readiness issues as we head into yet another early and wild brush season.  Rest assured the future both short-term and long-term is bright.   This Department is made up of the most amazing members who lay it on the line every day.   

One shining example is our FSA program. Today we graduated FSA Class 87 at Camp 8.  It was inspiring to hear Captain Hansen, his training staff, and in particular strong remarks by Chief O'Brien about the seriousness of our job, the professionalism of our membership, and our world-class organization.  It starts right here with the newest wildfire firefighters as they begin their fire service careers.  Family and friends, current and retired Members came together on the top of the mountain to bring our newest into our family. It was truly inspirational to hear the stories, see the achievement, and watch the boot FSA’s step into our world. We will all be hard at it this 4th of July weekend as we officially kick off brush season.   Congrats to the 87th!!

Supporting Our El Monte Family 

Yesterday, our Local 1014 Executive Board honored the sacrifice and celebrated the lives of our two fallen brothers at the El Monte Police Department. Sergeant Michael Paredes and Officer Joseph Santana were killed in the line of duty earlier this month. Local 1014 and Los Angeles County Fire Department helped facilitate the memorial services for these heroes today and their families. May they Rest In Peace. 
Fund A Hero: El Monte Police Officers
Fringe Benefits Negotiations 

We had a good week bargaining fringe benefits, with CCU Chief Negotiator Gillotte and Local 1014 Negotiations Team - 2nd Vice President Kurt Kobler and Directors Jason Green and Tony Carcioppolo and all CCU Unions working to get major movement on key proposal items regarding life insurance, dependent and child care items and framing medical, dental and vision contribution increases to keep up with medical inflation.   

The CCU meets every Wednesday and each of the 15 CCU Unions has three bargaining team members at the table.  Local 1014’s Executive Board, legal counsel and our benefits consultants all support the table work to ensure no stone is left unturned in a contract that will be valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars for our members and our families.  We’ll update you each week as we work to secure a deal before our October Choices.   

601/602 Unit Tables - Firefighter Series 

Our unit table is moving very slowly because we have a Fire Department budget and financial deficit that must also be addressed as we bargain our contract.  This means we have to find the money in addition to justifying and garnering an agreement on the proposal items.  We center on the COLA as we established as a coalition of Unions, and our Plan C issues, as well as comp time and vacation day issues and special bonus items.  This process is frustratingly slow and work to find the money is painstakingly intense.  We had a good bargaining day working in language for issues regarding vacation time banking and longevity in rank for Plan C post-PEPRA firefighters.   This is important because as we get the finances of the Department identified, we need language that is vetted if and when we get an agreement on those items. 

We will give a more comprehensive update on bargaining beginning next week. As we head into the Fourth of July week, we will demonstrate our value in a way that the Chief and the CEO and BOS can see and understand.  We always provide the best service to the public and we will continue to apply ourselves to serve to the best of our abilities. But the time of our members volunteering to help and handle projects, training, and committees is coming to an abrupt end.  Our time and effort is being taken for granted and not recognized by the current administration.  We have many tools of solidarity and strength to capture what 3,400 members' efforts looks like for our Department. 

Covid Vaccine Mandate Update 

A simple message as we handle all issues for those refusing to register or file for exemptions, both the Union and Legal Counsel advising our members on challenges to the laws pertaining to Executive Order are carrying the same message: VACCINATE OR REGISTER AND APPLY FOR EXEMPTION.

There is no safe quarter or loopholes in any sector of public service in California or any other state regarding the law.   The law provides for accommodation through religious and medical exemption and with weekly testing as outlined by the county, you can be unvaccinated and continue to work uninterrupted and with all the rights and earnings power of any member.  

We have almost all of our members registered and in the exemption process and 98% approved with the rest in progress with additional information needed and forward progress in motion.  We have Union representatives available to help you with the process. If you have not registered and filed for your exemption, the time is now.  We want to be clear and unambiguous as we have been from the start - “Vaccinate or Accommodate”.   

We also join in supporting efforts to work to challenge the mandate and also work to move the mandated order and or any aspects of the mandate to non-mandate ground by negotiating an agreement with the County based on the progress we have made combatting Covid 19 and through testing and use of our safety gear.  Until agreement or any court decision changes things, or unless the Executive Order Authority is revoked, it is important that you and your family know what is at stake if you choose to flagrantly fail to register or file for exemption if you are not vaccinated.  Please reach out to any Executive Board Member to navigate the simple and easy process to get done.

In closing, as we navigate this, please stand together, be kind and tolerant of different views on the vaccine and the mandate. Remember those who have gotten very sick, some of whom may never come back to work, and stand in solidarity together as we work to get everyone across the finish line.  To date, NO MEMBER has been fired for non-compliance and we can keep it that way, if you do what’s required and stay strategic with our guidance and your common sense.  

Stay Safe and Stay and Stand Together.

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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