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Updated On: Apr 15, 2021


Sisters & Brothers,

Performance Net (pNet) is anything but “performance” oriented.  Annual performance evaluations can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences for both the subordinate and manager. The County has done us no favors with the latest rendition of substandard off-the-shelf software in an attempt to make all things neutral and objective for a process that requires some subjectivity.  

Local 1014 has filed a Grievance General In Character and Cease and Desist demand with the Department on the implementation of the pNet system to rate and document items related to Appraisals of Promotability.  A Grievance General in Character is our legal way to object to anything in the rules, regulations, policies, procedures or MOU items affecting our members and provides a platform to negotiate changes or to seek arbitration.  

Our Grievance General In Character (click here to view) has already been received by the Department and we have already met once with the Department and County to discuss our issues. We have indicated to the Department that at a minimum we need to have clear and accurate instruction on what sections of the PE items of interest for the AP should be identified, documented, and attached.  Furthermore, proper training for performance evaluations on pNet was non-existent in the 30-minute mandatory online training.  

As we move this item forward with the Department, we will work to get some rules and guidelines accurate and consistent for all.  

It is unfortunate that both our administration and the County as a whole are not in touch with the progressive positive use and methods of employee performance evaluation. They have settled for the least effective generic system that drags down the morale for both subordinates and managers alike.  It would be nice if Admin would flat out REJECT the generic systems and opt to take our money and our efforts elsewhere with a system that fits Public Safety Sector Fire Fighters, Paramedics, and Fire Personnel. 

As we work this through, we ask all subordinates to put forward their work, documented items for future promotion as indicated on the AP’s, and ask to have all included in your PE.  We ask for managers to take time to work to include that information, to add it anywhere you can, to place comments in all sections, rate employees accurately and refuse to alter your marks and your comments.  It takes a little effort to work through the 20 categories of comments and ratings, but with a little work, you can accomplish the rating appropriately.  
Here are three guidelines to help you in your focus as you complete the PE’s: 

1. Achievement-Oriented - Document and encourage regular job duties and extra duties or work such as IMT Teams, USAR or HazMat and PM Qual’s, projects or committees for the Department or other outside of the box work and effort that benefits our Department 
2. Fair and Accurate - Most of our members should qualify for the "very good" category on the natural with their above-average efforts. Some will rate excellent and very few will garner "met expectations" or less than that with comments for substandard work.  The system itself seeks “Met Expectations” or "Average" or "Competent."  No one should be told, “I can only rate you average because the system won’t let me do anything different”.  Rate your members   
3.  Give Reviews that Members Look Forward to - Be purposeful and positive in your approach and your work to rate your subordinates.  Performance Evaluations should be an accurate and rich evaluation of your members' work this year, with an eye towards next year's plan for achievement and goals including paramedic school, committees, teams, promotional training, and education.  

Consider individual evaluation, team collaboration, and service to the citizens we serve in your work to document the member's value.  Get outside the box and fight hard on behalf of your inspired and hard-working subordinate whose work is also a reflection of your leadership and motivation.   

A substandard system of software should never hinder your work to inspire, motivate and help your team feel valued and guided to achieve much in the course of their career. 

Many of you may have heard the sad news that we lost another Firefighter to suicide in Prescott, Arizona this week. Our LACoFD Peer Support Team has been helping out with support for our brothers and sisters in Prescott. 

This is yet another reminder that we must remain vigilant about our mental health. We will be engaging in a Department-wide Suicide Awareness & Safety Stand-Down during the month of May. We will have more information as we move closer to May but in the meantime please use the resources in your stations and at if you or someone you know needs help. 

It is critical that you maintain your health and emotional wellness, as well as your on-the-job safety, to protect yourself, your family, and your community. To that end, IAFF Master Peer Instructor Scott Ross will be hosting our Peer training at the 1014 Union Hall next week. Remember to reach out to your Peer Teams. 

View Resources at Healing Our Own 
As always, stay safe and take care of each other. 

In Solidarity, 

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board 

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